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Poem/ Millennium Steps


Millennium steps

Can you see the trend? Do you know history? What do you study about and why? O questions questions more questions, can you answer any? The trends in the past couple years have started off primarily in USA, why??? Well because most in the world are blindsided to think USA is the best, so like sheep they follow. So let’s start off small and dump freezing cold water onto us. These challenges unfortunately became deadly where kids where then eating tide pods. Now the challenge has become an icon of self worth. From filters to now gender swaps! And no one knows, they just follow. I’ll tell you what is happening on a psychological warfare between us as a human, us as a person and us even as a soul. The elites are generating a weak mind, a pathetic heart and a soulless spirit. For the ones that feel strong are getting battled also. Most that feel this power comes usually within the boundaries of their closed walls where only one side of a myth can be true never trying to escape this because strong can still be weak within its own border. That’s why America is so strong right, having over 800 military bases in the world while your slave hours become tax dollars only to fuel the mafia more. USA expands and expands until further more while keeping the people dumbfounded even more. Only a small percent of the mighty fight this epic battle forcing their way through the walls and escaping what might hold them down. The mighty fight each wall furthermore, reading, learning and keeping a keen open mind on anything that could be a truth. But a truth can be nothing more than an illusion but not following the crowd is also a winning situation. Fighting for our very own rights, are very own freedoms we don’t follow what snap chat has insight. We don’t follow the trends of Facebook challenges or even a fake politician. Now the fight of 2019 is a gender fight. To make us weaker, to keep us entertained, to make us selfish and unrighteous, unraveling our past into nothing more than a lie. From flat earth to gender neutrality society is doomed by not accepting the truth. Only the strong will survive! Maybe that is why the fight has begun. An illusion of self worth to expose our magnificence of life, blinding more and more putting chemicals people have never been able to spell. Downing our senses we rush, we push, we fight for all the things that never matter. While the elites draw a check, bounce a check and get away with it, murder and pay for it, commit a crime never serve jail time. When will the people start to rise up and fight together. When will the man start to fight for things that could be right or will he do a snap chat and soon find out he is right. Eyes appealing insight things must change over night. When will the mighty women stand firm and strong, together in arms. Or will equal rights set them apart from X’s & O’s, Tic tac toe it’s a draw. No matter what in life their is always two sides, a positive and negative, a proton to neutron, a truth and false. If we do not keep our history and learn about it, studying it and passing it down we will lose as humans. Robots are already surpassing us that is not part of this world. Robots are neither a male or female, so the elites train the sheep to follow this pattern. The Mandela effect is full blown crazy right now. Soon the world will be doomed, people heading in a direction of straight trying to walk back. Humans fighting for nothing but selfishness leading no where. Months and months of peaceful protests and nothing changes. Companies being sued 100’s of millions of dollars still standing strong. Governments totally out of control raising taxes, silent the people furthermore. The whole world is getting weak but soon we shall see who the strong will be. The cartel, mafia elites will you work for each. Or! Stand strong in arms, together we rise for real peace.

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