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Article: Bible & Language history📚

Language history

We all have a language to speak and most of the world generally knows an average of three languages each besides North and South America. But most of the population on earth really knows nothing much about the history of language. Most are not taught but a few basics of language history nor does the schools want to. The reason is because language is the strongest aspect we have here on earth as humans. Communicating through our emotions, expressing ourselves with either lies or facts. But I tell you now their is only one truth to everything. Spoken words are so powerful they can make you happy, sad, even content. Our tongue can express masculine to feminine sounds while frequencies of sound waves can be heard on the other side of the world. School generations are hardly even taught anything about radio and sound waves let alone frequencies that can adjust a persons day. Take music for instance, it can make you sad, happy, jumping and being astatic in a matter of one second. Why are we not taught this valuable information!??? Well I cannot teach all this information on here, but you should read books, investigate what I have already written down and learn so much.

I am however going to write about our history of language that has been lied to us and to awaken your path to a truthful journey. First off you need to establish this on your mind, “you have been lied to your whole life”! Through schools, through teachings in churches and organizations and even through our parents. And it all starts out with parents. That’s right you will and should understand that you will take all the blame weather your children blame you or not because the truth is, ‘it is your fault parents’…. A simple lie can accrue by what most would call a simple lie such as tooth fairy, Santa Clas, Easter bunny, even your birthday. All this fairy tales will eventually lead to more lies. Our day of birth should be celebrated with the mother and father that brought you into this planet. This makes people selfish along with all the other bull shit that follows. It use to be churches day for Easter and Christmas now it’s a ‘me me, I don’t care about you day’. All of this has been designs through language of course. Without language we would have nothing including history. But is history correct, is it wrong? Well this just opened up a whole can of worms trying to figure out the truth. The truth is valid as long as you do research and soon many pieces will fall into place and then common sense will follow. But so many are wrapped up into false teaching they have no desire to acknowledge any truth because they are lazy and mind controlled to think they are right and the rest just don’t care because life is much better in the fantasy world. A fantasy of lies, people emotionally destroyed because they don’t even know where they came from or their history. Even now with computers people are more lazy than ever to find any single truth. If you are not worried about any truth then just stop reading this now. If you want truth continue.

History is changing everyday and will continue for the rest of our lives. We have these evil elites throughout the world that will always mind manipulate us all for greed either through power, control and/or money. So as our children grow it is up to the parents to know truth and stop essentialism of the lies, all lies including white, black, red. The teachings need to start with history and finding of the truth. Museums is a good start for you and the kids of the future and from there you must to research. Being lazy and ignorant will only prevail of our one earth to destruction which is the path it is on now. Our consciousness is where our spirit is derived through and it’s all about frequencies. All energy on earth is nothing more than a frequency of life. All the temples exactly as what most call our name for the side of our brains is full of this spirit, conscious through frequencies, making ☯️ yin yangs (positive & negative energy). We must fill this with more positives. Just think it this way, “Do you like to be lied to”? Most no nothing about the makings of holidays, celebrations, religions but yet so many follow the foot steps. Why is so many that preach on methods brought through them using traditions, cultures even habit have never one time investigated, researched let alone even thought about. Schools and parents fail at this making a custom design to where debates never get to any truth. If we don’t know the answer by actually researching ourselves then we really will never know the truth. ‘If you took someone’s word on something, per-say someone told something about someone else and it was a lie, you automatically believe that person and never acknowledge to go ask’, then how would you know the full truth. Same goes for our history and history has always started out with language.

What is the first thing a baby comes out with is a sound, a language. Once words are taught we begin to also understand the meaning. So think thousands and thousands of years ago the people had nothing to go off of because no teachings where in store. We had to create our own, correct, so therefore we copied what was in front of our eyes. Even training a baby we tend to always point to what we are trying to express. So the people with eyes, ears and mouths started to point at the stars, “the biggest projectile screen we have on earth”, the sun, moon, trees, animals, and so forth. When we look at the history of language in the pyramids and old ruins it is all based on this and from there were letters, numbers all created by the signs, signs of life. ‘Could you imagine if we all were blind, what would be the language today, same as probably a one year old child and under. You have to have eyes to get the full glimpse of understanding life. Closed eyes could never draw the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Easy for a blind person to be a-strayed. Also easy for a person to be taught false information. This is why I say to keep things simple, everything is right in front of our faces if we just open up our eyes 👀 and see. If we do not see we must ask the source and then listen. Sources of history is always there for us, we must connect the dots and then the answers will come.

Language is one crazy problem arising on all situations of Mother Earth. Another thing the elites are trying to do to keep us under more control of what they want us to learn. If no one can translate the history then no truth will ever prevail. Their is over 6,000 languages spoken and around one thousand are spoken just around Papua Islands near Indonesia. I however believe there is probably closer to 10,000 languages and just think 500 years ago how many more languages were spoken until empires wiped tribes out, brought diseases and war for control or greed, Or even enslaved them.

Language controls so much of our life and we barely notice it. Without language we would have no history, no religions, no meanings, possible even no desires. The art of speaking holds its value that is supreme for all things. We must know where our language is from, how is got adapted so we can better understand teachings. Because with language throughout mankind it can easily be interpreted wrong. The English language is a Latin based platform with help of French from its roots of Germanic. The earliest forms of English were from the 5th century and more of the modern day English came from in the 15th century when the great vowel change came into play with the help of the printing press making the king james book. ‘I despise empires so no they do not deserve a capital letter‘! But this is what we are taught but when you look at the great book written in 1611 that only has a 12,000 vocabulary as to almost a hundred years earlier you can have an astounding magical 31,000 vocabulary from Shakespeare. How many have read parts of the Bible and how many has read Shakespeare? I’m sure the number is astonishing different by king james printing the most sold book in our history. It seems to me that our history has been half lost according to our words. As the technologies advance it just seems the humans are going back in time to our start. We now are promoting signs on the screens of simple icons representing the words. Even most of these meanings are wrong. Most have zero knowledge over the Swastika that was long before Hitler still holding value in most of Asia. Most others think it is peace, life in which it could contribute to that. Some think it is of hate which it is by far from not. It’s a simple sign of 90* degree angles four of them to be exact. 90×4=360 😇 A perfect circle ⭕️. In which everything from protons, neutrons too atoms of dust, molecules, cells all of life is in a form of a circle. So please research about things being presented to you and don’t just read one article, read ten and sooner or later you will reach what is the truth. Keep things simple.

Did you know that king james Bible was not the first written? A Bible before that was called the Geneva book written 50 years prior, which Shakespeare used this book as a tool (guide). Why was it changed? Some say because it is a horrible read and not accurate. Or was it accurate we just didn’t understand the meanings of the words. Or were the words deliberately altered and changed. What I lead you to, you shall see the partial truth.

We have one magic genesis man, William Shakespeare that out smarts every apostle, Kings, monks and scholars with words. How can this be? I find it very hard to believe but since so many were killed in the action of making these great books of the Bible language such as king james.

But long before there was the Geneva Bible, Gutenberg Bible and before this during the language barrier of learning the English language a Bible based on the Vulgate which was written mainly by John Wycliffe. But out of all these authors they all died from burning to death or hanging except the king of England James. Are you connecting the dots yet. This is called research and this is what we have to do to be able to learn the truth.

Taking the words from the great Roosevelt

He says Theodore Roosevelt “The King James Bible is a Magna Carta for the poor and oppressed: the most democratic book in the world. 1912

All I can say is that when language is transformed most of the time it might not be as correct as it should. Even we have google translate, high technology and still words are not described perfectly by any means.

So how can we believe hardly anything. Well let’s just keep life simple and things will be a lot more smoother. You have to understand why a lot of things are designed for the elites is to keep us under control, keep us as slaves paying the banks, stealing are profits. If we don’t act soon the whole world is going to keep getting more devastated by human actions. Not only this we will keep getting more arrogant in al ways of life. Most don’t have a clue how to garden, cook or even wipe their own ass. If we actually took the time and praised what was in front of us such as the trees, oceans, moon, sun and stars we would probably most likely live a better life. Because these are what keeps everything in a-line. Keeps everything going, without the sun we would all not be here.


Here is a list of reports you can read about and distinguish what might be real. Get a better understanding.

Well first off I always will give credit to one of the greatest inventors of all time. Nikola Tesla and no not Elon Musk.

Next I will give credit to what is called the Holy Science. Which makes so much more common sense. Please research or watch this film. Name is Santos Banacci, very highly intelligent. YouTube video is ‘as above so below’.

Remember me saying how frequencies is the biggest part of energy. Well you can start off watching this.

Even water has so much energy used at certain frequencies. Another man that was killed by the cia named Stanley Meyers. He took Nikola Tesla invention of a water power car, mastered it, built it and drove it from Ohio to the ocean. That’s right we could actually have a water power car even sea water that could be saving our planet. But I don’t remember one time the ‘Paris Agreement’ ever mentioning this.

It is quite astonishing that none of these people are ever talked about in school systems. Again it is up to the parents to teach this to the kids.

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