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Searching ten days for Malaysia flight 370 missing four years with a 70 million US dollar 💵 $ reward

Flight 370 that has vanished and never been seen except a few piece put the oceans of Africa. It has been over four years and if this plane is found there is something like 70 million US dollars reward. That’s insane so I was eager to find it when I seen that the plane might be in Cambodia. When I heard this o was in Papua New Guinea so by the time I left in October it has taken me 6 months to finally reach Cambodia again and I will begin to say


Crazy how much this country has changed since two years ago I was here. From booming businesses too houses, expensive cars, new roads, malls, even the old casino on top of the boka mountain is now a hotel and has been completely renovated. This country is brand new and in most places can hardly recognize it. But the people still have happy smiles and very humble. This is my fourth time in Cambodia and this time my main journey was to climb the highest mountain in this country named Aoral which is basically west of the capital, Phnom Penh.

This is the old casino on top of Boka mountain in Kampot.

Now this is the new hotel that was reinovated. CraZy. Check out my YouTube to see the difference.

This is where I meet Mike from England which has traveled the world going from England to south east Asia in a Ktm motorbike. Awesome for him, been going 7 months. Can check him out on Instagram @Mike_rtw

I rented my bike from PIK motorbike rental company for $80 a month. Check out there Facebook. So cheap.

So we stayed at same hostel and I told him the story, the reward and he started to look up what I have already gathered up. Like three teams have tried to go here and all have failed. The local stories are their is a plane but no one can find it, and only the spirt can let you see it. Many Buddhist people believe this, as many Chinese still hold some of the oldest traditions here on earth.

Basically a guy named Ian Wilson found this look alike plane in the jungle here is a picture

While Daniel Boyer continues the investigation from Wilson I guess Wilson and his brother go out on the search in October when they had found this plane in September which is during the heaviest time of the rain season. And when it rains in south east Asia it rains for months and months. But the strange story is that when they came to Cambodia and left for the mountain Aoral from the capital they got stopped by the police and was handed guides and old army vets. But they wanted to enter at the north side of mountain with a famous waterfall called Chrok la Eang but when they went the guides took them a different way and after almost dying after going over a dozen rivers they gave up.

Then two more groups have came out here and both either got hurt, gave up or couldn’t continue. But it’s March and I went and at first I tried to go to the north and me and Mike that has now joined me for the adventure drove 150 km and rested at a hotel. When we got hungry we went to this restaurant where the owner knew English. The town name is Krakor stayed in a hotel for $7 a room/night. After talking with this lady named Ginja, in the right side of the market place. She is located in my maps.me under English speaking restaurant. So according to Ginja said her dad had went up there for like four months and never found it. Well that sounds extreme and this is how Asia plays a lot of the picture out of context. Later, she asked if we were going but kinda just played it off. So me and mike left early and rode out another 60km all the way to the northwest part of the mountain where a durian farm is. I gave them some gifts as I always buy for the villages, pens, paper, toys, cards, markers,tape, medicine and now I am started to give magazines. That’s right, I feel a great idea when these people have never been out of there comfort zone, some never leave their village, almost none have traveled outside of their country. With magazines it has lots of pictures, and pictures say so much, architecture, styles, colors, and the reality of a whole different world. I think it would open up a lot of minds, realizing more to life is out there. So I gave five away and we left our bikes.

We climbed the mountain not knowing a trail, not knowing much of anything. We climbed for 6 hours and mike had lost a water and was running out. He turned back and I kept going. On to the next day I ran out of water and it is hot and I felt like someone should come with me for safety. So I climbed back and ate and showered st the farmers house. And headed back to Krakor to talk with Ginja and see about her dad. She said her said would be here tomorrow night so I waited.

Mike Ginja me

Also wanted to mention mike got a drone in Cambodia and the prices are the best I e ever seen in Asia. Check it out at Cambodia drones in Phnom Penh.

After talking with the dad he was out there for months but only searching 3-4 days at most a week and coming back. You see how much the story changes in Asia. So he said he knew some people I am translating through the daughter that knows English good. I had told her I only have $150 to give and I have food, a whole backpack full. He said white people had come 7 months ago but never made it. Not sure who but either way they said the foreigners were paying them one hundred dollars a day. Crazy amount as to these people only make $150 a month working 6 days a week. This is how the white man ruins things in life sometimes. Anyways, we went to this one village 50 km away close to the waterfall and he found some people none knew any English and they wanted 150 a day for three people. Wow I said I knew this was going to happen. I wasted no time and left. Went to the waterfall to see if I can find anyone. Nothing just everyone chilling and inviting me to eat and drink with them. I drank a couple beers loaded my bags on my back and tried to hike. They stopped me and told me no. So I was anger from the top view and said screw this I’ll try the bottom. Rode out another 150 km all the way to bottom and a long 10 km trail to the top. It at least there is a trail. So I headed there thinking no matter what I should be safer on a trail. Well as destine has it in me. I had stopped to get fuel before going to end of road to hike trail I fueled up. And guy knew a little English ask me with finger gestures am I climbing mountain. I said yes, he pointed across street so I walked over and bam a Cambodia village man knows little English. He also was the trekker to go up and here we go. He told me 150 to go to top and come back. I said no I want to stay for like a week. He was saying it’s $35 a day for one porter. Ok this is much cheaper than last. I told him I only have $150 to go to this point and I pointed exactly at spot in google satellite views.

When you look exactly in the spot of google maps at the loacation between the two provinces here on maps.me

Look at the two red star or bookmarks

The red on the left side is where you can see a palm on google maps. The red on the right is where the helicopter crash is. All the other dots is where us six where on the mountain.

Asked me why there. So I told him the story and the reward money basically being like millions of dollars reward like 1,00,00,00,00,0. His eyes got big and I showed him the pictures from internet and he said no problem. I get five guys don’t worry about money. Let’s go. Told him I wasn’t greedy I’d give him half the reward so he was eager and we left that day to go up there one of the hardest mountains I have climbed. I have climbed so many mountains in Asia and America this one was tough. It takes two whole days and took us three to get to the point. We searched and searched and followed these marking of planes and English letters and nothing.

We finally found this one tree with an airplane and helicopter 🚁 symbol in the tree. We split off and bam we found the jackpot. But what we had found was the helicopter that crashed down about ten years ago named trans northern. I had thought it was pieces of the airplane but then notice the landing gear of the helicopter. But literally this crash was about 350 meters away from the zone where the airplane supposedly is. Well I can honestly say for another three whole days from waking up at 4 am to drinking coffee in morning and eating noodles to walking from 6 am to 5:30 pm and having a two hour lunch break I and all of us were tired. Super sore and absolutely no sign of anything of an airplane. We had searching 500 meter radius with a team of six going three different ways on the mountain top with two people looking for this plane. We found a helicopter and that’s it. So totally this is debunked and glad I made it. Took another two whole days to get down and what a journey. I have lots of videos of this as well as most of my travels on my YouTube channel.

Epic! Forest Destine

Instagram @brolooney

So please sign up and share almost give me some comments so I can always improve. So out of a total of ten days being on the mountain I had finally made it. The main boss man of the trekking company called Cẩm adventure which is his name. This is his Facebook profile

( Oral Chhim Borndol )

He has brought up 306 people counting me and has a strong team. This people walking in sandals on sloops about 20 degrees. Very steep and pretty hot but well worth the adventure. Cam knows so much about the jungle and knows how to read exactly where you are on the mountain. He never used a compass nor a gps and always knew where everything was. I however used maps.me and I must say. Best app to have I can’t thanks maps.me enough.

Maps.me works all the way out in the middle of no where where no cell phone has service. This works directly off of satellite and it works fantastic. Check it out.

The camping the adventure was awesome and a very epic moment. But sad no plane but happy I have a super Epic journey that was tough. Was tired for three days after. You can climb the mountain by self but just make sure you have two liters of water on you at all times. There is plenty of camp zones. But always nice to help the village people out with money or at least some gifts. I gave Cẩm $100 for helping me still and bought case of beer and good for all while giving him knives, umbrellas, water bladders, ripe, hammock and so forth. He was super happy. Now I have the lightest bag I have ever carried. On to the next adventure. Stay tuned.

Forgot to mention, I believe google did take a picture of an airplane flying over the spot. As camping out for days all you hear is many airplanes going over this mountain both the north side and south with an airplane at least every 40 minutes. Also another thing is like to mention is that when you look at the map and see exactly where the plane is located between the two provinces and marking it, this is not the exact google coordinates that is under the picture.

So by putting in the coordinates it is all the way on the west side of the mountain. I did not go there but after talking with so many village people I believe that these mountains are walked a lot, and not one person has seen the plane go down. They all suspect after foreigners have came and tried to find with drones and all and nothing has came about. But if you want to try go on south side and follow my maps trail. There are supposed to be bears and one tiger that lives in this mountain which is Cambodia biggest jungle. But I however didn’t see much of anything but was still fun. Also Cẩm has said he knows many people that went to look and they found nothing. So it’s been heavily searched and at first I thought in my heart it was here but it surely is not. Maybe on the west side but not near the top. Here is some other pics of the journey. Check out my you tube and sign up. Much more videos to come. Also my blog page is always expanding and just one one half years I have over 30 blogs of stories. Pretty proud of my self.

They wrap all the trees in Buddha land to praise and protect the trees. But yet they all just about litter. Makes no sense.

Price of motobike is only $80 a month. It’s on the other side and didn’t take picture. But you would have to trust me same as me climbing this mountain. Lol. Check out my YouTube and you will see a lot of adventure.

Ok bye bye. Cheers.

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