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Travel Himalaya Mountains of India

From Nepal’s border of India through Kashmir you will run into spectacular views of the highest mountains in the world. These mountains are so amazing when you pass through them it’s as they are moving, constantly singing, never a sigh. Like an emotional roller coaster these high tops are always engaging into something. From earthquakes, landslides, storms, floods, you get to see the darkness as well as the light. Some of these rivers are the biggest and most holiest. Some mountains still have the oldest human civilization living in caves as well as performing some of the oldest traditions we have here on earth. Maybe these mountains were the beginning to this earth, but one thing is for sure they surly are not dying off as much as they are living.

From East to West, where the sun comes up and goes down. I will be writing to you about famous spots, tourist attractions and the most detailed you probably will ever find on a blog about the Himalaya’s through and around India.

Most know about one of the biggest mountains in earth which is Mount Everest, but it is not the biggest. The biggest is actually in Ecuador


that was claimed by Billy Myers’s himself. You can look into that if you wish to. And if interested in Nepal’s mountain side you can easily obtain plenty of information or just read my blog here.


Perhaps you still want to travel the epic mountain range from Nepal to India or just want to travel India. When traveling through India your last place of the beginning or end to the Himalaya will be in another region called Kashmir. This is what I will be writing on giving you clear details of what exactly is going on and around this famous historical range of peaks.

Once you leave Nepal border enter Banbasa or travel from Delhi you will reach a famous lake named Nainital Lake. Yes it’s beautiful blah blah blah, but if you are going up this far you really need to experience the real deal. Have you ever heard of Kasar Devi?

Well I didn’t either until I got to an awesome dorm hostel named

(HOTs Bhujiaghat, Bhujiaghat, beside Bubu Bistro, Suryajala, Uttarakhand 263126, India)

I sat down for a couple days with the owner that is making a chain of hostels like this all over this region. Even has a small hot spring water coming through this property. As we talked I learned so much about this region and how so many famous people came here to Kasar Devi to get maybe “enlightenment”, such as the Beatles and many others. Rishikesh is not the born place of these famous people that came it was Kasar Devi.

It’s one of the three places in the world that has a unique, stronger magnetic field, other two is Peru, Machu Picchu and England, Stonehenge.


Kasar Devi is something special and the people are amazing. Mostly everyone smoking so pretty relaxed and the views are epic. So many nature trails you can go on and if heading more north you will find Hot Sulphuric Springs. I stayed in an amazing place before Nainital at which I mentioned. Also stayed in Hots in Kasar Devi. Both amazing.

And the owner told me everything about this amazing area so I will try and explain more. Since so many famous people came here to meditate, just to prove a point that almost all this people were not famous at all until they came here to Kasar and then they became famous. Sunyata Baba, Alfred Sorensen and Lama Anagarika Govinda, Bob Dylan, George Harrison and Cat Stevens, Western Buddhist Robert Thurman, and writer D. H. Lawrence were among Famous Personalities who spent time here. And I’m sure people still might be able to find their enlightenment, I personally am not famous yet and it could be because of all the towers they put up on one of the most famous spots in the world. WOW India government! Should really acknowledge the power our earth harnesses and you steal it away from the people. Truly sad!!! Regardless this town is extremely relaxed, epic views of Uttarakhand, probably some of the best views of a mountain range in this world, lots of hash, I’d say the best until I tried it in Kashmir, Gulmarg. Rishikesh can find but weed is very good here and Manila of course has also but I’d say the best I’ve had and cheapest is in Kasar and Gulmarg. Around 1,500 for ten grams, if don’t know get a scale they are everywhere.

If you are looking for Hotsprings, Uttarakhand is probably the best state in India for them.

-Hot Sulphur Springs Tourist Attraction, Gangnani, Uttarakhand 249135, India

-Hot Spring Venue Tapovan

Tapovan, Uttarakhand 246483, India



So much of India is full of temples, history and knowledge. Most of your enlightened Guru’s, Baba’s and ancient prophets came from this mountain range. So check these places out that I found searching deep on the internet. You can thank me later. It’s not easy finding some of these highlights.

-Baijnath, Uttarakhand

-Badrinath Temple, Badri to Mata Murti road, Badrinath, Uttarakhand

-explore Nanda Devi national park

-can ski/ snowboard in Auli, Joshimath

-Roop Kund, Uttarakhand

-Chopta is amazing beautiful peaceful place

-Kalpeshwar, Urgam, Uttarakhand (known to have the best weed and most, a Baba told me about this)

This is just Uttarakhand! So much to see and need so much time. Choose wisely but I am taking you too some off beat tracks hardly ever mentioned on the internet. So stay tuned for much more and here is a website you can click on to learn more about the region. I’d also suggest you check the weather because during monsoon season is probably not the safest to go to Uttarakhand and could get held up. Summer or fall if not raining is best time. Even winter is good if you can handle the cold. Mostly all roads are open but most hiking trails are closed off. If you have a pair of snow shoes bring them. I drove in buses and jeeps from Rishikesh to Auli, Joshimath so don’t let the people tell you it can’t happen.


*Himachal Pradesh

As we travel West now you will be running into

Himachal Pradesh where famous Manila sits. As I feel Manila probably was the highlight of north India but I feel after more and more people travel this place will become more deserted. I like Manila and I don’t. (Most people miss the famous hot springs in the forest so if going there don’t forget to visit and take a dip.) Manila many people go just to get high and for me it’s not a peaceful place or you have to walk long distances to get away from the traffic. And so many other places I know have found to be just as famous for hash , epic views and not so many people kinda puts Manila to shame. But everyone has a different perspective on traveling. I’m sure once you look up all the places I mention you might just avoid Himachal and head either East or far west. One thing you will run into in these mountains during certain times is none stop abundance of wild flowers. Three famous places to check out in this region besides Manila is Shimla, Dalhousie and Spiti Valley. Be sure to google these as they all offer something very different.

*Jammu and Kasmir (J&K)

My favorite country and region that is nothing like India, at least past Jammu. Kashmir should be their own country and have their own independence, they have been through enough and are very peaceful people. You can tell a huge difference in their personalities, character even motive. Their expressions are humble and loving, yes they can be after money but they just came from a seven month recession where most everything was closed but buses was still operating, hotels still going and finding food was easy. In other words, quit listening to the brainwashing elite gang of this world. It’s extremely sad that so many go off the basis of the embassy’s words, don’t you know by now that the government does nothing but lie. Some of the greatest adventures comes from these remote places because it’s the people that make up a region not a country. So enough rambling on, Kashmir is amazing all year long. Trekking can be find especially in the summer months with blooming wild natural rare flowers over each hill of a mountain with Extraordinary views. Exceptional winter sports are here with the highest gondola in the world in Kashmir. Hash, saffron, amazing honey, fabrics of famous Cashmere, even get your sexual appetite medicine or a found here. If your scared to go, then just go! The people that rule themselves sacrifice things to make one-self have an actual life. This region offers a lot so check it off.

-Srinagar is the main hub, has a fort, old mosque and the famous lake full of house boats can easily get around 500rupees.

-Gulmarg has the famous gondola, winter sports, loads of trekking. People will want to charge a lot, if on a budget just go by self and download Maps.me map. You will be fine! Can stay in places around 1,000.

-Pahalgam is the land of the shepherds and has some nice treks, beautiful views. Can find a room around 800 here.

-Shree Amarnath Cave Temple, Baltal Amarnath Trek, Google it you might want to go

-Vaishno Devi, Bhavan, Katra, Super famous Hindu temple, 30km trek

-Ladakh, seems extremely nice, screaming beauty and super remote. Didn’t go this way because winter and not enough time. But I believe this area would be extremely awesome being so close to China, Tibet.

You can find glaciers in these mountains, treks for weeks on end, golden eyes, even blue eyes, fair white skin with European faces. When they speak up here it’s loud and a very strong accent almost sounding like the people are fighting but it’s nothing, just normal conversations so don’t be frightened. Some of the best Chicken and Mutton you will find in all of India. All shops are fully opened now and ready for tourism. The greatest to me about being in this region was no internet even though I chose not to have, service is slow but can work in police stations, tourist information buildings (which are in every main city), your more expensive hotels have and can even get service through a SIM card but you have to buy the sim in Jammu, Kashmir. Jeeps, buses, transportation is easy to find and cheap. Like anywhere else in India always ask the price first, then wheel and deal. If going by train check first because they are working on so many projects, as usual train is super cheap and is so much better because of road conditions. Have trains all over along with many airports as well. One thing about the roads and tracks besides all the massive amounts of construction going on, you will pass through some of the longest tunnels you probably would ever do in a lifetime. Around 12 kilometers tunnels, one by train and one by the road system.

Please update me up on any other information or ask anything you may want to know but this is for sure enough information to make you last minimum 1 month in J&K.



Please don’t listen to the people of India about Kashmir unless they are positive about it. They will tell you roads are closed, you can’t pass through check points, it’s not safe, no buses available, etc. NONE OF THIS CAN BE TRUE! None of this I experienced and I went during winter. Most places however do not travel past a certain hour and almost none travel at night time. I never once ran into any problem besides not getting cheap liquor so make sure you have some on you because in some places you won’t find. I’d even bring some extra to sell off, many will buy. There is a shit load of troops and military vehicles but don’t be alarmed, all is perfectly ok with most giving the tourists an extra hand. Surprisingly a lot of people speak English very well. Have fun, don’t worry, live life.

My YouTube videos can be found under Epic! Forest Destine / Be sure to subscribe. Here is one video, click on it and when forestdestine profile loads up just hit the ‘uploads’ tab and you will see almost 200 videos.


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