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Bangkok 1st out of 365

Well this should be a interesting set of words I will jot down. On the grounds of you being open minded and I hope to give some tips of being in Bangkok and going onward to an epic week of nothing but partying.

Well let’s just say my party, went on quite a long while. First I arrived in Bangkok two weeks before New Years and partied like a rock star, but I am just wanting to relate this blog to New Years. I stayed at mascot hostel and I ended up working for Mr. Rain which is the owner and he also designs mascots either out of fabric or makes them out of fiberglass. Which is pretty good products by the way and can see lots in the hostel. The hostel is also very nice, with great Big beds and free breakfast for cheap. And if you arrive early and stay booked in you will get a better rate. Because right around Christmas time everything keeps going up in price.

Most places will throw parties for New Years but one sweet thing about mascot is the owner is from Philippines and so are most of his workers. When Christmas Eve came we had a free dinner buffet and also on New Years. Great food because it’s Philippines that are cooking it. I’ve been To the Philippines and by no way the restaurant food is really any good. They cake almost all their food with soy sauce. But when you eat local Philippine family food it is fabulous. Weird, I know. Restaurant food is suppose to be better but this is not the case. So I say the real local people know how to cook. But then serving people at a restaurant is not what I would call quality by any means. But go and make your own opinion. We all have different taste buds. Another memo is mascot is near the tallest building in Bangkok also near the center world.

So one reason I prefer to live and stay in a hostel which might help out some people that live within their own means is because it’s just incredible. For one, you have to be a people’s person or least can enjoy to look at them because most hostels are full. Full of young people that our active and have great stories to tell while enjoying each other’s company. We sleep together, eat together, use the same bathrooms and open doors to invite others to attend their mission. Weather it’s telling stories of life or their journey but most talk to find out what is there to do around. What is the best food to eat, where is the cheapest scooter to rent, where are you off to and may I join. You just never know what will come at a hostel and if your open minded like me I go off the beaten path. So when people come with me we have the greatest times sometimes. But I enjoy hostels for all these reasons. And much more.

The Christmas party was good and great food at mascot. Ate food and did my thing. The next night I meet another American. He had some money and wanted me to go out with him. He said it was on him. Which means he will pay. I said sure. This man is a wild man. Crazy shit was happening all around him at any given second. A man that can’t shut up but has a self calm attitude with a wild side. He is a normal built guy 5’10” five foot ten inches skinny and old. This guy was 50. But had energy like a 20 year old. So we went out. And in Bangkok it’s nothing that special just has hookers, sex, and partying. Big city with lots to do. But what a crazy experience being with this cat. His name is Greg. We go out and he is off the chain. Yelling at people In McDonald’s wanting to fight and then wanting to be best friends. But all seemed to be a front. No hands, chairs throwing or even yelling was done. Greg kept his composure and went on about the night. Funny man, when people didn’t like him he would leave and then after buying beers for us he would go out in street and dump his whole beer. The guy hasn’t slept for three days. I guess he was trying to insult the bar but to me was straight stupidity. Like the bar cares, they got their money so I know they were laughing. But anyways we went out many days and he had money and was blowing it like no tomorrow.

So Bangkok is pretty much a mini America with Asians. I feel Thailand has no more culture no more traditional values. Thailand is over run by Police and tourist and business people which is primarily foreigners. It’s pretty sad. So the city has many lights of Christmas ornaments and many concerts going on. During New Years they have an all out bang of fireworks. Some of the popular streets are happening but it’s the same thing. Hookers, beer and some music. The women surely don’t know how to dance. Drinks are weak and super expensive. You can find some places out of the main area to play some pool and maybe your own music. You can make reservations for the restaurants and sky bars in the tallest buildings around. Drink will run every bit of $20 for a beer and double for cock tail. Food will run $100 a meal. So he prepared to pay. Can get really nice and pictures during day and night. But see which ones are open during the day. They have boat rides in the river along with dinner and cruises. Sky tram runs late on this new year mark. Live bands will be playing in a lot of areas but can find most of them in front of the center. So overall Bangkok is not to bad but I have been to Holland, Amsterdam which is by far the best I have been too. From three fireworks going off at stimulating times over the center of the city. It is one show you’ll never forget. Of M 90’s going off everywhere at any given time from hotel rooms to the windows out the buses. Every step you shall remember. People also say Berlin and Ireland is the best for New Years. But Asia doesn’t really celebrate the first of the year which is why I am surprised even Thailand does also because they are not even On the same thousand year mark. Thailand has a totally different calendar from China I believe. But Thailand has changed remarkably fast and is just a mini America with everyone only caring about money. So have fun watch out from pick pocketing and bag grabbing. Also be careful of all the Police stops and they will check you and pat you down during the traffic stops. They also will pat you down on the streets. So be careful if have anything on you. Cheers and hope you meet your goals for the year.

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