indonesia/ journey of island hoping

6/14/2018 Epic! Island hoping day 1 and day 2

So going to go a little more intense on my writings here. I am solo so far this trip after leaving Hanoi, Vietnam to kuala lumpa to Jakarta. Long day.

I will try and write down what I normally write down on a daily basis and give an insight of my travels and future upcoming books, you tube videos and more. I am so busy working, taking pictures, learning, traveling and constantly on the move it is very hard for me to edit and master everything until I get done with my travels. I plan on going strong for another two years. So just bare in mind this is just a simple blog but a very unique person traveling learning the culture and trying to find out all the glorious insights from the locals. Happy days and happy travels.

Day 1

Indonesia/ June 15

So I made it. Another on the list. Yeah. Got in super late and just stayed at airport in the chair. Free. Lol. Last night I felt like I was in jail. The high walls the cold air and the echoes and doors opening and closing. Hate the feeling. But what else would you expect from a runner. Guess this can be, anywhere in your mind. Who knows. Crazy thoughts crazy times.

Had some shoe street guy fix my boots in Hanoi and My boots are killing me. Have no more room inside with the guy that fixed it and just smashing my foot like crazy. So unfortunate and uncomfortable. Air Asia sucked again. Was just a boring flight. Like all of them, no more cookies and no more even welcome drink. Sad how airlines have dropped off. But what else do you expect. Taxes are higher than what the airlines itself make. Was so tired slept going to kuala lumpa. And second flight talked to young Indonesia guy. Talked a lot about USA and stuff. How horrible it is as a country. With no morals values or even somewhat of a tradition anymore. Women here are pretty beautiful it seems. Amazing. Seems pretty clean so far leaving airport. Train is super nice and all the airport and stations are marvelous. I think some of the best so far. So I am charging my stuff looking around and booked place at capsule hotel. Seems legit. We shall see. Got two days there and will start my journey. I feel indo is going to be one hell of experience especially heading all the way to papau. Just gonna call it papa. Many ppl have already said how glorious it is over that way. Wow the many mosques already I have passed writing this blog on a train. Going to be one hell of a way to go island hoping all the way to the east island of Papua. Got my knives which I will need in the woods and Lucky. They make you check and put down on paper to mark if I have any of these sharp objects. I just said no. Maybe I could have got in with my knife. Who knows. But I just checked no and Walked through. They def we’re checking lots of ppl. Maybe my hat that so many already love given by ms Liên kinda just let me slide through without getting checked.

So gonna drop bags off and start my journey and nothing but learning. Yeah when I got my extension it was not how normally countries do it. Most countries you apply visa before and get extension, guess not here you don’t. You pay and get a grant sticker for $35. Then I guess you have to go to immigration office in town and get the extra 30 days. Probably have to pay more. Who knows. Will find out here later. Crazy so much you have to do. Guess for you to report yourself. They def make it hard for any one to survive if you just moved here as a traveler. So far so good. Put happy face on.

I get to the hostel from the train station but I get off the tracks and have a 4 km walk. It is 8 am and most hostels don’t let anyone have a bed until noon. So I decided to walk and check out the city. Half way walking I see the city is very modern and actually pretty nice. Has Dunkin’ Donuts, tall beautiful glass skyscrapers and nice roads. Was pretty impressed so far.

Half way walking a guy with a Muslim white hat stops his bike to talk to me and introduce himself asking me if I wanted a ride. I said sure. He takes me by the President home and when i get to hotel to check in. Receptionist says check in is not till two o’clock so I basically get on internet and tell Everyone I am safe. I head out after an hour and go walk around town.

So far in Jakarta the city has an old and modern feel in most places. It is a national holiday and many people are away and wow, It is very dead. Even when I was walking in morning I thought it to be very dead. So lucky for me to experience this. End of Ramadan they go on a ten day holiday. Many vacations actually take place in Indonesia and very long ones as well. I Talked to the manager at capsule hostel which was the old Botiva hotel and wow, a very nice place. Many options at this facility with a roof top bar a pool table gaming systems and much more. Fred is the main manager at the front desk and a very delightful man. So many Muslims in Indonesia but few cover their faces but almost all cover their bodies from the female aspect. Many ppl have like an Indian feel here also with the culture of Muslims and brown skin and many people eager to tell me hello. Even with the tuk tuk they have here but are much smaller with tiny wheels. So far I see some homeless and people not in best shape. Many police around in so many areas. Lots of ppl looking at me and lots saying hello. So far so good.

I get notice of walking to the community of the old Dutch and they even have a china town but I am on my way to the port where sail boats are suppose to be. This is what I wanted to see. I get to the port and their is no sail boats. But the boats looked very old and almost seemed like a one time they were sail boats and converted them all to engine ships. Very big but no activity.

I didn’t see much of a Dutch town and the china town I passed seems very small. I even encountered a man that asked me if I liked blue ray and I thought he was referring to the blue ray dvd. I said sure. Then he wanted me to come with him I said no way. Another man was laughing and said this man don’t like man he likes woman. Then I said yes I like woman. So I guess the code name for being gay is blue ray. It is very interesting for me as a blonde hair man traveling through and so many countries are surprisingly gay in Asia. I’d say the top ones would be india, Vietnam, and now Indonesia. I am referring to men as to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos are filled with ladyboys and of course they are all gay. So when I am walking around the port I meet a guy who wanted to take me for a boat ride for 50,000. It is 14,000 rupees per $1. So I said sure. Beats walking and get a different feel of these boats. So we drove around to the lighthouses and come back.

The waters were filled with plastic and oil from the boats. Was so disgusting and disturbing. This massive boats reminded me of old sail boats from a thousand years ago. It was pretty cool with two lighthouses going between the port. I come back and I go into the Dutch museum to learn about all the history of the sailers and countries that have used Indonesia as a main trade route. From Spain to Portugal, from Britain to China and even japan having major trading routes throughout Indonesia. Learning that Portugal and Spain had a treaty that the northern hemisphere was controlled by Spain and the southern was controlled by Portugal. The museum had interesting facts about how the captains used astronomy to connect where they where and where going. To having slaves move the boats.

Here is lots of information from the museum to read and learn. ^^^

After I leave the museum I head to the main drag were all the locals meet. Many people doing music and arts from kids and adults driving around on big blue and pink bicycles. I grab a kabab which tasted like vegetable meat but was ok. I head to hostel tired and just ready for bed.

So I know I skip around a lot. But this is how I write my diary. And have been doing this for a long time in my life. I just want to see what you all think. This is the start to my long journey. I am not perfect and have so much to write and put down I am only one person. As much as I do in my life I need my own personal secretary and also a person to write for me but I do not have this kind of money nor do I have assets to this kind of show such as a reality show which in real life is fake. My show here is not fake by any means. But I might not fulfill every single detail thing I do as to I need to put into respects of children and religious people reading my blog. But these are not made up stories and these are my stories. Written and developed by one person me. It takes me hours out of my day to write and compel all this information to inspire others to do what I do. I am hoping by these little blogs I can write daily I hope other can follow suit and have a lifetime of a goal to travel around the world. Others that have been following me for years , this gives you a very good insight on my daily life and how you all are wondering how I do all these adventurous things in this world. Message me let me know what I can improve. And I hope you all enjoy this story.

share and comment. Thanks and enjoy the rest of my journey through these islands.

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