SE Asia

You haven’t been through South East Asia yet if you haven’t seen this photo or something similar… Fact!

  • Acrostic Poem by Kyle King
    With today being the anniversary of my fathers death, I thought I’d share an acrostic poem I wrote… It gives an insight of what happened to him, how I felt and how I still feel to this day. Thank you to anyone who reads it and thank you for being there over the years.
  • Save Palestine
    Free Palestine. Spare the people and their freedoms.
  • Letter to humanity
    Letter to humanity of the situation during COVID 19
  • Let me show you the big picture of the 21’st Century
    A new blog about what’s going on What has been happening and no one even talks about it Before the pandemic what was going on Boeing Jeffery Epstein Other countries getting richer […]
  • Confused, manipulative, and plain downright ignorant.
    You might not like what I will post but I really hope you read me through. I’m not going to explain my background because all this does is give people a security […]
  • Budget traveling Egypt with the latest updates 2021
    Egypt blog Blog: The desert country of one of the most famous rivers in the world and second to the oldest ancient sites in the world. Welcome to Egypt. The oldest ancient […]
  • World mental health day
    This is some poetry by Kyle King. A day of mental health.
  • Just another crazy story you hear when traveling
    You like stories. Then listen to this crazy one from a Serbian doing something really bad while living in another country.
  • Truth of the real Gods
    Subj: Artia ‘No Such Thing As Jesus’ (Continued) A loose transcript from an interview with the anthropologist ‘Atria’ follows: “The sun was personified so that people could remember it. We think of […]
  • 169 kilometer hike on a 4,000 year old Silk Road Journey in Turkey.
    Want the best guided hiking information you can get on the famous 400 mile trek of the Lycia Yolu Trail in southern Turkey. Then open this amazing Blog site.
  • World, Virus, Human Update
    This is great knowledgeable information on gods, life, immune system, humans, viruses, and how to survive in this evil world.
  • Key to life is Trust.
    Trust People is the only thing humans put trust in! If trust didn’t exist, full potential of love and peace would. Humans try to make friends, too talk amongst each other and […]
  • Travel Himalaya Mountains of India
    Do you love mountains? What better place than the Himalayas! This blog covers the whole north region of India including Kashmir.
  • My thoughts on 2020 India Tourism!!!
    Tourism of India Tourism is up and down, it can last months or decades, it is one project that has a mind of its own. Well technically it’s the people that make […]
  • Grand blog on Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 travels
    Sri Lanka January 2020 Sri Lanka is a small island south of India and use to connect with bridges and corals until Tsunami have wiped it out creating now a deep trench. […]
  • Scammers in the world
    To keep your travels safe and know how this world operates a little more is just more knowledge for yourself, so you are more prepared for this messed up world.
  • Nepal Travels
    So many people love the country of Nepal. Many come here primarily for the trekking. I as well came here for the trekking but got sick and couldn’t make it. I however […]
  • Poem, CRITICAL
    Poem by Kc Rickel I named Critical
  • Travel Thor style Northeast 🇮🇳 India
    This is great vital information to have covered all of northeast india.
  • Best Blog/Travel North East India
    Blog on North East India East India is full of culture, diversity, traditions but it is mostly still India. It is amazing how much India has spread their long established fixed practices, […]