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Most want to be inspired in ways to take us further in life, but at the same time life can be inspired in many ways. I would say life is most inspired by two things in this world, kids and traveling. Of course if you wanted kids you would be inspired by the transactions happening through your life as well as the kids you surround yourself with. As for traveling it is by far the most inspiration we have on this planet. I guess through curiosity as well as experience, this is what drives us to be humans, life on this planet. Of course anything can inspire anyone but I am talking from the gut, the heart and soul of who we are as humans. Exploring new items, expanding our minds, moves, motives, some of us are leaders and some our followers but in the end when we work together we get results. This is why the greatest sayin is “it takes a village to raise a child” and this is just one example of how we can be inspired in our life.

Though when we travel most our alone, because of family issues, or money issues, or even some being afraid, leading us to do things on our own. Which is not a bad habitat because in the end we lay down our heads by ourselves and we generally lay in the grave alone. But I can say that once you step out of your cage, once you step over your boundaries, you will find out real quickly who you are, whom you will become, and how to become better at so many skills. We take for granted a lot in this world and some just do not know how to coupe with things that have been given to them, whether its physical or emotional items. This would be the process of getting out of your cage and actually finding people, true friends to be on your side. If people are not contributing towards your wants of actually really grasping for something, in the heart, for your soul, then they are not really your friend. Most people are extremely jealous in this world and don’t want someone else to achieve more than them. These are facts and the fact to be alive is we have one life, so live it, and traveling is the best part of life I must say. Raising a child is also arousing fun. But this is a travel blog so I will stay on topic. 🤠

I feel that it’s been breed in all animals to travel well at least mammals. Almost all mammals migrate to areas around the world in search of food and this is no difference with humans but now we have grocery stores and department stores to keep us caged more. The government is all about control and if you do not know this by now you should really start reading many things of history that has happened to us in the past and keeps happening. I feel its our duty as a free thinker, to break this bond and think outside of the box. You have a magnificent brain, use it, quit listening to everyone that is against you and listen to your soul, your heart and just believe in yourself. I know it sounds easy and maybe I can make it easier on you as you read this.

Now with most people, this could be hard, because of reasons as such, family, money, control and so much more. It is breed in us from movies, news, tv shows and much more to have fear. All I can say about fear is this, anyone can die at any given time, we can get hit my car, lighting could come down, a heart attack, theory behind this is, we just never know when are time is up, and now one knows for sure if you go to a heaven or come back to earth or even another planet so live your life and quit being scared. I can honestly say America is one of the most dangerous countries in the world and people still live pretty peaceful and same goes around the world. Just because they dress different, or have different religion doesn’t make them more or less better or worse. I have been traveling around the world in some of the most remote places on this earth and I can honestly say, the more you reach a tribal village area, the more peace is brought upon the situation. Why, you might ask? Simple answer! These so called people, which by the way is just people that bleed the same color as you, they do not know what a camera is, a cell phone, or even a car. So no greed is played with their minds to take something from you. You see money is the biggest problem is todays world, and soon it will be land but for now it is all about money at least to the people where it is most controlled by. If you go to a village these people already have everything they need, clothes, food, and even natural medicines. They build homes from the forests, and the forest also protects them from any kind of natural disasters. When you hear about major problems in the world from natural disasters it is generally in areas where no more trees are, the forest have always been there to protect us.

I want to try and inspire you on this blog to venture off and search for yourself as well as help others in doing so. Most people are scared of many things in this world and you shouldn’t be. You can learn how to protect yourself as best as you can and be smart about things. No I don’t recommend you go to places that are known to kill people such as the sentinel island, near India, but let’s just use this as an example. This is one island known not to go too, there is millions of islands in this world, 195 countries and a third are islands surrounded by water, just in Philippines there is over 7,000 islands. So why would one island just make you think the whole world can be like this, think outside of the box. As for money also, money comes and goes and people spend thousands of dollars a year on electronics and cell phone service when so much wifi is free. People spend hundreds a month on beer, cigarettes and unnecessary food to eat. I am not going to run into a number system here but their is no reason if you are capable of working to not have money saved up. My grandfather always taught me its not how much you earn, “its how much you save,” and if no one has told you this, I am telling you now and now is the perfect time to start. Quit making up excuses and start thinking, using your brain, and learn how to save money, because if you want something in life you will try your hardest to get it! Why would you not want to try something your heart or soul wants but immediately get your wants from your evil mind.

Our wants is not our needs, we do not need a cell phone to survive, we do not need $50 monthly phone bills, we do not need a $50,000 vehicle to get to point A & B, we don’t even need a steak every night for dinner. All this money could be saved for a journey that would never leave our mind, heart or soul. Our journey in life will always be with us forever no matter what, unless we break something and lose our memory, but while we have it we can use it, and expand it. In life most that die say one thing, “they regret, the things they didn’t do that was in their hearts.” Talk to older people and take notes, they will tell you if you actually ask! I insist on not being like these people and listen to them, history can always make us better as a world as long as we listen and use our brain to understand it better.

Here is a story about me, I use to work the natural gas pipeline and made a lot of money. I was working an average of 6-7 days a week and around 12 hour days if not more. I made around $2000 a week and worked for many months until the job was complete. You might say wow that is a lot of money, which it is, if you use it wisely. But many people still borrowed money, they would live in expensive hotels, go out drink And eat steak every night, tip like crazy, get girls and do it all again the next day only to find out on pay day they were in debt. What did I do? I myself found a campsite or even slept in my truck and would find a gym to shower at. I was so cheap that I would actually find multiple gyms around and get the free pass which was around one – two weeks of free membership. Now so many gyms to not offer this today, if they do its only but a couple days. But any ways, I did this, I made a life of it and I liked it, it kept me away from the bars, it kept me in good shape, and made me a better person. I also would just cook some food in my cheap grill or eat at a cheap local restaurant and my life was just fine. Many would make fun of me, or tell me why I would do that. But I didn’t care, I knew what I wanted in life and I wanted to be retired at age of 40. Now I have been retired for over five years and I am just 35. Now I say who is laughing, now I say what was these other people thinking, and now I say to you how you can be also in life. There is so many ways of saving money and not caring what others think, because in the end life is really just about you anyway. Not saying to be selfish but honestly many do not care but only about themselves. And by acting poor many will think you are poor and not beg from your hand.

Having a gym membership and having a place to shower, a place to hang out each month costs around $50. That’s just one night in a cheap hotel.

Having goals in life is and should be priority number one. So many force you to have priorities in this life, that do not matter at all. Like having a piece of paper says you graduated. Yes good for you, but did you learn something that can be applied in this world, did you honestly better yourself or someone else. And no this does not apply for everything, Im sure some people do make the world a better place but for most it does not. And one thing the education program in this world fails to teach us is goals! Education even fails us how to contribute our time and most teachers are lost about this as well because of many reasons. Let me break this down to you now, if you could save every one of your dollars you made for the past ten years how much would you have in the bank??? And this is precisely how life throws its boundaries at us. Do you want your life to be a struggle from the time you die or do you want to relax and live a fruitful life. ‘Again, do you need that steak or beer every night to survive’! What do you want out of life? What do you need out of life? All these questions should arise but they don’t, no one gives a shit because their life is perfect in their own little bubble. You can make your life out how you want to, or you can sit on the sideline and complain about every motive that doesn’t go your way. Life is about applying yourself, and one simple goal a day can make that difference. But why stop short of yourself, why just one goal, why not make ten goals a day.

O wow, that must be hard to think about, let me write out ten easy goals a day you could do everyday as a normal citizen.

1. Go to work to earn money 2. Kiss and hug a loved one 3. Stretch when you wake up 4. Eat one healthy meal 5. Work out 6. Write or draw something or even

talk to yourself 7. Talk to someone new

8. Try something new, whether its food, an activity or anything, even going home a different way 9. Clean something

10. Help someone

These are ten easy steps to conquer a day and make yourself progress in a better way. I am sure you can think of many on your own as well but these are some of mine that I try to keep daily plus more. These goals are important in life and it is not just about making daily goals but always making weekly, monthly, and even yearly goals is also very important. The daily goals is just to keep your life up to par, keep you living and being happy. Happy can be a goal as well, but I try and keep my goals realistic. I might not be a happy person for a day, but that doesn’t stop me from helping someone that day. You see how goals can inspire not only yourself but others around you. When you start to see a transformation in people you get curious, a person going to the gym, months later, wow you so big. Inspiration! Inspiring someone always starts with goals and these goals is what leads others to goals, but you need to be realistic and you also need to go with things from your heart. As soon as you get away from your wants, life will come at you in a different direction, as a leader, because all followers follow these same paths, but a leader changes course, a leader goes from the gut, a leader is smart about life, a leader rules himself. Let me put another example down here, if your year goal is to buy a new cell phone or even have it as a month goal. What is your main active goal, what is your main purpose. Is this new cell phone gonna make anymore money for you, if it is then ok, why, ask why and why this phone, could a cheaper phone be just as good, read reviews, know the product and ask questions. So many want to jump to the next newest product of cell phones and all they do is text and call which any cheap phone can do this. If you are a journalist or a traveler and want a new phone because of camera technology then yes maybe a new phone is great for you, as long as you are using it for a purpose to get ahead in life. So many people have so many electronics and technology just hanging around their home that they might use just once a year. That go pro 7 you just bought, you could have made a trip to another country and traveled for the same price, that new cell phone could have let you go in that dream excursion you wanted. These are just some examples I am bringing up here trying to let you know, that this is not what you need if your heart does not desire it. This is were you need to sit down with yourself, explain why you want it, what you are going to use it for, so on and so forth. A goal in life is not to buy every new iPhone that comes out each year. That is not a goal from your heart, this is just a want, an evil want. And these same people are the ones they call everyone ‘lucky.’

When you sit down with yourself, your real identity, not high, not drunk, not mad, not super happy, just normal and realize what you want in life. You will never know what you want in life unless you have a goal. In order to meet this goal in life you must treasure your mind and memory and stop letting other things control your memory such as an sd card. If you achieve this, it will be more power to yourself, if you do not, you have failed. Life shouldn’t be about failing but instead achieving. If you progress everyday at least know you never gave up, and hope someone one else can take it over and succeed at it from your inspiration. Life is not about winning or losing, it is about trying, experiencing, and never telling yourself I quit. Having goals in life is a great thing probably the best to have, and each goal you assign whether daily or yearly you try to beat these, you try harder to expand, and keep going because soon as you give in, your life will come to a stop. You have to be realistic and sit down, write out all this stuff. Example:

If you are only making $300 a week how can you buy a new car for $50,000 in a year. Impossible!, unless you win the lottery and yes you can not win unless you play but also your odds are against you, even it is printed right on the paper. So would a goal be to play the lottery until you win to get the vehicle or would it be to work harder, get a better paying job, work two jobs, save money and aim for that goal. And why do you need a new car? Would it be better to aim for a working $5,000 dollar car and aim to work on getting a house with the rest of $45,000. Then maybe you can get two homes so you can rent one out that will pay for your $50,000 car payment. It’s all about being smart in life and so many books are out there to read to learn about these steps.
I really just would like to inspire people to do the two things in life, that promotes us as humans, that give us joy more than any phone or car could ever give us. That is to raise our children or to travel. Now since this is a travel blog i’ll concentrate on the travel part but no matter what, goals are the most important thing to progress daily. When you travel and see the life of others, see how happy people truly are with nothing, experience the boundaries of life that are so free, where no religion connects, no language connects, not even color connects, but our love in our hearts connect stronger and faster than anything we can have. Most happy people know a happy person, and most sad people know a sad person. A caring heart will also meet a caring person. It’s important for us to live life happy, help others, and create a bond so fast that it will never be forgotten. These can all be done by having goals and inspiring the next person to do the same. Think outside of the cage, think outside of this world and go with your heart. I have also written other blogs of how to save money, budget your travels and even wrote about life as a traveler. So be sure to check out my other blogs and please comment so I can achieve a better blog for the readers. Also share to help spread the good words of wisdom.

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