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Confused, manipulative, and plain downright ignorant.

You might not like what I will post but I really hope you read me through.

I’m not going to explain my background because all this does is give people a security to have more belief in that person towards the things that they have accomplished. But even if I did write it down, there really is no way for you to prove it unless you go directly to the school and ask them for the records yourself. And yet how many do this? I can only guess, most likely none.

As you read through this I am going to enlighten your brain and hopefully transfer some of your thoughts towards a more correct form. I also want to write a lot about what is happening in the world but as most know if I even mention anything about a virus my account could get suspended.

In order for me to explain properly we kindly have to go back in history. This is why history is so important for all directions in life. As we go through history we are taught an abundance of things. But we are also taught lies. Let me explain a simple background of the history of people themselves by the time they are born. When we are born are mentors can teach us anything we want. And in life that is what we are to believe until we get to a certain age where we can make our own decisions and choices but even then some don’t have even a choice of thinking or they could die. Saudi Arabia for example.

Humans are born with a thought process that is what we see, hear, taste and touch. Of course that is generally for the common mammal of humans. Some of course are not so lucky. Our brain is trained on all these 4 main categories. See, hear, touch, taste. Our brain will learn these and remember these throughout our whole life. We remember if something is hot not to touch it because it will burn. Or we learn by touching something hot. We learn not to say a bad word and m/or our mother slaps us. We learn not to eat bad food because it smells. So on and so forth. But! But some don’t get slapped and curse their whole life. Some people don’t know what bad food is because their poor and will eat anything. You get my point. Well same goes for teaching with lies. Anyone can be taught anything, from truth or fiction. Are we taught right from wrong? So if you have any common sense at all then you would know what I am trying to say. People grow up and think what they are doing is the correct way and some see others doing the same exact thing, faster and better and still want to choose their way. Because in life most are not programmed to have an open mind. We are programmed that the way we are taught is the only way. This to me is called brainwashing.

I can ask you one simple question. Do you trust your government? Most would acknowledge that as a no. If you did answer no, then why would you put the trust into education.

I’m not going to write out every country in the world. But I will say we do have some pretty amazing countries and we do have some that is pretty bad. How many has heard America is the land of dreams and opportunity’s? And how many want to go there and find out that it’s all one big lie. How many have heard Denmark, Switzerland, Australia and many more is the real dreams. But we are persuaded to believe in USA because of Hollywood. Movies is the easiest way to brainwash anyone. Next is newspapers and third is radio. If we are taught Hollywood is real then this is what people can believe. If you don’t know go to North Korea. We can be taught that newspapers always tell the truth. And until people are held accountable for their action of words towards the public domain, the lies will continue. Or in other words have you ever heard of anyone getting arrested for spreading lies in a newspaper. Absolutely not! And do you think that no lies are told? If you do, you don’t read enough and only looking from your one sided view. In life we have to examine every angle. For instance if you have a relationship and your neighbor said to the other you are cheating would you believe just that with no proof. Because if you did I guarantee that neighbor is doing that just for the benefit of themselves. In life we must have proof and for those that tell the lies must be held accountable. But anymore this is not the case. A hundred years ago if a person was lying they definitely either got beat up or even killed. Now it’s just a new norm to do it and no one has any repercussions about it.

If you think none of this happens just look at Saudi Arabia. If you even eat during Ramadan which is their holy festival during certain hours of the day you could get punished severely. But the people their have grown up to this trend their whole life so it’s normal. But if anyone dares to think outside the box and try to eat you could face death. As most of the world would see this wrong Saudi people don’t. Why because that is the way they were taught. Precisely what I am trying to say. What we are taught is how we interpret life. So again don’t think we can’t be feed an illusion of fiction. Just ask yourself this question. Did your school teach you how to develop the correct answer? Did your education program teach you how to examine the truth? I don’t doubt it but I do highly doubt they didn’t teach this. Most school systems are designed for you to study, take the test and know the answer from studying. So anyone can be persuaded to be taught anything whether it is facts or fiction, you just must answer the question from what you studied.

If we trained ourselves to just breathe in our mouth then we would never smell the wonders of the world. If we trained ourselves to believe only in one religion then that is all you will believe in. If we trained ourselves to only cook with wood and a fire, then we wouldn’t know anything about boiling, baking, pan frying or anything. Remember now, we don’t train ourselves until a certain age, our mentors train us.

The average human doesn’t start knowing things on their own until about 10. But in today’s world of belittling most don’t know until they are about 13. And in the villages it’s even younger than 10. Why? In the world we live in now, if a kid tried something new, the parent would automatically say they are doing it wrong. Or if someone else tries to do something different we get pushed into a corner of belittling “ you don’t know what your talking about, your an idiot, go back to school ” blah blah. But yet when I travel the world I see little kids under ten years old cooking, running a business, even taking care of their baby siblings. But our laws make us think different. We think that is child’s endangerment, we think that is child abuse. But I see these kids learning faster and more than anyone in a school system. I see them living life! Just ask yourself how much you did accomplish in school? ( you learned a language, and how to count and write… and what else? absolutely nothing!!! ) You spent 10 years of your life learning one maybe two languages, how to count and write. Well you learned a lot more but most of it was non compliance towards life and you most likely forgot about it. And even a lot that was taught to you could of been lies but the biggest lies we contract to ourselves is history. Besides now, it’s common core math!

History is never told to us truthfully and a good reason for that. Because the winner is who writes the history books. But again we are not taught how to examine the question and to figure out the truth. We are told something and designed to accept that as the truth.

It amazes me how many people can not see this point of view but again when you have been designed to only accept and not question then that is the only way your brain is developed. Here is a good example of this. A kid that loses his parents in a car crash might grow up to make cars more safer. But if another kids parents die in a car crash and the mentors lie and say a gang killed them. That kid might grow up to fight gangs. So don’t think for a second a government couldn’t whitewash your brian to believing in something that is a lie. It’s our job to start looking things up, examining from every angle, and to know the facts and truth from deep down in our soul. I can bring up thousands of things of exactly what I am referring to. But it’s up to you to figure it out on your own. It’s up to you to question and examine every possible outcome. If you don’t know how, then figure it out also. We have google that has everything every written down in our history. We have every easy ability to learn something by simply watching YouTube. But we are so deemed to only watch a movie, only listen to the news, and only obey everything they say. Who is they? They is the deep state, the ones that control almost everything. The ones that are so filthy rich they don’t care about people but only money and power.

When will you realize the real truth about things?

Start asking yourselves questions. I have many I can start you out with. What does all the banks to with their ATM money from fees? Why don’t we have cars to run on water? If you don’t know, but we actually have many or you can ask Stanley Myers’s. O wait he’s dead they killed him? Google it or read a damn book?


Why don’t we have free electric? Nikola Tesla had it over a hundred years ago. If you don’t know who he is read a book or google it. It’s amazing none of this is taught in school. Now isn’t it?? We even have generators now that can produce free electric through just magnets. Here is the website.


Here is another very cool YouTube you can watch and learn things instead of watching people make millions while you sit and do nothing with your life.


Again I can go on and on but I am just trying to make some points. Our history will always be a lie from the government. We have to dig so deep to find out the real truth. Why? Because no one is held responsible. Shit even most politicians are not held responsible for their actions. Why do you insist on believing a government that robs you daily. It’s called taxes. Do you even know where money was created and how? Do you even know where religion was created and how? If you put money and religion together then you can examine what the kingdoms were trying to do thousands of years ago.

Do you know the book of ‘The Vedas’? Probably not. Do you know it’s over a thousand years older than the Bible? Maybe another clue for you would be Hindu. Research it!

Will you look up any of this information I point point out or are you already to ignorant and only believe what was feed to you.

It’s hard to transition to another thought process especially when half your life was the same. It’s hard to believe in something else when half your life your mentors told you things and you believed in them. It’s hard to justify things on your own especially if the same people that taught you now wants to betray you because you want to believe something different. Is this the life you really want to live? In all reality if you are not your own creative unique personality, then really you are just a follower. And it’s ok not to have any leadership skills but just because a person wants to believe something else doesn’t mean you should betray that individual. Just imagine if everyone had their own set of thoughts, wills, dreams, just how unique and creative the world would be. But since so many follow the next or want to be that one person they desire too choose, then we live in a world of lame humans that just want the same as the next. And I blame all this on our mentors! Parents be like, play sports, be like this person you will make lots of money. Study study and you will get a good job. Sing like this and you will be a star one day. Blah blah. Disgusting. How many parents actually just say be yourself, be unique, be different. Almost none! But do your same mentors tell you that almost all your rich Millionare people never finished school. Do they tell you that almost every star never followed anyone but their own hearts. Do they tell you no matter what you will be, I will be there for you!!!

I don’t really want to discuss anymore because I feel it’s almost useless. I have been fighting the good fight trying to help people out for decades now and it’s nearly impossible. It’s not impossible as I have saved many people from the evils of this world. But I have also talked to hundreds and the percentage is very low or it takes months to convince. It’s not easy to transit through what we have been taught. But one thing we have been taught is to not question anything. Most don’t even know how to start questioning anything. Nor do they even know how to figure out the truth. It’s like what is going on now in the world. We have proof of people dying from taking the vaccines but people will still take. We have proof that hospitals was getting paid to say the death was over c o vid and it definitely wasn’t. We have proof that about the same number of people died in 2019 as 2020 but we are made to believe that the death rate is so much higher. But yet no one talks about the death from cars. Did you know that death from cars is the highest in the world. But yet how many people still drive or get into a car. But now people are afraid to go outside or even hold a loved one. How truly sad! This is top quality ignorance! How many care to know that the masks you wear is primarily synthetic fabrics and all synthetic products are man made. Most synthetic products are a by product of crude oil. Google it. And if everyone every day wears a mask that’s well over 5 billion microfiber plastics getting washed up into the ocean. How many care about the earth we live on. Probably not much considering what poison they will put into their very own body. Why are people feed the lies that we are living longer than ever when I can go way out to the jungles and find hundred years old people. Why are we taught that medicine is helping us when really all it’s doing is harm. Modern medicine doesn’t fix the issue in your body. It alters your mind to believe the problem is fixed. Do you ever see herbal medicines being sold on tv for commercials. Absolutely not, because no money is in it. Why is no money in it. Once the people know which plants to use they will grow it on their own. Duh!! Or they people will actually get a better immune system so they don’t get sick anymore. How many animals do you see that is sick in the wild. Maybe 1%. Why don’t you learn about how the human body works instead of trusting a doctor that had been trained only to give you drugs. A doctor is not trained on how to give you natural remedies and if they even try they could go to jail or loose their doctor license. If you don’t know this, google it. Once you have read this and once you have acknowledged everything I have said and looked it all up. Then you can start your transitioning of your soul to the facts in life. Again I can’t do this for you, you must do it. And you must start now.

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