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169 kilometer hike on a 4,000 year old Silk Road Journey in Turkey.

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Enjoy Trekking? Have a lot of time on your hands or even a little time? Come to Turkey and head to the southern border along the Mediterranean Sea and you’ll most likely run into the famous 400 mile long trail named the Likya Way or the Likya Yolu.

Over 4,000 years ago this trail begun with vast amounts of castles, palaces, and stone cities. Scattered rocks like you wouldn’t believe, high terrain to low seaside you will get a thrill. If you have time you can do the whole trail or just pick some areas and still tend to cover a lot with bus and taxi transportation to get ease to the next go round of incredible hiking. It’s like it never ends! From beautiful Epic view points too impressive Stone buildings that still stand today. Don’t worry about water as homemade 4,000 year old water wells are still being used today. Camping, well you can camp anywhere in Turkey and it’s very easy to camp anywhere on this trail. Guesthouses, hotels exist also along with loads of restaurants. You might say it’s a big tourist area and maybe in some parts such as the famous Myra where Santa Claus was born. The real person of Santa Claus was Saint Nicolas where he was born in the famous Kingdom of Patara and migrated 60 km East to Myra which is a famous port city connecting the long 400 mile trade route. The trade route could have been one of the first of its kind in this world stretching between what is now Greece and Turkey.

Basically I see the route going from the old Greek Kingdom straight to the lands heading East creating vast Multiplicity’s. By godly it did create them also. When walking the trail you will run into countless amounts of villages, kings courts, farm lands and stones that will be growing out of your feet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more rocky place. Well I’ve seen plenty of mountains with rocks but it’s like god just got angry and threw billions of rocks aimed directly at the shores of southern Turkey. I’m sure a lot has to also do with all the buildings were made from Stones and maybe only 5% was made from wood itself. The walls and roof were made entirely from stone with them plastering a stucco base seem to be made from sea shells and other rocks with lime. Clay was also used but very little. Could you imagine for over a thousand years these homes were still standing strong, even after major natural disaster such as earthquakes… We can’t build anything that will barely last 200 years these days. Yet they still had jungles and vast amounts of water because they kept the forest that create water. That’s why we call it a rain forest. When you cut all the trees down all you are doing is creating a desert. People wonder why the earth is getting so hot. It’s not rocket science people. The jungles and forests are generally always much cooler than any city. Besides, asphalt and concrete retain a lot of heat. Stones don’t tend to do that.

I started this trail from the beginning on the east side but I skipped a good portion because I came at the worst time anyone could but I made it the best I could. The piece of shit hoax virus of corona slowed me way down but it surely didn’t stop me. I only meet a couple people on the trail itself one including a mid 30’s female from Lithuania that was hiking and hitchhiking the trail for 6 weeks. Good for her 😉 She told me I was the 9th person she had meet on the trail. Not many huh! I meet others in parts of some cities but I meet most at a famous spot that could house 250 people named the Kadir’s Treehouses in Olympus, that’s where I started my journey at. But before I leave I need to get some supplies.

I headed to the closest city which is Antalya to gather some supplies. Luckily I found a camping store actually opened but I didn’t get a tent as it was to much. So I grabbed a cheap sleeping bag and yoga mat with some cookware all for $30. The cheapest tent they had was $75. Luckily I didn’t grab a tent anyways because I’m sure it would be full of holes in a matter of a couple days. The trail is super rugged from going between rocks and loads of bushes. So if you bring a tent make sure it packs in your bag. Plus I’m kinda glad I didn’t bring a tent because why go camping if you can’t sleep under the stars. Kinda impossible to see the stars in the tent. Make your choice wisely as if I was you, I wouldn’t bring a tent, I’d buy a small tarp or some plastic and thats it. Honestly it doesn’t even rain to much but maybe a couple months in Southern Turkey. It does get cold and it does get miserable hot. I guess I came at the right time which was in April 2020 right after the rain season and right before it gets miserable hot. Besides, a lot of places I stayed in were old abandoned stone homes with roofs still on. If corona wasn’t here many guesthouse would be open also. But for weeks and weeks I traveled with no tent and only one time it was raining on me but luckily it wasn’t heavy rain. I just tucked myself between some rocks and put the yoga mat over and fell asleep like a baby. Besides when you walk for 10 km’s a day you feel like you ran a half marathon especially at these times when I had to carry food for up to five days because not many stores were open. It definitely was tough but I ended up doing almost 200 kilometers and very little I was picked up in a vehicle.

Kadir’s Treehouses is 😎

This place can hold up 250 people at a time and what a party, if you can see this. No I didn’t see this but I did hear the stories and I could only imagine. The place is huge and has different rates throughout the year. During the off season it’s 60 lira a day with buffet breakfast and dinner. What an incredible price and lucky I found this place to even be open during this hoax of a virus. I call it a hoax because of many reasons, like one, thousands of people die a day from driving but we don’t shut down the world, Thousands a day from mosquitoes, alcohol, hunger, cancer, and even the simple flu. The world has over 7 billion people, like we are not immortal we all die one way or another. And most will say that none of those are contagious. Let me just say this, DEATH IS CONTAGIOUS SO GET OVER IT!!! Keep your immune system up to par and you wouldn’t be so freaked out over nothing. So anyways, I was heading East on the Black Sea until all this happened and I had to change al my plans up because everything was closing down and getting on lockdown here in Turkey. So I had to act fast. Asking lots of people in Turkey, many told me to come to Olympus and I can do the trail if worst came to worst. So here I am doing the trail because I can’t sit in one place. So Thor bought his gear purchased food for a week and set off. Didn’t really look much up at all besides the people who I did meet at the treehouse which had told me the stories and their adventures. After all that I was ready to go myself. And once I went to Antalya for the weekend too gather supplies I come back and was ready to go. Sitting around the treehouse for 10 days was enough for me. I set off for an adventure that I’ll never forget.

Here is my list of days, some information and some details of places, such as food, water and shelter.

Day 1:

Left Kadir’s Treehouse in Olympus after breakfast and saying good byes around 11am. I wanted to try and avoid the police as much as I could as I meet 2 brothers and had picked them up hitchhiking from Antalya I brought them to the treehouse. They have been traveling around Turkey for around 4 years mainly by foot and hitchhiking. They had left two days before I left and was returned by police. Therefore I was going to avoid the police and walk around the whole town by climbing the mountain right between Olympus and I guess where an old camel farm was. Basically I walked about 3 km and cut straight up the mountain heading towards places I didn’t even know.

I just wanted to hike I was bored!

Took me a couple hours to hit my first ruins which seemed like a small stone village but it was amazing. I instantly thought of all the hard work and dedication to build these stone homes. Then I thought how wonderful they would be with a vast forest surrounding them because they weren’t afraid of a tree falling down nor did they even hardly cut any trees.

Can you imagine?

Prairie overlooking Amazment

I walked some more over an hour and I reach this prairie that was just fantastic. I could see the animals and people running around this place in excitement thousands of years ago. The prairie didn’t sit to flat it was more curved with little trees and super green grass. I followed it downhill running into a spring with little water trickling down. I found a place under a tree about 20 meters away to put my bag down and Wha-La a water well. My first well I ran into. I instantly took off the wood stacked up on it and a bucket next to it had a rope and I fished out some water and instantly drinking fresh homemade Mother Earth miracle water. So delicious. I started a fire because I was so excited! I cooked some food just resting my soul breathing in the freshness around. After food I packed and went up the hill only to find my first stone house fully intact. Now I was even in more excitement. Snooping around door wasn’t locked I peaked in and ‘Bam’ a somewhat made flat boarded bed. I knew I had to sleep here. So I unpacked laid out my yoga mat and sleeping bag. It’s only 4pm and plenty of sun still. I rest for an hour admiring it all. I keep seeing a trail up another mountain but away from the normal Likya Way trail. Something keeps bugging me to go, even though I was tired, sore, but I went back up a small mountain only to reach an amazing view. I climb higher to get a better view and 💥 Bam a castle, an Epic Old fortress with Epic views. I was instantly in love. The view looking over smaller mountains into the Mediterranean Sea was aspiring delight. My first day couldn’t get any better. I left my feet dangling off the old man made stone castle singing Dave Matthews song “would you not like to be, would you not like to be, sitting on top of the world with your legs hanging free”

I went down brought wood for a fire to keep me warm inside the stone house all night long.

Day 2

I’m sore already from carrying so much food. Wake up cook and leave around 8am. I heard people walking for 30km a day and even 40km a day on the road. So I figured I could do 25km in a day. WRONG! I don’t know if these people know how to calculate but maybe if you don’t have a bag at all you could possible do this much. But honestly I’m pretty fit and I walked non stop for 11 hours and only covered about 18km. Granted this isn’t on a road it’s in rough terrain. And I was taking pics and resting but still. Maybe I could of pulled 20 but I was still a far cry away from 25. I was almost in tears my body was hurting me so badly. I was trying to make it to the lighthouse for the full moon. I didn’t! But I did prolly pull my longest day walking. Either way the views were epic and the scenery of Gods wrath of throwing rocks everywhere was astonishing. I mean I never seen so many rocks broken up and just scattered everywhere. Not one patch of green field besides where I left at the prairie and even that wasn’t a huge field. Later, I soon found out that the whole trip was going to be like this at least for another 100km and then soon after I started to see more green fields.

***So if plan on walking for more than 2 weeks bring 2 pairs of shoes or some rugged boots. Matterhorn’s are the best boot I’ve ever had in my life. Either way I definitely wouldn’t bring any new foot wear because the terrain is sharp rocks and it will cut your shoes wide open. So better to just buy some used cheap shoes and go along with that. Welcome for the tip.

About 2pm I hit the town of Adrasan and it was closed. I mean it was like a ghost town. Crazy! I walked through vast amounts of plastic and glass greenhouses, orange and lemon tree galore. I found some fruit laying in the grounds and it seemed good I packed and/or I ate. Fresh oranges and lemons in Turkey are so perfectly delicious. I walked through the town hoping I didn’t run into police and at my last cut off Bam, police. They stop me but don’t speak any English. Luckily another guy on a scooter stopped and he did speak English. He was like “don’t worry, they just want your passport and when you was here and you’ll be on your way”

I said ok.

He was like you know corona I just played dumb like what is that what is going on, I don’t speak Turkish. He said, “o just a bad virus and they want to make sure you were here before it started getting bad.” I instantly thought like why on Earth would anyone be coming after it got bad when all the borders were closed anyways. Stupidity. Anyways I said I was here for two months so they just told me to go. Later with the guy saying the parks are closed so be careful. Again in my mind thinking, if we are suppose to do social distancing why on earth would you close a trail that maybe only a dozen people walk a day during high time season time. The brainwashing is deep I tell ya. How much dumber can the world possible get???

Leaving I run into my first gopher turtle of this day. Everyday I seen a turtle if not two or three. And I would see these turtles on top of mountains in the most rugged rocky terrain you could imagine. Crazy crazy. The Stone Age people must have loved turtles and placed them there, because I don’t see how on earth a turtle would climb rocky boulders.

After walking for 11 hours I found a somewhat little yoga mat space between rocks to sleep. Some old wood was around so I made a fire between the rocks a meter away to stay warm throughout the night.

Everyday was pretty much this scene unless I found some cover.

So it definitely wasn’t freezing but with no tent it can get cold. I’d have to wake up about every three hours to start fire again and throw more wood on. These has been the game plan the whole trip. My sleeping bag was a cheap thin one also. And when you sleep make sure you are out of the wind as much as possible.

Day 3:

Woke up made a breakfast of Roman noodles mixed with can tuna and some eggplant and green peppers I found on the side of the road. Left heading to the lighthouse. When I get to the lighthouse it just started raining so lucky I had some cover and for hours after it was sprinkling so I left to get some kilometers in, I had my yoga mat over my head and balancing the mat with my walking stick as a could spread the mat out. I walked for about 10 km and found a camp site and camped out for the night. I was just so tired.

** Lighthouse has no water but before and after lighthouse does. So pack some.

Day 4:

Woke up early left for the day. But before I left I had to take a swim at this beautiful spot. Headed to Karaoz where I gathered a lot more food and walked the beautiful scenery of mountains and seaside. Camping out again near this peninsula where I made a fire and some guys came out there fishing telling me I couldn’t make a fire. I just said I was cooking food so they let me. Told me was gonna call police but they never did. Made a good dinner of beans, rice, veggies and tuna. My first big meal I ate. The moon was still full and what a majestic spot I had picked.

Full moon April 2020

Day 5:

I felt more energized from good food and left at 7am. I finally got hitchhiked and was taken 4km. At least that was better than nothing. This whole day sucked walking the beach line in burning hot asphalt weather. But I still guess way better than Summer time in Turkey. The guy also gave me a whole bag of veggies so I was eating pretty good twice a day now. As days before I was only eating once a day. This whole trip has been one big diet plan and it’s definitely working out. (I already lost 3 holes in my belt and feel better than ever, statement after trip. ) I headed to Akdenzi Bulvan Highway and waited 2 hours for a bus to drive me 8km to Finike where I walked up the steep slope hill and another guy was stopping to take a picture of me. I ducked my head and was yelling at him. “Why you people want to be communists and snitch on everyone.” He wasn’t happy kept telling me why, why, I just hiked and went into the mountains where I found a sweet camp spot against a mountain wall to block the wind, making a huge fire for the night roasting some marshmallows. That day I went the furthest going about 30km. ** Once your leave Finike and head west bring water with you.

Day 6:

I didn’t go so long but I ran into one of the most incredible Epic ancient Settlements of Yalakbasi and then shortly after I ran into the first huge astonishing castle, village, ancient ruins. You can watch my YouTube on this phenomenal piece.

Click here! Best Ancient ruins on the Likya Way

The views were just plain Epic! Overlooking the sea from the east to the west this mountain top was prime. It was so prime I ended up staying the night here. The first settlement of Yalakbasi I seen these tubs what looked like things to give water to the animals. Then I seen them stacked up. I was so confused until I reached the second spot of Belos Ancient City where I figured they were Tombs of the dead and remembering that I had seen these same structures in the archaeological museum in Istanbul. Everyone on the whole trek was either broke into or fell apart. Guess people searching for valuable items. The Belos castles was by far the most Impressive in the whole trail. The views were just incredible! The greenhouses surely didn’t help out the views in today’s world but I was thinking thousands of years ago what the view would be. It surely would be where my heart would stay forever. Check out the videos.

The whole day I only went about 8km but it took me all day long with a two hour lunch break because of how much I was in love with the views and ruins.

** Many camp sites and water wells close by. Check Maps.me app. You should always have that on your phone anyways as a traveler.

Day 7:

Day of rest. Stayed again at the masterpiece of Mother Earth and washed my clothes out of the well and hung around naked all day long living it up.

Day 8:

Woke up and left at 7 walking till 8pm. What a long day and hard going through all the trails. I tried to cut off some mountains only to eat up more of my time and put more stress on my body. I will say stay in the paths. The red and white Likya Way markings. If you don’t see them over 200 steps turn back because you missed the trail. Well I didn’t only miss the trail I try to cut off mountains only to go completely the other way around. I should have only walked 15km but I probably did 20km. Was an extremely hard day and I made it all the way to Alakilise which has the famous Church of Angelo Gabriel which to me looked more Roman or Greek and definitely came way later than the ancient Anatolia Stone Age. Less than 1 km away I could see a stone house and went there to crash out for the night. I was so tired I didn’t even want to search for wood but for some odd reason they already had a fire going inside. So I went in and slept like a baby.

** Bring Water with you as most of the wells are dried up or dirty from so much livestock around.

Day 9:

Walked less than 10km and got to the town of Beloren which I thought I’d get a place to sleep like a real hotel but, nope, nothing opened. Didn’t even see a hotel there. But I did find another abandoned Stone house with a roof so I crashed in there and it had wood inside already so I got comfy. ** Beloren has water, bathroom and a power outlet right by the main bus terminal. Power outlet will be near the bathroom and on top of the water Dispenser.

Day 10:

Walked from Beloren which they pronounce Belerouse to the beach of Sülüklü Plaji. When I walked past the famous Myra settlement I didn’t see a security guard but I figured he was on lunch. So trying to get the best picture I seen the green houses went a little further closer so I ventured into them. Long behold I see another opening of a fence so I went in. I wanted to go all the way but something was telling me not to. And about 15 minutes later, yep the security guy shows up. Me trying to run out I slipped on a high rock and fell busting my knee pretty good. I get out and start picking oranges on the side figuring he didn’t see me because I placed my baggage right by the entrance. I get out with hand full of free oranges and nothing was said. Then it started to rain. Waited 30 and then started walking and not far I find a pretty new site where they just dug up an old church in 2012 where a picture of Jesus, Marry and John was on the outside.

An old church in Myra dung up in 2012

It is said the famous St. Nicolas walked with Jesus but I don’t see how that is when he died around 200 years after Jesus death. But I do assume Jesus must have walked this famous Likya trail also because many things have arisen since I’ve walked this trail. Such as a home in Selcuk where they said Marry lived when she ran away from Jerusalem. Interesting? And was said that St. Nicolas which is the name of famous Santa Claus walked with Jesus also. So either the timeline is wrong which I can say most likely is or something isn’t adding up. Remember this folks, this trail was conquered by the famous Romans which in my tail end has never died off. They use religion as a gateway to hide and to keep people from killing each other. Thousands of years ago when the King’s didn’t do good for the people the people rose up quickly to defeat the evil. So the romans used the strategy of do not kill. I also believe the Romans used Christianity and Islam religion to spread across the world. Just my theory. Anyways it was still cool to see the awesome cave like system they have in the mountains at Myra. So I went into town and found a restaurant so I charged my phone and battery pack and ate some delicious foods and rested for a couple hours until I set off to the beach. I finally found a spot in an storage place at a five star hotel called the beach club. It was locked but the gate had enough room for me to pass by. They had all the beach stuff stored in along with ocean sports activities items so I made my bed on top of the blow up water tube pulled behind a boat. It was like my own homemade huge air mattress.

Fancy Air Mattress

Day 11:

Woke up needed to go number 2 and now I walk past the storage place I seen the security guard on top looking about. So I snuck around the back side to see cameras but later I think they weren’t working because I seen the power outlet that had been discharged. Used bathroom outdoor style just like everyday, just have toilet paper ready, got my belongings and set out. Nearby was another famous spot which was one of the biggest harbor ports of its time. Andriake which was part of the Myra city was an ancient settlement and another green fence was surrounding it. I found this trail in the back side thinking it would lead to something and it sure did. Another opening in the green fence. So I went in only to see more cameras. I left and nearby was a mountain so I climbed it out of curiosity and bam another kingdom on top. Got some great views and pics and I went down. When I climbed down I figured I’d try another spot on the Andriake city and site enough on the back side was wide opened. I got my camera rolling because it was awesome, a city built right by the marshes with a streamline of a large canal cutting the marsh and city off. It was a pretty amazing ancient site to see. It was getting dark and I didn’t go far but I did do a lot of adventures in the area. I found a spot where I guess was the head speaking spot in the town and camped out. Gathering wood and a nearby well i was good to go.

Slept in the right corner making a nice camp spot

Day 12:

Woke up and went to the nearby ship yard where so many boats are out of the water getting worked on. Let alone they work on the boats until summer time anyways but this year a lot more because mostly all the clients have cancelled their trips because of corona. I went to the nearby store and it was closed. Ask the restaurant next door, ‘the fish house’ and they said open up at noon. It was 10. So I charged my phone and ate some Turkish breakfast which is always cheese, bread, eggs, honey, olives, and butter with tea. Waited till noon got some extra food and was set off again going into the mountains hoping my food will last for another five days. Because that store it didn’t have that many items. But luckily couple days before when I was in Myra city I seen some hot peppers growing at someone home and they were outside. I asked to pick some because in turkey they don’t like spicy at all and I do. They didn’t speak English but hand gestures worked. They said I could pick and then they brought me in their green house and gave me a whole bag of veggies. Without that I’d def only have food for 2 days. But that gave me an extra 3 days without a doubt. Besides when you walking so much and every time have to set up a fire you only eat once at most twice a day. Walked only about 8km because my knee was hurting pretty badly and I found some ruins right near the bay on top of a cliff side. Was pretty awesome so that is where I parked it for the night. Only good thing about that day was I found a beach with amazing river bed rocks where I guess is a famous summer beach, got my yoga mat out swam and hung out there naked drinking some beer. My knee needed that! 😜

Beer time on the beach

Day 13:

Walked another 8km and finally got to the spot where some boys at Kadir’s treehouse told me this place was awesome, had power and could easily relax. I planned on this buying a couple more beers to relax and I figured I’d be the only one there but as it turned out the whole crew was there. I reached Smugglers Inn meeting the owner and ex coworkers where they wanted to get away from town and since Turkey was on lock down for the weekend they stayed along with me where I was planning to stay two days which I did and we had a great time. I needed the rest so I slept a lot on the deck and hung our drinking and eating lots of good food. They made awesome foods where one guy is a chef on a 3 Million dollar Yacht and most of them use to work for the owner of Smuggler. Inn so it was a great experience. Finally meeting up with people that spoke English had good food and we drank and for the first time I tried the famous Turkish alcohol which is Raki and it tasted just like the famous alcohol from Germany Absent but I guess the drink has been in turkey for a long time even the Romans tried stealing the drink and Turkey just renamed it. Know this Turkey is one of the oldest civilizations of man kind. It goes 14,000 years back along with Sryia and Iran. Can read up more on it here. Funny thing is about Raki, it’s a clear drink and when you mix it with water like all the Turkish people do, it becomes cloudy. Pretty weird but a good drink I must say.

Click here to learn about Raki alcohol

I stayed here for 2 days resting having a good time swimming and just relaxing. Smugglers.Inn is easy to find on the net. And if traveling to Turkey when you fly into Istanbul go to Before travel agency. The owner of smugglers is in the middle of pic and owner of before travel agency is in left and of course Thor is in the right. The travel agent knows his valid historic information in this country. Here is the website.

Visit before travel agency

Day 14:

Last night they went out spearfishing and caught a bunch of fish. So today we had a big fish fry with lots of people coming to eat. And one couple invited me on their Yacht so I can stay and that’s exactly where I went the next day.

Day 15:

I walked to the city close to the underwater city that was created from a big earthquake pushing the island out more and pushing the cities into the sea. I guess that explains why so much destruction was caused from all these stone kingdoms and homes. I’m sure more earthquakes was brought about as time came. But from what I learned from the travel agent at smugglers inn who owns Before Travel Agency in Istanbul he told me all the people migrated to the mountains. I’m guessing the earthquake also caused a massive tsunami that might of killed lots, so the people got discouraged to live by the sea. So I’m at the yacht Mavi Boncuk and was first greeted by blackberry pie. I got settled in and stayed the night. They would have let me stay longer but the police and they weren’t permitted to have any guests. The company Mavi takes up to 12 guests out for a week totaling 7,000 dollars. Not to bad around $50 a day including food. We went to the shipyard close by and had lunch and some beer and a guy invited me to come work and since this week Turkey will be closed down from Wednesday till Monday I figured I’d have a couple days to spare. Plus it would be pretty awesome to work on some of the boats.

Check out my videos on the great hospitality I had in Turkey in YouTube. I have loads of videos.

Click here to see hospitality in Turkey

Day 16:

I walked 2km after buying a bunch of food for the next week I get to the ship yard and the guy wasn’t there. I had asked some others and they were saying they have to close up also because of corona so that just ruined my plans. But I did eat some Barbque chicken for lunch time. So I walk back 2km past the town of whitch house is how they pronounce the name another 8km into the forest and found a restaurant spot. They invited me to stay outside and they had extra blankets so that was good. Was kinda of cloudy so didn’t see to many stars. Stayed at Yoruk Ramazan restaurant. Cooked some of my camping meals for them. They really enjoyed my cooking.

Day 17:

I made some breakfast for us basically how I cook in the woods of veggies like potatoes, tomatoes, green and red peppers so spices they had and macaroni and mixed and boiled and ate. I thank the Yoruk Ramazan house for letting me stay. It seems they wanted me to stay another night but didn’t mention. I gave them a deck of cards I just bought as a gift. Left and walked only four kilometers. I ran into supposedly the first major port city that had some ancient tombs in the water. I walked around here for a bit made some videos and walked a little more. I guess today it has finally caught up to me of no more motivation, everything is starting to become redundant and just getting bored. I found a bunch of old abandoned stone homes and just wanted to rest get my thoughts back in place. So I did that.

Sleeping quarters in an old stone home with a fire place.

Day 18:

Feel refreshed but still no motivation. I set off to town of Kilichi and nearby was another amazing fortress and this one had an old Amphitheater so that was pretty cool.

Ancient Amphitheater

A sign read it was older than the previous harbor ancient city I had visited yesterday called Aperlae which I guess was the first major port city before Myra city. Some ruins were in the water from the earthquake but I didn’t have any snorkel gear and all the nearby places were closed. Visiting yesterday was a sweet spot to see the old ancient port city, but this place Apollonia was awesome. Walked around filmed for an hour, left to go back to the sea side. I came up this way because I ran out of water and I knew the nearby town would have. I drink minimum 3 liters a day but I only carry 2 so it goes fast when you cook and make tea/coffee. I found a spot with water and headed back to the sea and it was about 5pm when I reached some more ruins and found a sweet spot of some recent old stone homes that weren’t finished with soft bedrock beach stones where I could get a nice rest. Gathered up wood had a fire and rested.

Day 19:

Started sprinkling in morning and had sprinkled for hours. So didn’t walk much. Stuck between rocks covering myself with yoga mat for hours. Finally rain slowed down and I found some cover and just stayed there overnight. **Again anything south of Kas city stock up on water as soon as you see. Most of these places have water but not very clean at all constantly being used for livestock.

Day 20:

Woke up early and walked another 10km. When you walk from Fakdere Mevki to Nuri’s beach bar and restaurant which I did is spectacular views. Stunning and the trip around here gets a little big more rough probably the roughest I’ve experienced on the whole trip so be careful. But when things get rough the views get more exciting and that indeed they did. When I got to Nuri’s people were there and I charged my phones and had asked if I could stay. Guy said I could stay but would be a price and since I look like a bum he told me I could stay near the beach cushions, so after getting offered food and some tea, hanging out I found the spot to sleep inside the storage place where they had put all the cushions so it was a pretty comfy night.

Mediterranean Sea is just spectacularly clear

Day 21:

Woke up and went to visit the small cave system next to Nuri’s Bar and also had some tombs there. Here you have to climb up super steep rocks. Some rope is there to help guide so make sure rope is good and strong. I headed back East to Belenli village where you will find an incredible view at the ancient ruins of Isinda Antik Kenti where on Maps.me it is named Isinda Pfeller. These ruins not many people go to and their is some guesthouses at Belenli but I found an abandoned little wood home wrapped with plastic right at the entrance of this site. That is where I camped out. No water here so grab some before and it’s all up hill from Nuri’s. Amazing views for sure but also note this. The trail and markings at this site is not good at all. Even the trail map on maps.me is a little off. So bring a stick to knock down some bushes you for sure will need. It has some cave tombs in the rocks at the top of mountain and it’s a pretty cool site to see that a whole wall was wrapped around this tiny little mountain. I’m sure it was spectacular when it was up and running thousands of years ago.

Picture is not the best and was a cloudy day but the views are phenomenal.

Day 22:

I leave the mountain top and head towards Kas another 10km. My bag is finally it’s lightest but I also final get a little hitchhike. Wasn’t to far about 4km but that’s good enough for me. When I get out a Turkish guy was there and he spoke English. He was talking to me why I am here and not at home. Just said I don’t like being bored so he invited me for tea, then lunch and we spoke for couple hours. He was quite busy building a massive 20 bed hotel but I stuck around for a bit. He had offered for me to stay in his villa and I just thought it would be some studio place on the water. I said sure I can stay a couple days thanks for the offer. When the same guy that picked me up earlier drops me off at the Villa with me riding in the very back of truck because in Turkey you get a fine from riding next to someone which I don’t see how, I see people all the time riding next to each other including the police. But I get in back, go the distance and reach this amazing Villa. A 3-bedroom villa with a pool overlooking amazing sunsets all for free. Guy said I can stay as long as I want. His motto is “I never tell anyone not to come and I never tell anyone to go”. Kinda of unusual person but a person I like, a heart of gold. Thanks Sinel. I couldn’t resist and stayed much longer than when I told him I’d stay just for a day or two. I also ended up cleaning his whole place for the wonderful gesture. Can watch my video here.

Click here to see Turkey’s amazing hospitality

Amazing sunsets at the villa

That’s my long voyage and great diet plan. It seemed like the trip would never end and I would have just kept going if buses and things were actually just normal. But what a great way to experience another adventure instead of being stuck in a four walled building not doing anything. Hiking was fun alone but it sure would have been nice to be with someone especially for safety reasons. But it can be done and not just for men. Like I said before I meet a girl traveling for 6 weeks all by herself. And most like to hike by themselves, you surely can gather your thoughts back to your soul. I’d say a week traveling by self is great but 3 weeks just seems like forever. I did the trip and very extremely proud of myself. Just another story I get to mark down in my book.

Some more tips and other destinations that should be visited. One tip for sure is download Maps.me, another definitely bring a strong power bank, i’d even get a small solar panel. Bring old shoes, extra socks, some medicine and creams, 2 lighters, extra rope for the wells and some water purification tablets but I think what a joke them are when you can easily just boil the water which is much more cleaner and safer.

Other must visit destinations on the Likya Yolu trail, heading West from Kas;

Patara, Oludeniz Beach ( famous blue lagoon is here ), Ancient city of Telmessos, Ancient city of Kyra, Marmaris ( one of the most famous beach areas in Turkey ), and of course much much more.

Other destinations can be visited is of course the 6 principle ancient cities of Lycia, many of which was already in my blog; Myra, Xanthos, Patara, Pinara, Olympus, and Phaselis

Some more main attractions nearby is the most famous in Turkey which is Pamukkale National Park with hot springs at the very top. Visit the ancient city of Side, West of Antalya. Just note this, Turkey has some of the oldest cities in the world, not India as everyone will say. Turkey has a city called Batman and around this area is over 14,000 years old. So do your research of Turkey before you come and hopefully soon I will write up another blog of just how ancient Turkey and it’s destinations truly are. Until then subscribe to my blog and YouTube, hit the likes even if you don’t like because all of my work is all done by me and myself only. I’m not rich, I don’t have some paid editing crew, camera crew or anything. Just me and a smart phone. So stay tuned in on Epic Thor’s budget travels and Epic Forest Destine.

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