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How to write a legit REVIEW!

How to: Give a good review!

This is a summary of “how to give a good review”….

What is a review? Well let’s dig into our handy computer in our hand and do a little bit of research. According to the dictionary, the word ‘review’, means 




  1. 1.
    a formal assessment or examination of something with the possibility or intention of instituting change if necessary.”a comprehensive review of defense policy”
4 3 analysis, evaluation, assessment, appraisal, examination, investigation, inquiry, probe, inspection, study “the council undertook a review”
  1. 5
  2. 2.
    a ceremonial display and formal inspection of military or naval forces, typically by a sovereign, commander in chief, or high-ranking visitor.
10 9 inspection, parade, tattoo, procession, march past “a military review”


  1. 1.
    examine or assess (something) formally with the possibility or intention of instituting change if necessary.”the company’s safety procedures are being reviewed”
4 3 survey, study, research, consider, analyze, examine, scrutinize, explore, look into, probe, investigate, inspect, assess, appraise; More
  1. 5
  2. 2.
    (of a sovereign, commander in chief, or high-ranking visitor) make a ceremonial and formal inspection of (military or naval forces).
10 9 inspect, view “the general reviewed his troops”
  1. 11


Now that you have looked up the word review, if you do not know what some of the other words are presented into the context let’s look up some of the main words. 

Formal assessments are tests that systematically measure how well a student has mastered learning outcomes. Learn more about formal assessments and test your knowledge with a quiz.




  1. evaluate or estimate the nature, ability, or quality of.”the committee must assess the relative importance of the issues”
2 synonyms: 3 evaluate, judge, gauge, rate, estimate, appraise, consider, get the measure of, determine, analyze; informalsize up “we need more time to assess the situation”

So let’s repeat the verb once more of the word ‘review’,,, since that is primarily what we would use to give a review on google reviews, trip advisor, or even comments and of course much more than that. 

Review, verb;

examine or assess (something) formally with the possibility or intention of instituting change if necessary.”the company’s safety procedures are being reviewed”

So changing something or making something better and/or intending to help this change the r cause of a review is not simply just stating one word or even three words or a short sentence that has absolutely zero effect on anything of the matter or let alone what the review is even referring too. I don’t know about you but when I see a review and it just says good or the review says it could be better “ what could be better, explain,… what is good, please ASSESS what you are trying to get across. 

I don’t know about how you feel but I surely feel that wasting time nor wasting the memory on the internet is cool at all. I mean I have to read about 30 reviews on average just to get any kind of results at all to be able to gather any kind of valid information, and it’s barely enough information to have any substantial knowledge towards the product, store, area, lot or even a place. 

I read reviews and it seems only the people are putting their feelings into place. Let’s say you want to know about a restaurant and you read the reviews “it’s good or it can be better or the food is not good”. What is good? What exactly can be better? Which food is not good? You read a review like this and you think just one item is in the menu! I mean, Come On People!!! This is not reviews and quit wasting the pages for these incompetent, incomplete, worthless reviews. If you want to put a review down for a restaurant explain yourself, ‘what did you eat, how much was the bill, what did you exactly like and dislike, what can be improved or better for the next consumer or even the business itself, is there an atmosphere, what kind and did you enjoy yourself, is there any special items on the menu or yet is there any items not on the menu but still sold.’ This is how an ideal restaurant review should go!

Review for Salt & Pepper:

Wow this place was amazing. It was a little tricky to find but just make your way to the main road and when you see the gas station just opposite a big grocery store is there. Directly behind that you will find the restaurant. I came here with two friends and we all shared some food. We got the pumpkin soup, yummy but a little to much pepper, we also got a chicken sandwich which was very big and even our server mentioned it was big so we decided also to get some dessert which we all each got three different cheesecakes of Carmel, Oreo and mango. They all were delicious but one friend said the mango wasn’t that sweet. The place had a good vibe but pretty mellow and they serve no beer 😩

That people is a proper review!!!

Now let’s assess what was reviewed? 

Location description ✔️

Food ✔️

Atmosphere ✔️

Notes ✔️

Now personally if I was going to read this I’d surely click on the thumbs up, push on the like button or even comment back saying thanks for the information. So many people do not do this either which really annoys me especially considering how much more informed my reviews are compared to the thousands and I hardly ever get that simple thumbs up. Pretty sad to me! Regardless I’m still going to give them great reviews because surely I am not the only one doing it. And by scrolling through dozens of reviews I finally find peace when someone writes a great review explaining how good it really is or how bad it really is. And by this, making determinations to enter or not enter has been ideal days for me to sleep in the best hotels for the lowest cost, eat great food on budget costs or even experience things in life as much as someone would with all the money their wallet could hold. 

Here is another example of how to write a fabulous review about a place to 😴 sleep. 

Thor’s Homestay review:

This place is just what I needed especially it being on Friday the place was happening. Specials were almost all night long from 6-11 pm on beer, games, even house drinks. Cheap!!! The games were awesome with pool table, darts, beer pong and you had to put deposits down but it was cheap to play as long as you were drinking lol. The rooms were awesome with cold ac and hot water, even had soap. This place has a free fish spa and was in a great locations next to other restaurants and clubs. I really enjoyed my stay with a comfortable pillow and bed and the breakfast was banging. Eggs, toast, potatoes and included juice. For a budget traveler I’d recommend this place to anyone. 

What would you rate this?? 

A, B, C, D, or F. 

I’d rate it by how many words you put down. 

F 1-5words 

D 6-20 words 

C 21-40 words 

B 40-100 words

A 101+ words. 

So this review scored an A+

It’s a simple yet effective review and I literally just came up with this at the top of my head and wrote it in less than two minutes. This review contains a lot of valuable information. Explains the room and atmosphere while even describing amenities and giving rates on how well things are. Talks about location and it might not talk about the price but it gives you a good enough understanding. Yet most things on the internet all ready has a lot of descriptions and prices and so forth but yet that is reading it from the owner and not the customer. I personally would rather read a review from the customer to acknowledge the truth. Even though some reviews might be a scam or someone had a bad time and is trying to destroy the business but these reviews can easily be outcasted by other reviews just by matching up dates and rates of others. Managers change as well as owners and this can be missed just reading reviews. Also use common sense, if ten people say how wonderful a place is and one says it’s not make a decisive decision to at least try and then make sure you put your review done. If a person forgot to acknowledge some things that should be noted in reviews such as prices, location, specials, hours opened, what other services can be at this location, so on and so forth. And people, you cell phone has a camera and almost every review can have pictures. Take the pictures and if so worried about your memory erase it off your phone after the review, it still will be in the internet and anything that goes on the internet can never ever be erased. Pictures do so much justification while also saving you a lot of time. Tips on taking pictures;

Take pictures of times and prices. Take pictures of the business cards or even the main desk. Many people zoom in on the pictures to see detailed information. Take pictures of the rooms or even out front near the streets, also take anything that might look special to another person. This review is not intended for your use, it is intended for the use of others so have some common courtesy towards the next reader. If you can not correspond to these simple guidelines then please to not give a review at all. That is what the star ⭐️ system is for, aka lazy people. Quit wasting all the space on the review sheet just to actually get to a decent review. 

Ok thanks and please share and follow me in my other blogs related to information on traveling this world. Cheers. 

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