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6/17/2018 Epic island hoping journal day 4

So I wake up. Sleeping at this hostel called the old botiva which is a charming hostel that pretty much is a hotel with nice beds great atmosphere with a roof top bar, pool table, game systems and much more. With beds that have two pillows which is rare and amazing. Actually I believe it is my First hostel with two pillows that I can think of. Getting breakfast here is same for everyone. Two pieces of bread and four little slices of watermelon. But I made some instant oatmeal that I carry, made coffee and off and ready. Enough about the hostel, let’s talk about my day.

After leaving Hostel they called me a grab bike cost 40,000 and was gonna take over half hour drive. So I get on the bike driving the streets in Indonesia. It is not that much different than the rest of Asia from hauling just about anything on a bike to having four passengers if not more. One thing I do see a lot here is a lot of super bikes and little bikes fixed up as a replica of a super bike. As well as so many people loving America and being brainwashed into thinking it is the best country. (Movies and music control the world through language and arts)

Also I see the most cats I have ever seen considering no dogs around because Muslims only like cats and not dogs. Go figure. Most of the drivers obey the laws here but I have yet seen someone pulled over by police, but damn is their a lot of police everywhere especially here in Jakarta. So driving to the mini Tamera the traffic got really bad and thousands of people driving here for their holiday experience of ten days

Vacation after Ramadan. I get here and the first place I attend is the museum of arts, music, gods, currency’s, wedding dresses and tools. I talk with the guide inside to find out so much history about Indonesia and we got on the subject of gods. I told him how crazy india was with having thousands of different gods as to Indonesia is represented by three different gods he had told me. The healer, destroyer, and creator all known as the verities(verity). So he told me about a lot of tradition that had unfolded in Indonesia from it being one of the biggest shipping routes in the world to Singapore being the biggest shipping routes in modern times. Looking at the vast amount of people here and seeing all the contrasts of difference. I see so much resemblance of Asia being here on this island of Java, And perhaps more but this is all I visited so far to determine anything. I see Chinese, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam all represented on this island. Reading into all of the museum’s stories and knowing everything is always right in front of our faces throughout history. If we just open up our senses and actually use them we could learn so much more as a nation of people. Understanding how the slave movement from sailing the seas of this earth to modern slaves of us all paying fees to banks. Thousands of years ago we know that they were already sailing the oceans but they needed people. Slaves were white men captured the island people and traded things amongst each other’s or created tension and conflicts to steal items. History has always repeated itself and always will. The only thing that changes is the dynamic look of how it is done.

So walking into this museum that has a Hindu resemblance and lots of history going back centuries ago representing what Indonesia has done over all the years. Hindu was the first big religion throughout the islands of Indonesia with China bringing the Muslim culture to Indonesia and perhaps throughout the world. The first floor had a representation of wedding dresses that were pretty amazing. Thinking to myself of how awesome it would be to have a old mid evil wedding if everyone dressed up in the old centuries of wedding designs. Just a thought.

Walking around the three story building looking at all the music history from sounds being played from coconuts to sea shells to trees to animal skin. Just about anything that would make a sound was some kind of an instrument. Going around I see all the creations of different homes to different jobs on the island to how even currency was played out on island. Check out how big these certificates and currency was hundreds of years ago.

The museum had a mot around it with fish and nice plants. When leaving the place I seen some crazy hats. Get this.

So learned quit a bit and seen lots of cool items from tools to homes to dresses to music. On to the next place.

A picture of the mot

This tamera consists of an 8 km circle and I walked it all. Considering I was walking faster than the cars and so many people inviting me over to take a picture or let me try some of their food and trying to talk to me in their language. They are definitely friendly people and not shy at all. Some of the kids are shy but this is not uncommon throughout the world. But at least in this part of world the parents try to let the kids expand their horizons and tell them not to be shy. As to America is quite the opposite. So next I walked around the big houses that represent most of the islands throughout Indonesia.

Their is 33 states in this country and I believe they had 15 Big homes representing the history of the developments of these homes with some having history inside. Walking around I reach a reptile museum which I was going to attend but I have seen already enough zoos so I didn’t bother to go in. I past by the main attraction of a red castle that looked to me like something in Moscow but it was a big kids park and I didn’t go in.

So I walk to the transportation museum and was interested in going. Planes out front and cars and bikes inside with trains in the back. I love trains and seems to read a lot about them. Engines ranging from 200 horse power to 1,200.

What a difference of the trains not being that entirely different in size. Trains coming from Germany and Dutch mainly and japan controlling the rail system for a couple years during ww2. Interesting history I shall say.

Inside motorbikes ranging from German bikes to bikes being made in Indonesia. To tuk tuk coming from japan and India to them being made in Indonesia. It was an interesting museum seeing a vast amount of history for the past 150 years. I walk to the end and meet a lady and have a talk with her while eating some vegetables to walking to bus station getting picked up in a truck to going to train station that was marked on my maps me map to only finding out they are still building it. Find a grab bike on side of road pay him 50,000 to take me back to having a beer and falling asleep. Must have walked so much throughout the day and was very tired.

I had written out a large amount of words for one hour only for my phone to die. Welcome to the world of writing in a digital platform. Sucks ass. Happy days.

This has taken me nearly four hours to complete. It is not easy writing. It is not easy trying to make things perfect and put down the most information for people to see and learn. I am not perfect. But I do want to inspire people and let people learn more of our history on this planet. I hope my blog has been doing a great job so far. Please share and invite others to read. If have any pointers for me I will gladly accept them. Cheers.

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