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Attending weddings, traveling this massive 🌍

Today you will be reading about the sequences of how marriages are designed around the countries I have traveled through, being quite different to a wedding that you might be familiar with.

I will first start to say that no I have not been to every country in the world, but I have been primarily in South East Asia and the surrounding islands to learn quite a bit about these marriages and wedding. So we look at a traditional marriage in the States that typically in general goes as such. You spend massive amounts of time gathering up all what you will wear, what will be presented at the wedding and how the formal account will be done. Generally speaking of how today’s wedding are and not how they are suppose to be because in our times of these generations most of the people are forking out the bill on their own with a little help from friends and family. Traditionally it use to be that the brides father use to pay for the wedding which I never really understood but today sometimes it is still held up. As for the weddings many marry in churches but today it is more like a fashion to get married where ever the two agree on. Once the day starts and they walk down the aisle and everyone’s so happy they all clap then they go to the formal dinner area which could either be at the wedding itself or a different building. Then the food comes and dancing and everyone getting drunk. And that’s it! The marriage couple goes to the court house to sign papers to legally say you can have sex with each other and then on top a honey moon. Also I forgot to add that about a week or so prior to getting married the man attends a party called the bachelorette, basically to have sex one last time before getting married but usually never turns out like that and before this party the woman has what’s called a bridal shower and it is basically some gifts and sometimes partying. Before all this goes down the two usually have been engaged with a man getting on his knees asking for his love to take his hand. The rings are always placed in the right side because of an old catholic tradition where they thought an extra vein ran in with the right hand on the ring finger. I myself have been to a dozen weddings in the states and they are pretty fun with lots of great foods.

This is one of my best friends marriage in USA in the state of Florida.

This is a marriage in the state of Florida of the USA

Now that you understand a common marriage in the states as well as some of Europe, South America, Australia. I will take you on a world of difference throughout the lands of a whole another worlds. I will also mention that Timor Leste also holds the grounds for this routine except the weddings there are massive with the whole towns being involved as well as both parents generally helping out with the ceremony but this is only in Dili the capital of Timor. The country is being over ran by the states as well as Australia governing them what to do and in these cases is where the people start following the foot steps of others. But traditionally and still kept outside of the capital the marriages work in a whole different way. For one thing is Timor is a pretty poor country that sits due north of Australia and next to an Indonesia island. And in this country where most get married the man has to pay a lot for the girl and not in terms of money either. Rather they pay for the bribe in animals, cloth and even property sometimes. Depending on what region you are from and how much the bribe parents want you can generally give a couple goats or pigs, some cloth to make things and even some property. But in return the bribe parents pays for the wedding which is not entirely that common like in the states. But something simple with some food usually a young pig or goat for better meat tasting and a small ceremony that usually lasts just a day. With no papers signing the man is generally working his whole youth just to gain the funds to marry with the items as well as even paying for it after the marriage. The average person here gets married around 25 as a male marrying someone generally younger. I myself got invited to a wedding in Dili which was awesome, so much food, everyone drinking lots, dancing for hours but a huge fight did break out at the end. All in all I was safe and didn’t seem anyone got majorly hurt, but what a night that lasted from 6 pm to 5 am.

Let’s move to Indonesia now, a country full of excitement and adventure where almost every island perform different ceremonies. Indonesia is primarily either Muslim or Christians so the weddings are varied. I did however attend many weddings in Indonesia the best being in Kupang right next door to Timor. The weddings here can go on for days with partying, eating food, singing, and sharing presents. I can’t really say exactly how each of these marriages are performed because for one thing I didn’t stay for the whole entire week of their ceremonies. So I will run though what I do know about Indonesia’s weddings. In Kupang I heard loud music on one night and the next night heard again as I thought it was maybe a bar or even a band playing so I walked to join. Needless to say it was a wedding going on so I invited myself just like I do in most things in Asia. Asia people are so humble and generous that they love you as a foreigner and accept you so much. Even the funerals are exciting in Asia most of the time because they generally celebrate the deaths and throw big parties. Numerous times I have invited myself to this events and they are honestly quite fun, with lots of food and drinking going on. So as a foreigner weddings and funerals are going on just about daily throughout Asia and if you have some ambition to go, don’t be scared, you will certainly enjoy it at the same time of getting more confidence in yourself. Because no matter what I have been to so many events in Asia I have never been turned down. Ok back to Indonesia weddings, the only thing I can say is they go on for days and people like to party and do strange deals like changing out shoes from one another. I will also say that in Bali which is one of the most photographed scenes of a bride and groom is you see hundreds of people a week making wedding photos around the beaches of Bali. So pretty entertaining if you have time to drove around Bali especially on the south side and scope out all the fantastic dresses and tuxedos with professional setups taking all the photography.

Picture taken either before a marriage or after in Bali, Indonesia 🇮🇩

Let’s move further out from the islands and talk about one of my favorite countries PNG (Papua New Guinea). Png was so magical so make sure to read about my blogs to help you understand more of each of these countries I talk about. Not only was Png so remarkable, so mystical and just plain perfect, it is always the people the make up a country. And in this nation where so many people look a like, traditions are still upheld while it is the people that own the nation because 90% of the land is owned by the people. One of a kind countries in the world that is for sure. While traveling village to village I see so many look just a like with limited features being displayed different on each village. The reason for this is all part of the blog here specifying marriages. What happens here in these state of affairs is that when a man wants to marry he will go to a village far away and pick his wife. Here there is not that much say, all the woman want to marry so they can bare children. In this case the average couple generally has around 8 kids. But the reason why they al resemble the same features is because when the older child ventures off to find his wife. The wife’s brothers and sisters must marry the husbands brothers and sisters. Talk about keeping it in the family. I guess this is where this metaphor came from. Interesting isn’t it, well it is to me at least. Even Papua, Biak island and many more still continue to adapt this way. But like anything else, governments intervene and take more control and pound people in the minds to obey money, school, religion to keep people away from their original traditions.

So when you go further in to the main lands everything is becoming neutral and people are having less babies because of money, land, food, resources in such. I guess this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because many people are closed minded that we only have so much land on the planet. This could be true but another fact is if mankind spent more time trying to develop a way to live on the ocean that is three times bigger than the land mass in earth. Rather then spending billions brainwashing everyone that we could live in the moon or even mars. Just take this in that all space programs are nothing more than military activities. Quit feeding into the lies.

Like I say the further you go more in land things are changed remarkably by more control over the governments. Take China for instance, everyone I assume has heard of China only allowing one baby as that law has been uplifted and you can now have two babies but regardless if you are not rich you cannot have anymore. Rich people of course always get away with everything in this world. I do not know the customs of China’s marriage but since China borders so many countries I am sure they do a wide variety of practices.

I did go to Japan and watch a couple marriages at temples and churches. When I watch them as they are wide out to the public but somewhat kept in their own privacy. The marriages seemed a little boring with very slow motion things going on and very little noise being made. The weddings I seen where small in size maybe about 20 people at most. Japanese people are very secluded just to their families and their families are quite small in size because in this culture everyone seems so occupied over money and indeed it is a very expensive country to visit. Even now japan is struggling to have babies in the country as most do not want to marry or even have children anymore. Of course you can google this and learn more for yourself.

Wedding I seen in Japan

Let’s move back inland to my favorite country so far in this world. The great Vietnam that stills holds freedom in a modern society, a country that has never lost a war nor its language with great impact throughout history. A nation so strong where the language speaks volumes to attire life. This country also doesn’t hold much religion which is another thing that is powerful. Religion controls people’s minds and here an open society where open minded people thrive still get married. But here marriage is more of a symbolic symbol that the two share until death do them apart like most countries use to be. I don’t know exactly when the catholic religion came here to devote the religion of marriage among Vietnam but many countries have invaded Vietnam over the last thousand years. Regardless it’s one country that has little religion but a huge marriage of people bonding together as one big family. I guess this is one prime reason why it is my favorite. Family is the strongest point in any nation but I give the family award to Vietnam, as I have only been in 35 countries, a country that is so rich within its borders has zero clue much about the outside world. But like Papua New Guinean where they just marry to bare children and rarely use sex as a tool I would same it’s highly substantial that Vietnam follows suite. This nation is a baby booming country that is going to explode with three times more people in the next decade.

The third day celebrating a marriage in Cambodia putting bracelets on the couple.

More inland we can go to Laos where they still are primarily villages wearing their traditional clothing in the hills where marriage is important but not to many kids are being made. Family is also very important throughout Laos and still holds a strong background. Cambodia is a very poor nation but just recently China and Japan has been poring money in and the country has changed rapidly in one year since 2017-2019. In the country side here many children are born in the families and the weddings are huge. Everywhere is wedding in Cambodia and also Vietnam. The weddings are so wide spread that just driving 50 km on a good weather week you will see an average of three weddings mostly held right on the streets and major roads. If you are anything like me with an open mind and just invite yourself into these weddings g you could possibly experience a week long journey through the process of marriage here. The marriages never last under three days and are full of hope and joy inviting the whole town to come celebrate. Marriage holds a strong value because of this as everyone knows you are married and whom with and you shall not have adulterous actions because the town would know it. These weddings are primarily eat and drink beer but during the days they will hold celebrations to many traditions they perform. Many of these traditions are upheld from the China side as many people have Chinese in their blood in the continent of Asia. China is one of the oldest countries in the world. As well as the biggest in population but soon India might surpass.

Wedding party in Cambodia

I have been to a lot of weddings and I recommend you to join also. Don’t be afraid as I have never been turned down, while bringing others with me. It surely is a great site to see when you are traveling the world. I hope to write more about this topic soon.

Please like and comment so I can address the public more wisdom on marriages while traveling these vast plains of the one earth we have.

This is the Catholic Church in Vietnam in the City of Hanoi. Had such a great time inviting myself.

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