indonesia/ journey of island hoping

Day 10 ; 6/24/18 epic island hoping

Woke up from a deep sleep and heading out to the goa pindull which is basically a big excursion area of caves, tubing, zip lining and more in the mountain area. The mountains in Indonesia are actually pretty cool and windy. I thought it would be a lot more hotter being so close to the equator. Driving to the area and I was just being a crazy madman. Keeping up with super bikes with my 115cc scooter. Was hauling ass, in and out of traffic like no tomorrow. When I approach an entrance to the pindull area a bike stops us and I wanted to keep going. But the local I had meet, from the bar the previous night wanted to join. I knew it was a scam to stop and to think a local should know but she didn’t. But ok. Lead the way I’ll follow. We drove another ten kilometers and I am already hot on the bike and passing cars so he is trying to keep up and with him knowing I am a great driver he goes mad on the bike and I keep up with him. He is passing vehicles and waving his hand for me to follow and then he gets stuck and I am passing him waving my hand for him to follow. Was a great ride. We get to the place and he is giving me thumbs up and hand signals of driving the bike really good. Thanks.

We get there and he is trying to sell us on the package that cost three times more. I already did my homework before and know this is not the price. The average prices I seen where around 120,000 and was trying to charge 300,000. The local being gullible wanted to take it. I was like no way. Way to much trying to show her the other prices. Then over hearing me they said they would do 210,000. Um no, let’s leave. She still wanted to stay and pay. Crazy what people do with money and not care. Well I do care. I am in a budget and many companies out here. I can pick and choose and someone will give me a good deal or close to the local price. So I told her to go ask for the local price and came out with a whole new sheet that was 135,000. Ok. Here we go. Still more than other places. But like most people are lazy and she said “we already here let’s just pay” o boy. Ok. So we pay and head to the excursion. This sweet deal making local name is Eko like the word echo.

So we get changed I take a bunch of pictures with locals and we get into the back of this little tiny truck and head to the first place out of three. It is a basic little cave with flowing water. Didn’t really amuse me much since I have been in over hundreds of caves and many places I have been with flowing water. The area was pretty cool being in a little village area with lots of farming.

So far in Indonesia I have seen so much farming. It doesn’t really seem like to many products are imported here. But that’s good. Keeps the value much lower and keeps everyone having a job.

So we go through the cave and this is Eko first time in a cave. 👍 that is good. She is an older girl and I am just thinking to myself how have you never been in a cave in your country when their are thousands of caves everywhere. Any where their is mountains there is caves.

Sitting in a tube we all tie together and flow down this basic cave. We get back in truck and head to the second spot which is some more tubing in a big tire in this little creek. At first seemed like the water was flowing fast and it sure in the hell was not. You basically had to swim to get any where. Thinking that the whole tour was going to be a couple hours. The second part took two hours by itself. I wanted to go to beach and catch sunrise and didn’t seem like it was gonna happen.

We meet this other local and he is half Chinese and we talk while other people are trying to take my picture every which way. He and his buddy wanted to go to beach so yeah why not. We can go. The third spot we go to is the goa crystal and it was a cave with some water and very dark. So no woman went in and I lead the way without any light. Tired of waiting on people. Just wanted to get it over with. Was kinda cool and water was really cold. So we get back and head to the showers and eat some food and head to Indrayanti beach which is suppose to be a famous beach. These guys are so lost going and driving so slow I was hoping to meet the sunset and we didn’t make it. But lucky it is almost a full moon so it was very bright. The waves are huge. These are the biggest waves I have ever seen. So it was amazing and the beach was really nice. White soft sand and had a pretty big slope from the beach. Going here I guess you have to pay per person to attend the beach. One thing I do not like about Asia they charge you on all natural places like they made the beaches, mountains, or even caves. Very disturbing if you ask me. So now I know my first time to ever pay to go on a beach. I take many photos with locals and we head back to Yogyakarta.

I did not plan on waiting for the slow drivers and it is like a three hour ride back. Well I make it in two hours and on the way down to the mountain we stop at the top of the scenic view and have some corn and coconut juice. Very beautiful to look over city and with the moon being so bright.

We get back and I am very tired so we eat some dinner which I had Tom yung and was very spicey and go to bed.

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