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* Prophecy Letter to Mankind ***

Almost everyone is posting things about this virus. Let me help you out a little bit. First off let me say this first. Our body is a god, we have a consciousness, a temple, and a damn immune system. Call it as you want, but I don’t disagree there isn’t a creator. A creator is not one god. Not on my theory! It’s many gods, same as the earth is made up of many gases, water, trees, and a vast amount of animals. I’m not going to get religious on you but our immune system is one mighty god. It heals, it protects, it serves, it kills, and so much more. If more people actually Worshipped our own bodies perhaps our immune system would be better. It’s a sad world and the people, themselves got their own self in this predicament.

When our Temple, our body is weak, we fall prey to death. We all gonna die, nothing is immortal and nothing never will be. Ever heard the phrase only the strong survive. This isn’t some myth only for people of war, it’s for everything alive on this planet. So let me help you out.

There is a vast amount of Natural ways to stay strong. And taking chemical altered man made drugs doesn’t cure anything. So stop listening to doctors that are only trained to give you pharmaceutical drugs. Do you know why pharmacy or doctors don’t give you gods medicine out here in this god like earth. Because anything natural can’t be taxed!

So once you get your heads out your ass and realize that the medical errors cause 1 out of 10 patients to die. That already is pretty bad odds. Just google medical errors and find the truth out on your own.

We all over here posting how many deaths a day, how many cases, and all this other nonsense bullshit. I haven’t seen not one post on how to make our immune system better. I have read but just a few posts on not what to do like, no smoking, no drinking or anything else that we already know. It’s already hard enough for a smoker to quit and with the whole world fading away what the hell does a smoker care anyways.

We need vital information on a daily basis of what are bodies need especially at a time like this. So I am not going to list every single herb in the world. It’s up to you to find things out on your own. You have a stupid smart phones so use it. My best friend google has every answer in this world and is easy to figure things out. Just go in the search column and type things like

1. What herbs are good for the immune system

2. How can I boost my immune system

3. What natural vitamins should I take daily

4. Natural herb drinks

5. Home remedies to stay healthy

6. Natural ways to live longer

7. Herbs to keep away the flu

8. Home remedies for flu

9. Meditation how to

10. Yoga and exercise daily

These all will help out more than any man made drug that does nothing for the body. All drugs do is trick the mind. Hence why so many die from medical errors. You ever hear a person die taking cinnamon, honey, turmeric, lemon, tea, or even damn marijuana. No absolutely not unless they are allergic and even this is rare cases. How many you know died from doctors, chemotherapy, or drugs over the counter or under. Many I am sure of! And as with anything in this world you should never just eat a gallon of honey, yes you might die. Same as you might die if you drink to much water. To find out if you are allergic eat a little, research it before,, you have my best friend at your fingertips. Their is no reason or logic why you would listen to any doctor pouring poison in your god like human temple bodies.

We make our own choices in this world and we live by these choices. So choose wisely. Start your day by drinking tea and meditating that you will stay away from processed chemical foods. Have you ever read the ingredients. Can you even pronounce half them words! If you can’t then don’t take the shit. It’s poison smart one! I’ve never meet a person that couldn’t pronounce herbal names. 🤔

Sugar is the biggest reason for cancer and heart failure and it’s one of the biggest businesses in the world. Stay away from it. Actually stay away from any company that is at large like cokeacola, nestle, Pepsi, Colgate, Johnson&Johnson and any other ones. They in business to poison us, to get us addicted. Do you know anyone addictive to lemons, cinnamon, turmeric, or any other natural god like plants. Absolutely not. Drugs is an addiction and all-most all the stuff on shelves at evil supermarkets are a drug of some type. And we wonder why we always sick. Why isn’t Africa or even S. America countries struggling like first world countries. Use your brain.

Why are kids not sustainable of getting sick from this virus. Because they still have a virgin immune system that hasn’t been poised. This isn’t rocket science people.

Do you know why most of the Catholics died during the Spanish flu. Because they didn’t believe in showering everyday nor did they believe in garlic, another natural remedy. But the others that did didn’t die as much. Again common sense right. Well it’s common sense that we can easily look this up but we would rather listen to what the so called experts say. If they were experts, then why are we in this pandemic in the first place.

Blame whom ever you want, all this is doing in the world is causing mass racism. All borders do along with being patriotic does nothing but make us engage in hate. If we all just classified ourselves as earthlings, as humans, then we prolly wouldn’t be in such a bad nightmare of a dream.

I hope you pass this along to the other. I hope you read it all and actually acknowledge what I have written down here. I hope you put this into practice. Our temple, our body only has one life to live. I suggest you start loving it first before you love some other magic created imagination of a fake idol of a god. We all are a god! So start worshipping yourself starting now.

D. Starkey aka Forest Destine

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