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Truth of the real Gods

Subj: Artia ‘No Such Thing As Jesus’ (Continued)

A loose transcript from an interview with the anthropologist ‘Atria’ follows:

“The sun was personified so that people could remember it. We think of the sun now having a male role in the solar myth. The solar myth was developed over many thousands of years. This was a common myth all around the ancient world prior to the Christian era. The sun was perceived as being born at the winter solstice. It was said to be born of a virgin for reasons which revolved around the constellation Virgo. The sun’s birth is attended by a bright star (Sirius.) The sun was baptized by a baptizer, a water bearer from the constellation Aquarius. The sun enters in the city of peace and triumphs during the month in the sign of Cancer. Two stars in the constellation of Cancer, called the little asses,–this is complicated but people will be recognizing correlation where I’m leading here. The sun changes water into wine by ripening it on the vine and fermenting the grape juice. The sun was called the light of the world. The sun rising in the morning was called the savior of mankind. The sun wore a corona or a crown of thorns. The sun was considered to walk on water. The sun had twelve followers or disciples which were the twelve months of the year in the zodiac.

This story goes back tens of thousands of years and the sun took on a different name under different cultures. The story of Horus in Egypt is at least 1,500 years before the story of Jesus. The Horus myth, which is the solar myth, was extremely well developed before the Christian era. There are many more elements of the myth that correlates with Christianity. Many other cultures had deities which follow the solar myth in detail. This was the standard solar myth believed throughout the ancient world, with different shades here and slightly different flavors there.

The sun was said to teach in the temple of the most high at twelve noon. The Jesus myth says he taught in the temple at age 12. The sun enters into the sign of the zodiac at 30 degrees. The ‘son’ of God is supposed to have begun his ministry at age 30. The sun calms the sea as it rested in the boat of heaven. The sun was betrayed by the scorpion in November, when the sun starts getting weak. The sun is hung on a cross which represents the equinoxes (Easter). During the age of Aries it was a lamb hanging on the cross not a man. The sky darkens when the sun dies. This myth is very well recorded by both the Indian and Egyptian nations.

The story of Horus goes like this. Horus was born of the virgin Isis in a manger on December 25th. His birth was announced by a star in the East and was attended by three wise men. His human father was called ‘Seb’ which represented the Earth. At age 12 he was a teacher in the temple. He disappeared for 18 years and then began a ministry at 30. He was baptized by Anut the baptizer in the River Aridonus (the Jordan). He performed miracles. He raised Osirus from the dead. He walked on water and had a sermon on the Mount. Was transfigured on a mount. Was crucified, buried in a tomb and resurrected. He was called the way, the truth, the light and the fire. God’s anointed son. The son of man. The good shepherd. There are many other characteristics that people are attributing to the Jesus character, but Horus was a thousand of years before.

This information was well known but was covered up by various rampages and censorship following the formation of the Christian version.

The originators of these tales know the origins were astronomical (from watching the stars) but people historicized the tales. The entire bible is astronomical or astrological or astro-theological.

When the knowledge was lost that people were really talking about the solar myth, some people discovered that this was a good way to manipulate and control people. They wanted us to believe that they were describing the actual exploits of a historical character.

Krishna, Buddha, Jesus they are all compilations of the ancient solar myth.”

Source: Interview with the Anthropologist ‘Atria’ on the Jeff Rense radio show.

Watch this amazing explanation!

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