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Epic deals n’ destinations of Bangkok

I can tell you all the famous places to go but that would be boring…

I’m gonna give you the insights of the best places the locals and expats go to. Now these places I mention are not the biggest parties but I feel they are the best. People talking getting along, sharing stories, and enjoying the real Bangkok. I also will write about some incredible deals as well as destinations to go too. So I’m writing this so maybe you can enjoy a city I once hated and now starting to like a lot.

Easy to look on internet and “type”; (things to do in Bangkok, best things to do (city name) , ten best things to do, (city or country name), and so many blogs and sites will pop up. But these sites never tell you the best deals on food, where to shop, or even the best for what Thailand is famous for “massages”. I have been here long enough to guide you through an incredible experience.

Thailand is easy to get around but also can take forever. Taking forever with something can ruin a trip real fast. If you can do anything with your trip in this city is avoid getting on the road between 3-8 pm and then some. Bangkok can be blocked up for hours and hardly get any where. Walk, boat, subway or sky train is your best bet to get somewhere quickly.

Since this city is booming with money, tourism and jewelry what Thailand is known for. Many people miss famous Sathon which is the heart of Bangkok. Sathon has thousands of jewelry shops so you can just imagine what you would see. If shopping is on your list don’t look any further Bangkok has it all. Looking for an expensive mall that has a light show three times a day with free boat transportation go to ICONSIAM.

ICONSIAM is probably the nicest mall in Bangkok, being the newest and not to crowded. If looking for more of a cheaper mall you can check out MBK

where clothes, souvenirs, and electronics can be cheap. Here you better wheel and deal in prices and try and get them as low as possible. Be careful buying electronics. I believe the coolest mall in the world is in Bangkok named ‘terminal 21’.

I did a YouTube video on it. Check it out.

This mall has some super deals in food and well worth it to stop in. Don’t forget to visit every floor and every bathroom.

Central world is also a really nice mall and it has it all. Incredible deals on food in the grocery store every night starting around 8 pm. Many things go for ‘buy 1 get one free’.

Maybe you not into shopping and more into the sex scene. Hahah well that is pretty much everywhere so no need to talk about that here. But I will mention the best massage place I have found for the cheapest price. All in one place you can find about 50 shops all located around Wat Worachanyawas on the river you can get massage starting at 100 baht. That is roughly $3.50 an hour. Most shops are 120 baht but cheap and very professional. I have been to three shops and had about ten different people and every time is been award winning. They are all very humble people but a small tip means a lot to these locals. I will recommend not eating before the brutal Thai massage but if plan on eating after their is many street foods nearby, like anywhere in Thailand where you can easily find food. Also don’t be afraid to do a four hour massage. Well worth it!!! It is on the river so if looking for a real gem you can go by the river watch the sunset and have a relaxing professional Thai massage listening to the hums of the boats pass by that makes most fall right asleep.

If looking for a more expensive experience you can always go visit ASIATIQUE, which is not far from the massage place just mentioned.

Where many things are going on, bands, food, drinking, Ferris wheel and much more right on the river. If looking to save money eat before or after ASIATIQUE because it surely is expensive place to eat. They do have some deals going on before the rush comes in so visit around 5pm to find some better deals on food,

but still pretty pricey.

If looking for the best deals on food then I will tell you. Street food and terminal 21 is your best bet for cheap everyday. But there are some incredible deals going on some days during the week, like on Sunday and Monday’s a bar called Sways have incredible wing deals on Sunday and Monday. Monday is your best deal because I can eat and I was struggling to eat 30 wings. But since some clubs are near by many come during Friday through Sunday to party, with many local young girls. Whoa 😯

Also has deal on hamburgers but I didn’t eat any burger but the wings are delicious.

Hooters also have good deals on wings but that place is up and down so good luck is all I have to say. Do you like hamburgers and such. I find this amazing place that has great massive burgers for pretty cheap, probably cheaper than any other place. A must try if you like burgers. “Sorry I’m not hungry” is the name and yes the burgers really are that massive and only cost around 225 baht. Well worth it. Finally found a great burger joint in Bangkok that don’t charge 400-500 baht for a burger. Thank me later.

Besides eating people love to drink and Bangkok has just that. Over the years though it’s gotten incredible expensive to drink and even smoke now and drugs are harder to find than ever. So I recommend grabbing some beer before you go out and you can still drink on the streets or in taxis but smoking is being banned rapidly. Usually the taxis always know where to go for drinks and parties but they usually always tend to take you to the most expensive places so they can get free gas money. Tuk tuks are crazy price anymore and none of them will be cheaper than a taxi so just keep that in mind. Before getting in tuk-tuk make sure you set a price and don’t forget to haggle. If the taxi don’t put on the meter find another one, plenty around. Here are some pretty awesome places you can google and look up to have a great night experiencing the real local spots. If looking for big clubs they are easy to find. Locals areas are places to be like;

Saxophone pub is an intense night bar that is banging with professionals on the instruments. One of my favorite places to be. Serve drinks and food be sure to get there early, like when they open, as seats fill up quickly.

Have a video on my tube channel you can check it out about the Saxophone Pub.

Saxophone pub, Bangkok

Another small joint a lot of ex-pats go to is a local bar called ‘Smalls‘. Has a great mixture of drinks many different things are going on throughout the week such as saxophone playing, dj and even acoustics playing. Can check out their Facebook here.

‘Beer republic’ is another one of my favorites near Central World. It usually always has a band and the prices are not to expensive with over 100 beers on tap. Great beer, music and food.

Many other places in fact thousands are around this city to find. Easy to find a lot of places just go under google maps and type in a keyword under the city and many items will pop up. Type in a beer type, a music type, a certain food, or even a certain item and massive amounts of locations will pop up. All these bars just mentioned usually have a band or dj but just check out their Facebook or website before going. If looking for an expensive trip can always go to Hard Rocks.

So after being full of food, great massages and drunk. You can attend some awesome places besides all the temples, sky scrapers, and famous other places in the city. I will mention some things that should be a must. Art has a whole new meaning at the 3D art show of ‘arts In paradise‘. This is a must and be sure to carry your back up battery pack to charge your phone. You will need it. And don’t forget to download the app once you enter the building. They have free WiFi and will guide you along. Ask questions once you arrive. Be sure to go when they open as the place gets filled up quickly.

Asia tek is a must go to as well as terminal 21. You can travel outside of Bangkok two hours to places such as Pattaya. Pattaya is basically a copy cat to Bangkok and I really recommend you go to the places in Bangkok but Pattaya is cool because a beach is there.

I really recommend you to a place west in the jungle that is named ‘Tiger temple’ where you will see many monks that have raised tigers that have not been poisoned or drugged. (Let me also note this in. Many want to claim these tigers are drugged and yes some are and you can clearly see it soon as you go into the park. Pattaya tigers were surely drugged and instantly I left. But Chiang Mai and this tiger temple near Bkk were not. All the tigers were fat and the reason for it is if you constantly feed an animal it most likely won’t attack you. Yes they have sticks just to be sure for the safety of others. And yes it is sad that this animals are locked up and don’t have the freedoms of others. But I also don’t see humane activists disrupting or causing a scene at local jails or prisons where people go hungry, don’t have fresh water and have no freedom over the most ridiculous cases such as having a natural plant in your possession.)

But to experience having a tiger right next to you is breathtaking. Also note that a lot of millionaires and billionaires have natural wild animals as their pets. Mike Tyson for instance is one and you think you would personally drug your own pet. No I don’t believe so as well as these zoos do not to that either. They raise these animals from when they are young and it’s not the animal that makes it terrifying or unfriendly. It’s the parents of that animal that causes this. Yes instincts still exist but only under certain rules. Hence why they have sticks. Regardless you will never stop these zoos from operations and to me if you have a chance like this take it while it exists. I don’t plan on meeting Mike Tyson anytime soon to pet his tiger.

If you are not interested in going to the tiger temple and like to visit forest lands. Some of the highlights in Thailand are very close to BKK from Erawan national park, Sai Yok, Khao Laem and Phutoei national parks and forest lands. Be sure to google these as they all offer something different.

From skateparks to paintball too movies to jet skis and much more. Bangkok for sure has it all and you can spend as low as $10 a day to as much as $100 easily and if really looking forward to an adventure of spending money Bangkok for sure you cAn spend a lot. If looking at trying to get deals you can also search online for coupon prices through

and some other sites such as

Don’t miss out on one of the cabaret shows before you leave. You can judge all you want but until you see one you haven’t visited Bangkok.

Have fun be safe and watch out for traffic.

I hope this helps you get though a better time In Bangkok and you can easily spend a solid five days here plus more if you wanted to. Be sure to get a visa before coming into country, most countries can get a 60 day tourist visa for around $60. But most countries you also get a free 30 day visa arriving at airport. Be sure to check your immigration before hand.

Like share and post a comment. Cheers. Be sure to check out my other blogs and stay tuned for my YouTube channel.

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