epic travels

Just another crazy story you hear when traveling

Crazy story in the European part of the world.

So I’m talking to this guy and he is telling me the story of how he got to Serbia. He left Serbia when he was like 8 with his parents and then they died when he was 14 so he was sent off to a foster home. Fast forward to two years he was running with the mafia gang of nazis there with boots the shirt and pants all resembling just like the original nazis. Well I guess, According to him. So one day 20 of them see 9 guys. The 20 are all drunk and eight out of 9 of them run away. So it was just one and the other 12 of them said, we were going to fuck him up. Just as I ot too mind you. Eight (8) of his crew bolted and don’t want anything to do with that. And while these 12 hammered away and placed the 35 year old in a (burrito)coma, to this day he is still pretty much a vegetable.

He was placed in jail immediately and was up in front of a judge talking 6 months later. The judge asked?

Saying he came from Serbia with his parents, no passports he said nothing. Didn’t really get to much more into the story I was more concentrated on just this story I’m about to tell you. I know how the people get there, the ones most call either immigrants or refugees. And so the answer could be in many different ways. Walk, boat, car even back in the day it was so easy to make and forge passports, ID cards and any other documents. Now it’s still just as easy you search the internet enough you’ll find out solutions really quickly. It’s like searching for gold. You dig deep enough you’ll reach the mega pot of stunning nuggets.

After three years he was placed in jail from the judges orders. Once he was out of jail he was straight to Serbia. And this is the story I wanted to hear. How was he transported? What is your thoughts? Mine was like maybe he was placed on a private 10 seater plane. Maybe he was sent by bus the whole entire way… The land connects people! Look at a map if you don’t know the world by name. Which is sad because you could name 300 sports athletes but you can’t name all the countries in the world that is less than 200. Any ways, 😝! Or maybe he was put on a normal plane but in a designated spot in the business section. And that is what I thought. Germany isn’t a poor country by any means. But nope,, none of them stories did happen besides the last story, the one where he flew with all the passengers but he was placed just like the normal people. 4 officers transported him while he was shackled around the hands and ankles with a chain connecting to his ankles from his hands. He was bound to not even try. Once he arrived in Serbia. Hold up! Let me back up.

He had first told me at the beginning when he first was talking to me because we were smoking weed out front in front of this gay hostel that was quite different. I’ve stayed at thousands of hostels and none weren’t quite as unique as this one. That story should be coming soon also. So stay tuned.

I had asked him a question what happened at the airport. Did you have a special room to go through? Did you walk with the normal crowd? He said yes!

(The reason I asked him questions is because his English isn’t good. And when people normally say this they want help. Why? Because your brain is freaking tired of you thinking to much and your brain hasn’t exercised these fragments in your head, then,, yeah. Let me help some. Many want to talk they just feel bad for not remembering every word. So help them out if you know English! And then you get to hear cool stories like this.)

I wanted to hear the story of how he got from Germany too Serbia. So this is the story!

I had asked him to do a story on my YouTube but he said no. So I’m writing it down. And maybe I’ll do a YouTube on it as well. Who knows.

This guy didn’t want to be filmed. Says he was on enough news in Germany and felt bad already. But he walked with the normal people in the airport, all through the radar systems and taking your shoes and belt off. So after the 4 officers went through he came through and they still searched and patted him down. Once in plane feeling ashamed while everyone walked by him because he was the first put on and the last to walk off. Once he arrived in Serbia they actually saluted him and told him he is free to roam the country. Wow.

That is it!

The reason how he got to Serbia was he actually had a birth certificate from here. So I guess that is what saved him from going to jail longer in a Germany prison. Which isn’t really that bad at all. If you don’t know about a prison system I must say that my book will be coming out soon. So message me and I’ll give you full details.


Stay tuned….

I didn’t really ask him any more questions but I could just imagine. You hear so many stories and if you don’t that should be adjusted because if no one else don’t have a cool story you can always stare one yourself. And if you don’t have a cool story your not living life. We only live once so live it!

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