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Man whom worked five of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Everyone in this world seems to live off of dreams. I guess it is part of our survival but as too some that take these dreams and carry through them, well I’d say that is our destiny. People sometimes are willing to sacrifice what ever it is to fulfill their dreams. But sometimes these fulfillment’s can lead down the wrong path or even lead to more of a headache. My favorite band is Dave Matthew’s and the band has some of the best lyrics. Actually they probably sing more of a story then an actual song. So one story starts out saying these famous words “would you not like to be, would you not like to be sitting on top of the world with your legs hanging free”! These words can describe my life the best…

My life, my destiny has been filled with so much even I have a hard time looking back agreeing what all I have done this so far. Out of all what I have done I have achieved by working some of the most dangerous jobs in this world climbing to the highest points, drifting to the furthest points and digging to the most extreme points. Points, regarding maps of this world where we can conquer our quests of being high in the sky to being trapped deep into earth or far off the charts of any landmass. Working since I was young where my Papa, (grandfather) has taught me to work and things will come to you in life. So I did as told and I worked with positions coming to me in life only some would dream of, but I never stopped at just that one dream as I carried on working many. I still feel my feet dangling off this massive world as I have pretty much been retired since 33 years old traveling to places, conquering more dreams and full filling my destiny.

Me at age 12 is where I would say I started to get paid by simply washing cars and carrying on to jobs such as pulling weeds to mowing lawns and even cleaning homes. My love for working never has stopped even today as I write my blogs, create YouTube videos and travel to destinations it all involves working. Being retired might be easy if you just sit, do nothing and watch the lying news stations we have on tv or by watching movies all day long or even having your favorite sports team and following them with all your heart. Well as I have always said these people don’t pay me so really what kind of satisfaction am I getting. I get more satisfied by writing my free blogs so others can read and learn about this lovely world we have under our feet. Plus I feel it’s only fair that I get to read all these blogs for free to venture off and explore some of the most amazing places we have here in our only planet.

After high school I had a friend sign me up for the union as a labor and this is where I would say I accomplished a lot of my jobs. Jobs come and go same as money, but what we learn will always stick with us and once I felt that I learned enough on a job position it was time for something new. And just like that my positions in jobs have been placed well over the 200 marks. I have dunderone every single position in restaurants, building homes, lawn care to one of my most favorite jobs which is under one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and that is pipelining. I am also glad to say it was not with oil because honestly I despise oil companies. Do you know that plastic is a form of oil? The pipelines I did do was affiliated with natural gas working lines that were from 16 in to 62 inches, a pipe that you could almost walk through standing up. Massive pipes working almost every position in the labor force which carried about 33 positions from working the yard to finishing the job.

Many might ask how this is even possible… well I will first say that you can do anything you put your mind to and second thing I will say that when working for a labor organization, jobs can come super easy. They teach you having week long courses paid for by the union that will teach you to do a job. As to any job you get, that particular business will teach you how to perform the job needed and generally will always take less than a month to learn. So according to these rules you can pretty much start a job without knowing a single action that takes place because everything will be taught to you weather it’s the same position you are refilling for a different company because every business wants you to do it their way. So for me this was easy, I was a super quick learner, I listened carefully and replayed the diagrams over and over in my head until I was performing exactly as they wanted me to. So next thing you might say is that most resumes want you to hold a position to fit your new job title you are applying for and you might have never worked for a company, right… WRONG! If a job wants you to perform what they will teach you then pick it up, study on YouTube and nothing wrong with lying to get you ahead in this world. Lie on your resume and look for a company that has been shut down and say you worked for them in your state or some where close but not to close to the job your are applying for. Since the company is closed there is no way they can look up or even talk to someone about your position at the company. You now are already three steps ahead of every other application. And if something fails, well it’s practice and practice makes things perfect. Never give up!

Working the unions is great though. They train you, they need people to work and work is all over the nation even the world. That is of course if you are willing to leave your friends, family and maybe even your possessions. There is so much opportunity in this world to advance and no excuse if you don’t. This is of course a well being that has the abilities to perform. But even people in this world are Millionares that have no arms and legs. Also unions have great benefits and fantastic programs. I loved the unions to travel and to me I kept my jobs as a hobby because my Papa always taught me it’s not how much you make but it is how much you save, so I always had extra money saved and I didn’t need a job they needed me.

I am from Florida and my first pipeline job was in Pennsylvania at 19 years old I was working as a manager at a pizza company called ‘snappy tomato pizza’ and my friend called me saying they needed help. So I quit and left, first time leaving the state by myself and from there I went from the east side to the Midwest working the pipeline is so many different states. One way to keep a job in the union is being nice, bringing gifts to the board and once getting a job you becoming friends with what is called the steward. The person who hires and this is where I excelled. Bringing them expensive liquor, taking them to all out girl bars and paying for it. Why, well simple, if I threw a thousand dollars at the Stewart I’d know to have another job waiting for me. Not only did I get a job I would get to choose what position I wanted and this is where I fulfilled all 33 in the pipeline. Even though some paid more than others it wasn’t about the money, it was always about the talent, the strength I would gain, physically and especially mentally. Another sweet thing about the pipeline was the work never was forever. So after months of working and making thousands a week the job would be over and I would be getting an under the table job while collecting my unemployment check. At 20 years old I did my second most dangerous jobs after not working the line for serval months I took a road trip out to San Diego with Papa to visit his old friends including one where he sold his handmade 46 foot fishing boat to his deck hand that extended the boat to 70 foot. During the trip I told the new owner if he every wanted a good employee to call me. That summer he called me and I went fishing 1,600 miles off the coast of Washington state driving the boat day in day out for two weeks from San Diego to get to our point where we ended up catching 69 tons of albacore fish with just me and him on the boat for 4 months. What an experience with me nearly dying almost twice, fishing in a boat my papa made by hand catching more fish than you can count. It was an experience I will never forget and one day I will write the whole story in my book.

Coming back I started working in the Midwest again pipelining in Wyoming and Colorado area for a couple years I quit and began working my third most dangerous job in the world which was under ground coal mining. I worked for Peebody under a company called 20 mile coal company. Danger o by far the most dangerous. Scary but a man with no fear working here for 2.5 years they let me go from a knee injury that took almost 1.5 years to heal up. Luckily everything was paid for but I couldn’t perform my job so I had to get released. I’m also assuming for future accounts not to happen either. Regardless I did the job, actually many jobs 7 miles underground into some of the most scariest situations I have been into. Honestly about this time I should have been dead at least 7 times and none by drugs but all by work incidents. By 30 years old I should have died a dozen times but I’m still here fulfilling my destiny. I also want to make a book called “9 cat lives ain’t got shit on me”. As for now I will just keep making my blogs and hoping I can get a bigger fan base. Make sure to visit my YouTube channel at Epic! Forest Destine

I’m 26 years old and I rejoin the union to capture my fourth most dangerous job working shutdowns at nuclear power plants. Starting to work the first one at the turkey plant in Port St. Lucie. Even though the safety is top notch you could easily get into a jam or even die if not being cautious but honestly the safety is so great I would really say this was that dangerous. Maybe I might be judging on the matter of being 7 miles under earth but still it’s considered a super dangerous job. I flip flopped on jobs a lot for the next years and even went to join the union in Seattle to work and this is where I meet my fifth most dangerous job working high rise building or skyscrapers. Wow talk about scary, yes extremely dangerous but the safety is also there but one little mistake and your dead. So by listening to the bosses, safety crews and Co workers I’m still here able to write this blog. But I will say the wind can get extreme and you might not have any water in your body at end of day because you sweating so much from the adrenaline. Truly scary and out of all five jobs I’d say coal mining was by far the most dangerous, then pipelining, then high rise, fishing and nuclear power. They say there is nothing finer than a pipeliner, but the coal miner always brought the finer daughter home. Just some words used in the construction fields, as to many words are never really outspoken of these different crowds. I will mention another job that really isn’t known but as a kid at 16 I started cutting sticks. We called each other stickcutters and we would go deep into the marsh and get this wood called mertal wood and deep into the dry forest to get dragon wood. This wood is used for fake plants because the wood once dried out would last hundreds of years. You will see the wood in like hospitals or doctors offices because it is quit expensive product with fake plastic leaves generally on them. This wood was hard to get and you had to bypass snakes, bugs, wild pigs, spiders, alligators and so much more to get this wood. I don’t know how many times we had to kill something that was attacking us just to survive and therefore I’d say this was definitely another dangerous job I had done. Out of all my hundreds of job positions the hardest job is prolly keeping my wife happy. Laughs and giggles. A job is all what you make it and it doesn’t matter to me what job it is, I will still classify it as my hobby. I hope the best for you and hope this can make you succeed just a little more in life. As for me I will continue to travel and write. So please like, share, and add some comments. Happy days 🙃😉

More Pictures coming soon

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