indonesia/ journey of island hoping

Day 3/ epic island hoping


What a day.

So I woke up. Got breakfast that came with the hostel. Some tea two pieces of bread and 4 little slices of watermelon seedless which is another Monsanto product. Monsanto now changing their name to bayor cuz that is who bought them out, in Germany. If you don’t know what company this is. Should really look it up.

Made some of my instant oatmeal that I brought from Vietnam that my Vietnam family got me. So the tables are very small at the old botiva hotel in Jakarta now called the “capsule hotel” which is just a hostel. Very nice place. Has a rooftop bar with pool table, game systems, music nice beds and lockers half wide as a bed but as deep. The owner is Fredy and works very hard and very nice man. Brings good atmosphere.

So since the tables are so small I decided to go outside and eat. Preparing my meal still and saving a seat outside another guy joined my table smoking. I didn’t mind. Table was bigger and I like my space. So I ate. Conversation stated by him saying. Wow man smart bringing that food “ instant oatmeal “. I said yeah very healthy for you. And a good start.

And them words certainly ate me up all day.

So a story added to my thousands of others. We talked about some things. He first mentioned to me he was from LA. So I said I was from Florida and started talking about my travels and how can I survive traveling for so long. Telling him I have been traveling for almost two years. How can you survive, he asks me. I have rental homes. Talked about so much interaction between how I got them to great job investing. First home got at 17. Sold that home on a owner finance with me being the bank. Then got another home which is a real home. First home was single wide trailer. Second home a 3/2 block home. Third home 3/2 trailer double wide from a insurance claim of 35,000 and the home cost 22,000 and put 8,000 into it fixing it up. Then bought another trailer from brother and sister that was my grandpa for 25000. All this would be in my book one day once I write it. As of now just doing a blog still working on my travels.

As we talked about a lot and traded good information to on another. So he asked me what my plans were today? I said I was pretty much free today. So he said he was going to look at some art work ok. Let’s go. We left. Ten minute walk and he walked us the wrong way. Got into tuk tuk and drove back other way. Mostly everything closed still cuz of Ramadan. After festival they celebrate here for tens days. Crazy long holidays they have here. So got to the art street and was mainly closed. It is behind chica train station. Close by hostel. Mainly a bunch of suppliers selling off all knock off shit. After this we went to mall.

Man the security forces here are unreal. Police everywhere metal detectors, people checking under cars and in the trunks. Absolutely insane. I prolly will most likely get my knife taken away but need to hold onto it for Papua New Guinean.

While going to mall we introduce ourselves. I’m Dylan. He says I am Ilan. Pretty close names. So we go to this huge 7 floor beautiful mall. Amazing how much security it had around. I guess lucky I am white and not really get checked. They just thought my knife was a phone. We go to this food place called the pepper store or pepper house. Great sizzling food brought to table. Was pretty amazing. Talked about food and how he was vegetarian but with fish. Different name. Can’t remember. I basically told him I wish people would actually kill their food that they eat, to know how it is done and if still willing to eat then so be it. But so many ppl in this world couldn’t do it. I definitely could. I have. It is just to easy to buy at a market and not know exactly anything of the process. Big big money system. Good conversations and he agreed.

Left mall heading to the mosque. Get to the mosque and boy everyone wants to earn money. From plastic bags at front for shoes for 5,000. It is 14,000 rupees for $1. Like what. You crazy. I pulled my plastic bag I keep in my back pocket out for free. I always carry a plastic bag because I am quite disgusted over all the plastic in the streets already. Did you know plastic is made from oil?

This is the first time I have ever been to a mosque. So another man approaches and I guess Ilan has been at a bunch. He says they all trying to get money out of white people. Mmmm. Ok. First time I see this at a church. He said don’t worry. So we go in and this so called tour guide trying to keep us together and telling us to put on this robe and we walk around. Ilan telling this man he isn’t gonna pay for anything. He can walk around and do as he pleases. Lol. Funny guy with a strong character.

Ilan is 6 foot tall skinny but nice frame. Short light brown hair with blue eyes. Our travel guide. Short skinny very dark with a badge and slack and button up shirt with dark brown

So while at the mosque Ilan surely doesn’t waste no time speaking his mind. All day long he has been wheeling and dealing with all the tuk tuk and taxis like crazy. Even this so called tour guy wanted a lot of money. 50,000 rupees pp. like that is a lot for an hour time. Grab bikes don’t even make that. So Ilan kept offering him only ten thousand and was repeating himself not to pay anything cuz it is free to walk into a mosque. I just was very surprised a church is making money. So this mosque is the second biggest in the world. And has the biggest drum.

Crazy big. A special tree and one piece of wood and one cow skin that is massive. The guide said this mosque can hold 50,000 people.

Wow insanely large with three or four floors. So while walking he also mentioned that he served Clinton, Bush jr, and Obama at this mosque. And this year mike pence came but trump never did. Mmm. Ok. Then he said that Obama was born here and went to school here.

Wow. Really. I finally found the missing piece after all these years. Well I definitely believe it. I know for a fact he wasn’t born in America. It is Ramadan holiday here but I am going to go by his school on Monday and hopefully it will be open. But if not I will try and do what I can to find out information. That will be another blog day. Hahaha. So interesting and first time at a mosque. I attended the biggest I could get. Go big or go home!

The biggest is in Saudi Arabia but normal travelers can not go through. Saudi is very strict and you have to have high class backgrounds to get in. Weird huh. Lol. Look it up. It is true. So after the tour and Ilan wanting to leave and go to the pool at the Westin hotel. All day I have been following or catching up because I just take way to many photos and the tour guide try me to keep us together. Lol. At the end the guide was wanting us to pay and not in front of the ppl. Ilan said he will pay ten and I said I’ll pay ten. He immediately got butthurt and said that is chump change. Well not really he said that is penny’s. I said why do you think all ppl that travel have so much money. I am on a budget, daily. You want more money than I pay to stay in room and get free breakfast. You are crazy man. So we held our ground and he never accepted the ten so we left. Before leaving I got approached by maybe fifty people wanting to take my picture Ok folks line up. Love the attention.

Went across the street to the Methodist church. Way more lame. Quit. Pretty big in size. Had a bunch of birds inside. So we left.

Got a tuk after dealing with ppl. Driving around and it is quite amazing how many damn cats are around here. I mean like they are everywhere and so many are fat to top it. So many rats also. Lol. So we driving and tuk driver ask where we are from. So Ilan said Russia. I said America. Mmmm. Was wondering why switch up story. I was pretty curious about this guy and thought something was up. So I started digging deep. And I can really find out people very quickly. I wouldn’t call it a gift but I know how to communicate with ppl very well. So I dug at him and come to find out he is born in isrehel. And moved to America at 18. Ok. And isrehel ppl are not aloud in Indonesia so he uses his american passport. Ok. Yes I understand. So we talked and had a long talk because the tuk guy drove us 15 minuets opposite way and we had to go 45 minuets turning around. So we had a good talk. He told me earlier in morning he was checking out and going to hotel. Well come to find out he is checking in a Westin. And he wanted to go in pool so I kinda invited myself and ask if I can swim there. So we got back and I grabbed my bag and shorts and we headed to the Westin. So we got into a tuk tuk. And well the driver never even heard of Westin. Doesn’t surprise me. This is like for rich ppl only. When we pull up they wouldn’t even let

the tuk inside. We had to walk. Lol. Lmao.

Way to funny. I was going to film this shit. I didn’t think they would let him in. So walking in and damn this place had security everywhere. Let alone Jakarta already having massive security everywhere you look police guns guards you name it. It is here. The Westin had its own k9 dog walking around. So we get to front and the front desk is on story 52. How insane. Talking with guard that takes us up.

The whole time we were there no one let us out of sight. If it wasn’t a guard, a host, or a receptionist it was a damn cleaning lady near us. Like insane security. So he checks in and we go up and have a drink. We talked on rooftop.

So also 50 floors and below is all government offices. Ok. That is why so much security. And this Westin is the tallest in Jakarta. And while being in the room wow amazing. A tub right in middle with everything you can imagine in room as a set up. Probably one of the best rooms I have ever been in.

So at top drinking and I tell Ilan my story. He was highly interested and said he has never heard a story like this. But said so many ppl have stories. And brought up Anthony and spade. Well I immediately shut that down telling him how they died from both of them hanging them self on a door knob. Lmao. Like come on man. Your body would go into survival mode haggling from a door knob. So he was interested in what I was saying and looking stuff up.

Fun guy to be around. He showed me every corner of the place through the pool buffet hall dance hall and we had some great conversations to letting me make some coffe and leaving him with his date that was attending soon.

So I left went back to Hostel. Took shower. Grabbed s beer. Watched some football for World Cup in Russia and went to bed.

Crazy timed. Crazy days. I couldn’t tell him how much thanks I had. It was really an amazing time and great day. A day to never forget and I don’t think he will forget me.

strong humble character.

Good times, great memories, happy days.

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