Epic Vietnam/ not finished yet.

(This is just a quick summary. I will break it down more I just have so much on my mind I just would like to write what I can when I have time. I am still traveling and only have so much time to write about things in my blog. )

This is my experience and I will write exactly how I felt but I am quit different and traveling always off the beaten path. I will give you some in sights if you wish to follow my trail that I am gonna begin with these words, Vietnam is freaking awesome. Now I traveled Asia before of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo and left out Vietnam. While in my travels with my girlfriend we encountered lots of people that had said Vietnam is the place to go. So on my next travels of going single I head to Vietnam. Now I will mention the status of being with someone and being without. I had a blast with my girlfriend and we did everything under the sun. But I can say traveling with a Mate and traveling alone is a vast difference. While also being in a country as a man or as a woman is very different. Most thought it was our hunny mood and stayed away and most didn’t talk to us because of their culture or so forth and I valche this because I retraveled these same countries again alone. So I really think it’s way different when you travel with another mate or another girl. Lucky for me I had an awesome girlfriend and we got to talk a lot because she always broke the barrier between people. But we did get a lot of encounters of people being shy and telling us they wanted to talk to us but didn’t want to be rude thinking we were on our honey moon.

But however I am traveling Vietnam solo and want to express how I have traveled this vast amounts of lands for over a year.

This time I travel alone and man does a whole new world open up to me in Vietnam. I don’t know if it is my blonde hair, blue green eyes or they all know I am American and just absolutely love me. Or do I just see the difference of traveling alone as with a girlfriend. Either way this trip has been the biggest impact on my life and I want to share it with the world.

The big cities is always hard to bring the good out in people. But the country side always brings the good out in everyone. I love traveling the country and visiting the most remorse places to better understand the culture and their traditions. But I am heading to one of the biggest most craziest places I have ever been to with traveling half of the worlds most dangerous cities. Saigon here I come.

I remember the first time getting off the plane getting local bus and heading to the most craziest city I have ever been to in my life and had no clue. Just picked a airport in Vietnam and flew. My flight which was 28 hours not including lay overs in China and in America. After landing in Saigon aka Ho Chi Minh, I kissed the ground. A city that never leaves work, a city that will work any hour and stay open 24 hours 7 days all year. I get off the bus and I go across the street to find a hostel and a beautiful girl, dark hair around 21 years old great shape wanted to come with me. I had no idea where I was going and the next person we encounter is a guy on bicycle and he tells us a way. We go and stay at hotel only to know that this hotel becomes like a family to me. We go upstairs and I make love to this girl and she wanted to travel with me and sometimes I regret not bringing her but this is not me. I want to travel alone this time. Their is always a plus and negative for everything in this life. I choose to stay single and continue my journey alone.

In the morning I wake from the sounds. I never knew a city can be so crazy. Horns are going off like no tomorrow, with music and smog like crazy. If you can handle Saigon then I say you can handle any city in the world. Food markets don’t close until 9 and bars stay open all nite without Never closing. You can get what ever you want at your feet. If you eat food at the restaurants close to the main drag and you’ll never have to leave your seat. I mean what ever you wish to get is there. Except cocaine. Don’t waste your time on any in Asia. It’s all fake. But you can get anything else from cigs, gadgets, drugs, girls, boys, any age it’s crazy. I have even been offered to buy kids. Like nothing I have ever experienced in my life from traveling all of Asia before. Absolutely insane as I ended up staying here for nearly 2 months. I love Saigon and it is crazy but So am I.

Anyways I left and went to Phúc quoc which is so awesome. You can Rent motor bike and drive all day long. You can eat fresh seafood, go to bars, scuba diving, fishing, waterfalls and more. Best place is by the beach at roxys bar. Awesome place. Australia guy manages it. Place is a great island. If you have a mate and want something romantic. Carols Resort is the main place. This place is growing rapidly and I feel is so much more different from actually Vietnam. A place well worth seeing.

The boat ride from Phúc quoc is awesome takes more time but well worth it. And you can get a boat into Cambodia from Phúc quoc. So if need to do a visa run awesome place to start.

Mui ne, is the place if you love beaches, kite surfing and partying like a rock star on the weekends. This place is full of locals and it’s a place I love. I stayed here for 45 days. I had some reasons for my stay but mainly I was practicing sun gazing and yoga. I stayed in a camping site named Muine campground. This place is epic. Not many people around the area but the camp ground always had people. Very cheap place and always stuff to do. From bars, surfing, eating, dancing, sand castle making and so forth. This place is a must visit. You can go about 1 km north and find place on left called Lilly’s a little Vietnam girl owns it. Pretty sure that’s what’s it’s called. Great local food and way cheap. They have a tour at the campground that brings you on an old Vietnam war Jeep to the deserts of three that surround muine. Some red and two white sands to a clay fairy stream that you walk through that is no more than your shin height and what beautiful place full of epic pictures you can take.

Ok done writing for today

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