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Key to life is Trust.


People is the only thing humans put trust in!

If trust didn’t exist, full potential of love and peace would. Humans try to make friends, too talk amongst each other and make relations. Without money or control then most likely trust would be an easy objective. But since money rules 90% of earth, control will always exist with money and power. Precisely why trust exist!

It is almost impossible to make money in this world alone. We are either getting a paycheck from someone or writing a check. This is how the whole operates so no matter what trust has to exist in some way. Hand shakes 100 years ago was a promise, most never broke a promise. Weather it was because of religious reasons or karma. But nowadays trust has washed away and people only seem to care about themselves. Which is fine, we should care about our selves first, but second should be the people close to you and yet we find the people more close to you is the ones that hurt us the easiest and most. Probably one of the main reasons old people are miserable.

Trust gives us hope, dreams, a better future and so much more. Once this is broken, all goes straight down hill. I want to write about how to protect yourselves while still giving a little trust, right on the very edge that it can be easily broken and easily fallen down.

Money is the chess game, every move counts, pre-post actions must be accounted, loses and wins has to be justified. Chess could mean you can play one game or many. But in life most likely you will be playing many games. Example would be, if you kept playing the same way sooner or later the opponent will catch on and beat you. If you have a tactic of many different strategies and keep winning then you will most likely keep being a winner. In life someone will eventually will beat you, do you double your odds with someone new or play it safe and adjust to the situation. A smart person would adjust and play it safe. Same goes for this world and the streets we roam. Maybe one country doesn’t steal at all but the very next one over is a master thief. Do you trust yourself to go and not let your guard down because you might second guess the country and never think you might get robbed. Do you not go at all. Or do you put the trust in, look at the factors and still go for it. Opportunities generally only happen when people make sacrifices in this world. No body makes it to the top unless they were born with a gold spoon in the mouth, meaning super rich. So you take the opportunity and go, just see what arises. This is the sacrifice, this is why you should only put trust in yourself. Because you are the only one by themself. We are born into this world alone and die alone. If you got robbed and ask someone to borrow money they would expect that money back. So we need to trust ourselves first to make the right decisions 86,400 seconds everyday. That one split second of a decision can cost us our life, child, material items and so much more.

Since trust can be approached many ways here we must learn how to trust.

Trust is a life time experience and can change at any given second. You must be on high alert every second of the day. So best keep in mind the average rate I’d say for trusting someone is very low. If you give one inch to a person they will take you for one mile. Trust and not trusting one I’d say is about 50/50 unless dealing with more money. Then trust will drop down to 80% of people you cannot trust and even the other 20% I personally wouldn’t trust either. If you don’t have money then trust can be wide open and you can do as you please because you don’t have much to lose. Money doesn’t play in every factor, rape, blackmail, lies can easily occur also for the ones to gain more power and control. So we must watch out and watch our every move on the board. Only takes one mistake for something big to occur. So the best methods to have any kind of trust in someone, we must do these simple actions daily.

1. Think about backup plans.

2. You must have minimum 2 backup plans.

3. Make sure the person is a winner and has more than you.

4. Check loads of information on the individual and friends.

5. Never sell yourself short. You are a winner so stay like that.

I mention these five because this is the sad reality to this cruel humane planet. If one is poorer than you than jealousy will already occur. This is why vital information must be find out. This is where you can judge on backup plans while also never selling yourself short, meaning never giving yourself to another for a cheaper price. And I am not justifying these answers over small amounts. If someone has one dollar and another has 100. Would you trust the one dollar person with the 100. I surely wouldn’t. But if someone had 20 and another had 25 then this is ok and not a big lose, not a big deal. Trust can be more easily found here. And this is why rich people stay away from poor. The poor always want want want, while the people sacrificing, working hard is the same ones with money. And either way poor or rich always have a backup plan. If you are thinking of something good just note someone around you is thinking of something bad. This is where you need to find vital information from a person. One person can never have all the answers so be sure to ask many questions.

Backing up your plans is more for yourself than another. For example. If you gave someone money, do you have a plan if they don’t pay you back, do you have extra money to give away, and the reasons. Is the reasons legit, are you ok with them. All this must be declared by yourself first, then loved ones, then make the approach.

Back up plans can range from any circumstance, from selling, giving, borrowing. Here is an example of a backup plan. If one asks to borrow something ask them to borrow something also. That is fair. Nothing to lose right. If one is using you, your time, body, mind, resource, make sure it is fair also. For instance, one that stays on a couch that needs help. If they can’t give anything back including their time then they are nothing, a phony, a user, a piece of shit. Time is money and if people can’t give time then you shouldn’t give them anything. These are some of the ways you will have to come up with your own plan while also having a backup plan. A good start for a backup plan would be to write it down on paper. Discuss it over the trusted family, and have them sign it. This is why I mention next, to always keep your finally plan to yourself. If you are looking for trust then it can easily be obtained very quickly by seeing how the people respond to something. But make sure they are sacrificing something also so they can be true to you. No you don’t have to kill an animal but a thousand years ago that’s all the people had to sacrifice. But you can easily tell them to do something and see if it gets done, let them borrow something and see if it gets returned, or give them a little and see what is given back. If a relationship can not be 50:50 it will never work out in life. Relationships are all about compromises, promises, and sacrifices.

Since we have to establish this trust beforehand and still not even know the outcome we should follow some more simple rules.

1. Never let anyone come in your space unless you can trust them.

2. Never make a quick deal.

3. Never do a deal while intoxicated.

4. Never let someone know your deal unless they are part of it.

5. Trust yourself first.

6. Listen carefully.

7. Make eye contact.

8. Have backup plans.

9. Make a to do list before.

10. Always keep your final plan to yourself.

Flaws are in us all, so one must adjust to these in order to make something work. It is easy to stop trusting everyone and only trust yourself but I find it very difficult to live life by yourself. So we have to be prepared. Here is a list to help prepare you every second of the day.

1. Listen to your heart, stomach, before your body or mind.

2. Plan, backup, adjust, be safe.

3. Never second guess. First instinct should be from your heart, go with it.

4. Never give a second chance.

5. Never play fair but never lie.

Generally when we listen to our hearts, even stomach it is generally always correct. So if you have to practice meditation to get to know yourself I suggest it. Always have a backup plan because just think that person is most likely telling you something you just like to hear and not really coming from the soul. So plan it and keep a plan and stay with it. If you adjust make sure it’s still part of your main idea/plan. If you second guess you most likely would already have lost. Same as if you give a second chance, most likely that person will fail you again. Trust is earned not given. If someone wants to be in your life they will try, if they don’t then you shouldn’t try either. If you lie you could never be trusted but if you just don’t play fair then you will see how might the other person plays as well. Humans are smart and can very easy manipulate another. If you go by these rules then it is almost impossible for another person to break you. By playing unfair you can make an advantage on yourself to see if the other is really true or just wants something. So to gain some trust we must play. These would also be your plans as well as backup plans. So write it out or think aloud to accomplish what you are trying to accomplish.

Adjust to each situation differently.

1. Put money in someone’s hand or in front of them and see what happens.

2. Tell someone something that might be a secret and see if they don’t tell.

3. Don’t be a fool.

4. Always bring an opposite sex into the playing field.

5. Ask a friend to play along also.

Money is the easiest way to get rid of someone the fastest. Either leave money out and see if they take it or let them borrow or buy them a meal telling them to pay you back. If they don’t, then you can never trust them, even if they lie and give you the money next week I wouldn’t trust them at all. Tell them something and see if word gets out, make up some kind of crazy story and just see if they tell someone. You might be telling a white lie but technically they are not supposed to ask or tell others. That is the trust when you tell someone not to say something. Later months later you can tell the truth. Anytime you bring another different sex into the playing field you generally will find out real quick if they are your friend or not. If they ignore you, don’t talk as much as before, then they were never your friend to begin with. It happens all the time when a girl meets a boy or a boy meets a girl and automatically trust has already been given in. This is a weak person, one that only seeks for themself, one that is all about them. Trust works two ways so if it can’t be 50/50 then it will never work out. With any relationship! Asking a friend will only make the better judgement call. Ask one friend to talk to other and see what they say. Ask friend to ask other to see if they will mention something that you told them not to. I am sure you can think of other ways but these should always be the priority first. Once all this has been completed and you have discussed it among yourself as well as others that are trust worthy, then feel free to invite them in your heart.

Remember this peeps. Friendships, family, should last forever. Because you will always tell others personal stuff. Others will always know your life and can use it against you. So trust is something you must think about for the rest of your life. Let that trust be earned, if not your life could end in misery. Happiness is the key to every second being good and not bad. So keep your smile and keep your sanity by keeping the real love close to you.

Patience is a must, same as trust, is a must. Just remember while you are still alive, time in on your side so use up every second until you can find 100% trust. I do believe now after my life experiences by living by these rules you will always succeed in finding one to trust, weather it be a man or woman.

These practices should be custom to families and people should honestly live by these rules. Trust can not just make or break one person, but the whole of the trusted relationships prior can be ruined by one mistake, one person, one evil deed.

I hate liars, thieves, and worthless using people. I can’t stand them and maybe if we all live by these rules then we, the good people can stay more together and cast out the bad. It’s one thing to steal someone’s phone, buts it a whole another disaster when someone knows your life and can rob your whole house, rape your kids, or even tell your secrets. Don’t give a bad person even one little chance. Live by my rules and you shall live peacefully. Acquaintances are easily found. Don’t be a fool or a tool! Friends are hard to find and you’ll never have more than one hand of fingers as true friends including family. So make your decisions smart and make them last a life time.

Hope peace for everyone… follow me if you want to hear more travel knowledge. If you are into pictures follow my Instagram @brolooney

If you like videos follow my YouTube @ Epic! Forest Destine

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