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Save Palestine

This is so offensive on many fronts that is shows the ubiquitous ignorance of those that claim to represent Palestine. First they call the Hatah or Shawl Arabic, it is not, it is Aramean. The poster in the background was created by a Zionist to increase interest to travel to Palestine for a European Jewish audience.

Arab Nationalism is just as dangerous as Zionism. It attempts to erase the thousands of years of continuous existence of the various ethnicities that inhabit Southwest Asia and North Africa. Enough!

These lands have been home to several ethnicities and religions. Arabs like others are merely one of the many inhabitants in the land. The Arabic language became the Lingua Franca of the region during the Ummayad Empire but the Prophet Muhammad pbuh never set out to create an Arab empire. Many of closest companions of the prophet were not even Arab themselves.

A toxic culture of ethnic superiority took hold in the late 19th century copying European movements. Since the mantra of a grand Arab state never materialized and Kings took the place of the Caliph, the region has been a mess with no light at the end of the tunnel. You have various Kings in Jordan that worked with Israeli protection, a ruling family in Arabia that named the country after themselves and other Kings executed or forced into exile in Iraq, Syria and Egypt.

Arab Nationalism is wrong. Period! Respect the rich cultural heritage of the region, respect the various ethnicities and tapestry that makes the region the birthplace of civilization, written languages and laws. When you simplify it to a single ethnicity you empower your enemies to see you as some monolithic group that wants its own ethnic superiority implemented. Palestine is not an Arab land. Native Palestinians are not Arab. They may speak Arabic with an Aramaic accent but that does not make them ethnically Arab. Many of you speak English, does that now make you from England?

The Canaanites were not Arab, The Arameans are not Arab, The Syriac are not Arab, the Kurds are not Arab, Turks are not Arab, Amazeigh are not Arab and native Egyptians are not Arabs.

Do you like it when someone calls Hummus or Falafel Israeli? Don’t disrespect and disregard the rich tapestry of the land for mental laziness.

I don’t care what you think, the truth matters more.

Copied pasted from Alaa Daoudi

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