epic travels

Letter to humanity

No drink nor drug has ever held me captive…may have over indulged but will power has always overcome the desire. Unbeknownst to myself I have been poisoned. I drank soda and koolaid..coffee loaded with cream and sugar as an adult….rarely water. I ate convenience store food and ate the food that never rots (mcbadforyou). There is a reason for this insanity. I’ve realized it’s both profitable to capitalize on my indulgence and also promote an unhealthy living giving way to millions of jobs needed to take care of the rampant stress put on a body. The 75 year old man at the gym making me look like a out of shape joke isn’t sick in a hospital bed with an illness because of his choice to eat healthy and work out consistently. The 100 year old elder in a jungle didn’t live that long sipping on a coffee from Dunkin. I’m upset with myself for bieng weak but when you don’t know…you don’t know and well my hope is now YOU know. My advice to everyone is just try harder today then you did yesterday, it’s an uphill battle but success is a great reward.

By : Chris Knapp

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