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So first off, I am quiet frankly getting tired of how are planet is run but I am one man. All I can and hope for is to fill your mind with the correct information of what I have been so long searching for and finding out straight to the point of the truth. Now for all you that can not handle the truth you might as well stop reading this. I will acknowledge your brain into a rhythm of force that it might scare you, it might make you have night mares, it could even possible come to where you might go crazy. You know yourself more than I do, all I know is how to express the truth and hope that you do your own research and share your thoughts and your opinions on matters that take into our possession on a daily basis and we either are living too good in our bubble or we wish to not process the truth so we can go on our life as sheep. As for me, I am Verax and I live only by finding the truth.
History makes up everything, I mean from politics to religion, to government to guns, from cars to space rockets. History always has repeated itself in a systematic way of what today we call either evolution or technology to science. Mostly all is fabricated to a sense of where either we don’t understand it or to where they keep the real truth hidden. We should have been taught this by our parents but with life, jobs, money, religion getting in our way we have either forgotten what our real history is or we have been abandoned by it in some way or form. This is gonna be a short article and I will get right down to business and hopefully this is enough information for you to take part and grant yourself the ability to pick up and research things on your own. Actually in all reality if you don’t make yourself acquirable to such knowledge and gain your own opinion then how would any one change that when we in fact have our own senses our own minds and our own desires. Remember this in life. No one can take away your smile or your true thoughts.
Life is filled with history as today we sometimes only go back as far as maybe a century or two. What about the thousands of years that we have been here and what life has done and played out for us. Lets start with what we are all embedded into slavery as. First slavery definition is what most think of owning slaves. Well in fact slavery is also a condition of having to work very hard without proper remuneration or appreciation. Also, it is excessive dependence on or devotion to something. So with that in play I will blame that on the banking systems. Maybe we might think well I am appreciated by working hard, but I can tell you the person that is digging dirt in Africa for your cell phones to work is not. Besides that you are still devoting yourself to money, a bank, credit card and so forth. So, keep banks in mind. Lets have a quick talk about how banks protect themselves.
Governments, banks, and secret society clubs are all the key factors of just how the banks and the elites protect themselves. I am sure you have heard of the NWO (New world order) and it is precisely about controlling the earth. Controlling our minds, bodies and souls. We as human our known as animals, living and breathing organisms as well as the rest that live, breathe and breed on this earth. The rest of all earth fills in the gaps of light and darkness. The tribal and wilderness people understand this best. That is one reason why the Nwo or banks are so eggar to control their history as well as the land too make money and keep the earth going on a system of money though oil, trees,chemicals and so on. Our earth is controlled by three major businesses that our the biggest contributors in the money system. One is banks, another is oil and finally chemical plants. Chemical plants can vary from paper making to pharmaceutical companies. When one can control history one can then rewrite history while being engaged as the winner. War is never won, its only a design to put systems into play. I can go on and on about all of this but I just am trying to fill in the gaps as best as possible for you to get a drift of how our world operates.
Next we have the military in play to protect the politicians that write these laws onto papers either to make and demand the system for it to work or more people die. Once the systems come into play then all the sudden war is stopped. So without people, the military would be nothing, without humans the governments would be no longer. We are the devil on this planet and have ruined it time over time. Even our scientists know this, that there has been nuclear devastation thousands of years ago. It is soon to come again. Remember history always repeats itself in a satanic move because we are not cherishing our future by destroying our presents. Along with the military we have the police force that protects the courts, and then we have the secret service that embeds into anyone that tries to slip through the cracks. This is one reason why communism was built. To destroy the people that our against the governments. Time over time we hear all this to be different and being put into other aspects to stir up our minds, keep us brainwashed and keep us from going after the real killers. Judges, politicians, and secret service members our all the true evil spirits of our generations. Built up by the Roman Empire and it still has never fallen. It only has become better hidden.
Will we ever go after the real devils of this world. Well at this point no way, but we our all still human and all we have to do is stand and the game is over for them. If we don’t stand soon the game will be over for us as nearly all the world is controlled by the banking systems. Did you know before 9/11 happened in America there was 7 countries in year 2000 not in the world banking system. They were Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Libya, Sudan. By 2003 two countries gave in and they were Afghanistan and Iraq. Now imagine that, them were the first two countries also invaded by the military forces. Now by 2011 their were three countries left without the world banking system and they were Cuba, North Korea and Iran. Today 2017 we our at war with Iran and shortly to come we will go to war with n. Korea. Do you see how this is coming into play. Don’t forget that the three main businesses are still making a killing with chemical warfare bombs being made and oil being pushed. Afghan is the leading opium farm lands of the world producing 90% of all the heroine in the world. Hence why we also came there. You see its never just about one thing its about dozen or more things that lead us to think there is only one reason. You can look into this further I am only explaining to give you a basic idea of how things operate. I really want to concentrate further because I believe something is a lot more important to talk about with our earth and have acknowledge about what soon is coming.
War is already here, it has been here primarily since day one of the Roman Empire and it has only got worse for the world and better for the riches pockets. If the governments wanted to really protect the people they’d put a law into place that no one, absolutely no one should have over a billion dollars. That is just insane crazy amounts of money and we let this go on with us as people. Just image what all that money could truly go to let alone if we didn’t have wars and spent that money on helping the world. America alone spends 300 million a day on fuel for the military. Think about it. Next we might not be able to stand up either too many people are in their happy bubble and probably won’t get out let alone know how to survive when out. But when things comes crashing down such as the stock markets, financial systems of money or oil isn’t being transported. These are all things that our underway right now. Their is a new monetary money system that is already into play. Its called BRICS ( Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa ) and the bankers and everyone is scrambling on what to do. Or are they? What if this is just another reason for the NWO. Remember all these countries have a place in the United Nations even N. Korea has a place in this. Is it all just part of their system to control more of us? Are they trying to have face recognition finger prints and voice applications for them to control us more? We our losing our fake dollars and now everything is being controlled by their cryptocurrency credit cards and cell phones. We now have apps to where you can take a picture of your receipt and it will take money out of your bank. Once the banks have everyone under control and at their finger tips they can then do anything they want to us.
Lets jump ahead a little more to talk about what earth is going through right now. What is the governments truly hiding and why. Well one main reason they hide stuff from us is too keep control of us, and keep us feared like religion does to keep us more tight nitched and not let us get out of hand when in all reality they are the ones that are out of total control and chaos. But also in reality we can blame it all we want on these programs and without humans these programs would never exist. So really the finger needs to be pointed at the users which is almost all of us. Crying shame how we came to this and devoted our beautiful lives to these dotards. So have you asked yourself a question of any of this. I can help you out by when you find out the five W’s of things ( Who, What, When, Where, WHY ) then you will generally always find your answers. So make sure you go back through this statement and ask all the key factors that I have been stating. And hopefully you can reach to become more wise, smarter and have a lot more of intelligence to pass down onto your families and friends.
When is the last time you looked up into the stars, our gorgeous sun, the atmosphere of the biggest television screen out. When is the last time you went camping and got away from the hell of cities to really explore one with nature. Well if you have paid attention to anything lately you should know clear as a beautiful blue sky without chem trails that our sun is not coming up or going down in the same spots. Our weather patterns are switching. The skies are changing colors and seas reseeding while earth is trembling and pressure is making things blow. Our governments blame everything on something else to keep our minds occupied. They tell us the sun is bad for us, tell us night time all the thieves our out so stay inside. Tell us hurricanes our causing such reactions but leave other parts of the world out and keep blindsiding us. But I know the truth. I am from Florida where most of the hurricanes are in the world and I’ve never seen water just vanish. Ive never heard of Ireland getting hit by one. But it is quit amazing when Brazil water receded and no hurricane was around. Its amazing how rivers are turning into blood red and no factories around on the river. Rivers lakes and seas are drying up and just vanishing like trees in a desert. Volcanoes are going off like never before while forest fires our burning down our nature.
Controversy can be played a lot into all aspects of what is going on and lots of theories also play but I want to stick with one. Hope you can look up and research this on your own so you can get answers through your own opinion. Scientists just revealed another planet called planet 9. Horse shit, first off we already have 9 planets but years ago they decided to take Pluto off the map and I wonder why they did that??? Have you heard of the Mandela Effect, if not look into it. So in all actuality this is the tenth planet. NAsa just admitted they have spotted the ninth planet and are saying its on our outskirts of our solar system which is clearly a lie. Any time the government says something with the number system its always times the number by at least 10. It amazes me how much people are fools to believe what the governments says. But perfect excuse when we all have been taught in the school system built by the government to destroy our ways of life. I have been researching this stuff up for over 15 years so I know what the truth is about. Plus I have always thought outside the box only to get an answer I knew what was right. Hundreds of books, a million words I know can finally have a good understanding of how and why our world operates the way it does. I am gonna give you one main clue to what is going to come and its already on its way. It has been called the black comet, the tenth star, Planet X , red planet and many more names. The Anunnaki called it Nibiru or this is what people believe. This system is big, and its on its way. It is so big it has great gravitational pull on our planet hence why the north and South Pole are reversing and scientists have even proven this. Why are ring of fire is going crazy and earth is shaking. We know it is between us and the sun as of right now. WSO website explains a lot of this as well as other websites. Nasa and the governments are scrambling to do everything they can to deem us from the truth. People know something is going wrong but don’t have a right direction to look. Well look no more. All this that I have put down here in writing can complete a lot of what you wish to learn as long as you take a little time and research things out. I surely didn’t learn this stuff over night and I am learning on a daily basis. I am eventually going to write books but for now I want and need this little bit of information to come out so people can get a better understanding of what to prepare yourselves for. And in all reality their isn’t much to prepare for. If a sink hole opens and swallows you and kills you then thats pretty hard to have missed that turn. If it is your time its your time.

My main agenda is that I don’t want the government taken over the rest that do survive and control them as well. Maybe this is our new chance to actually stand and keep standing. If none of this does happen its still good to know how the world operates and to keep the truth alive. Truth is no one knows exactly when anything major is going to happen such as Yellowstone blowing or this comet hitting us or a new ice age coming but as we know now. This is just the beginning of a long journey through hell. We think all the floods, major record breaking hurricanes and volcanoes going off is just in a time frame of what has happened. Wait until this winter and then next summer when all the ice melts. We our in dooms day, revelation of what the bibles talk about which have nothing to do with Jesus and has everything to do with astrology and what is out there and heading towards earth. We just had a orange sun in October 2017. We have been spotting more than one sun and sun rays coming from all directions along with seas receding and so on. We have noises of the trumpet sounding and rivers turning to blood. People say this is the last days. I don’t believe that. Will a lot perish, maybe. But we need to keep the truth going on this earth for one reason only. Thats for our future people to have the best presents we can give them. Life, Love and Loyalty. Please do your research and share your opinions. Get answers and let people know you would like to talk about what is truly valuable instead of watching football where you are wasting your time. For one they don’t pay you to watch, why should you be paying them. Hope you enjoyed. Leave comments…
Here is a list of items to go through along your journey to help you capture the truth and understanding of what our life is truly about and remember to make sure you answer the five W’s. Who, what, when, where, WHY!!!
Example: NWO ( new world order)
Who are they, Who do they represent
What do they represent, What is their agenda
When will this agenda take place, When were they created and what else occurred that day or what was the reason for such actions
Where was this held, Where did they get the idea,
Why did they create this, Why is this in affect, Why are their meetings held
??? These are just examples and it can go much further than this to find out your 5 W’s. I just wanted to give you an example and when all these practices are answered you will know the truth. Its like a math equation, once you know the answers there is many ways to figure it out for the future.

NWO, History of wars, World bank leaders (clue, Rothchilds), Poles shifting, Planet X, Nibiru, Anunnaki, Nostradamus, Astrology, Sign of virgo,

This I Hope puts you on the write path. When working together life is easy!!!

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