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My dream/ PNG (Papua New Guinea) / Island hoping month 5&6

What a journey! What a life it has been so far. It has been exactly two years since I have been traveling around Asia starting my world tour. I just left Timor-Leste and that was awesome itself. The people were so friendly there, you can go back and read my blogs from there. Please leave some comments to help me improve my stories. No harm taken if being honest, the more honest the more I would appreciate you as and your opinion so please leave one. Also you are welcome to share my world tour story.

After leaving Timor-Leste I planned on heading to PNG ( Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬 ), which has always been a dream to me since my grandpa had his stories from WWII in 1942-1944 when Japan was attacking. I hope to walk the famous trail in PNG, where mostly all the troops went Andie course they never completed the journey. The famous Kokoda trail is not an easy trail, it’s actually pretty up on the experience level, but since so far for me, I’m not sure I can make it there. PNG is not cheap and I am on a budget, but I survived Japan so let’s see what PNG has to offer. But first, I must go get my visa and I will do that in Jayapura. So flying from Dili to Bali spending a weekend doing some surfing and then flying to Jayapura but I see the flight has a stop in Timika so I will just stay in Timika for five days because maybe I can visit the biggest gold mine in the world and maybe see some rare small tree Kangaroos. (If ever traveling and have lots of time on your hands, you can always see where flights are landing, stay a couple days there and pick right back up and follow your other half of journey. It is not that much extra at all doing a dual transit flight. Kiwi.com is always a good one to look up doing two or more flights. Can also check for skyscanner.com and get a really good idea about the cheapest prices. Nusatrip.com and Traveloka.com has probably the best deals throughout Indonesia and of course their is LionAir.) Your Welcome 🙏

I contacted some coughsurfers on an application couchsurfing.com and I made some plans with them for Timika, first on the agenda was for them to pick me up at the airport. I thank my lucky angel on my shoulder because without anyone approving of me they would have never let me in through the airport. I guess they would have turned me around, who knows. I guess many westerners have been coming over and spying on the small villages and they thought I was some kind of reporter. But my couchsurfing buddy was there to pick me up at the airport so they let me through. Thanks Lomhot! Nothing much to do in Timika, they wouldn’t let any one from public visit the gold mine, so I didn’t do to much in the city. And most of the kangaroos are either dead or deep into the woods or near the mine which you can not go to. Thank you so much for the stay Annchee and Lomhot. Next stop Jayapura.

I am focusing on some more couchsurfing in Jayapura to save some money for PNG. I find a guy by the name of Yan and he picks me up at the airport. I stay with him getting my visa ready and while waiting for the consultant office to open. They just had there national independence holiday over the weekend so I never show up Monday thinking they were closed. When I arrive Tuesday sure enough they had a sign out saying they were closed yesterday on Monday and while waiting, I step over to the hotel next door and chill out. Then I meet an american man named Steven that is working in Png for National Gold company. We pretty much talk all day long about Png and other travels since Steven has been in png for a couple years and also around the world. So we talked and man the stories you hear before you go into this country is absolutely astonishing to hear, mind blowing, but a thrill for me, a person with no fear and nothing to lose, danger is my middle name and besides that it’s my dream. Steven also brought his girlfriend Heather which she is from Florida but south near Miami and Steven from Pennsylvania.

Inquiring about all this so called drama in Png, Steven told me to just use common sense and be smart, absolutely do not go out at night and try and get a friend from the local area and you will be ok. “ sounds great to me, the locals in every country loves me so far, so I shall see about these people “!

Steven draws amazing pictures you can check out his website


Amazing site, check it out.

‘Common sense traits’ ; Check the people out if they approach you or as you approach them. See how they dress and what they wear, how they approach you as well as speak to you after a couple minutes. You can easily see if the people want to be a friend or just want money. Next always be on your toes when you travel, no matter where you are. If you see a group of young people walking towards you, then I suggest you start moving the opposite direction, no matter who you are with. Safety and your life is number one priority. Next, never put yourself into a situation you might not be able to get out, weather it is buying a tour or hanging out with someone in a car. Always know the whole exact plot of what you are doing, where you are going, who is being picked up, how long is the times so on and so forth. And finally never neglect to ask questions, in fact a question not asked is an answer you might not want to get. I have heard just about every scam story their is to tell. From people going on tours and the guides half way asking for more money. I’ve even heard where the guides get a fake phone call saying their loved one is dying and they have to get back, bringing their partner to the lead and once gone. The partner then asks for his guided tour money. So like I say know your plots and wrote everything down on paper even if it’s just a simple boat ride for one hour. Hope this can help anyone out in future travels no matter where you go.

So from what I can gather up about PnG which is very little information, the best blog I can find was


Lots of information. Other than this, even lonely planet don’t have that much information, and how I travel is so vastly different living among the locals and doing as much activities I can with them. Hopefully my book will be different and my stories will be so much more different than any others. I know it will be and what I do on my travels, sleeping in the woods, on the beaches, in trees and walking in no man lands, meeting some of the most amazing people and their stories than you can possibly think of through the world and now I am going to enter one of the most extreme lands in the world.

I get my passport within the three days of five that they told me it would be done. ‘Note’ I never had a return flight ticket and made a fake one, but be careful. The lady was looking at my paper like crazy, I am sure by next year that will not be possible to do. But I did it and I put it down. I do not know where I am going but I am coming back to Indonesia because that way is much cheaper than leaving out of Port Malsby. But no matter what they want a flight ticket out of the country.

I get my visa and my girlfriend arrives and then we head out to Biak Island which is northwest of Papaua. Amazing place, the island is just full of happiness. You can check out my blog on Biak island. I did meet Markos through Cinthia on couchsurfing in Jayapura and he is a broker for vanilla beans, coffee, fish belly, chocolate, and much more. It is amazing how much resources come out of Png but Indonesia 🇮🇩 gets all the credit for it. So sad, but this is life. If anyone is interested in making some money, can talk to Markos or I suggest you go into PNG at the border and you will be surprised how much business opportunities are here. Markos whatsapp #

+62 821-9897-1222

Also he is a great musician.

I enter PNG, kiss the ground like I do in every new country, throw my hands in the air and prepare myself for another epic journey.

The first day I arrived I was already bombarded by sellers and man the market is huge here to make money. They were telling me how islands are nothing but pure gold here. I can not wait to see this. I have a long epic journey ahead of me.

My 31st country, PNG, and the people at the border just were amazed to see me. Telling me so many testimonies about how happy they are to meet a world traveler and how happy they are that I am here in their country. They were also telling me how not to believe all the hype about how dangerous it is here and how much evil goes on. They said I will be fine and things are good. So this is comforting and I will see.

Yeah baby, my foot is in, I am in the jungle, went from beach life to now jungle life, a whole different approach. I meet some people and shake many hands and I get onto a bus heading to Vinamo. On the bus I meet some people and told them I won’t be staying at a hotel but camping out, so they just invited me to their home. Ok, let’s go. The town was so crazy over me like most Asian countries but they were looking, definitely examining me and seeing what is up, but when I shake one hand five other hands are waiting to be shaked as well.

Have you heard of free Papua. Well I am standing in the very place where they are trying to organize this and start something. I gave them my wisdom and great words because what and how they want to do it is not the correct way. I gave them another approach to act in the heart of your own land then you can retreat to others. If you want to get cancer out, you fight it from the center, fight the main source not from the outside. ‘That is why chemotherapy is the worst way to cure cancer. In fact chemotherapy kills more people than cancer does. It’s a 4 out of 5 chance you will survive’. Talked with the rebels for two days straight and they were so happy I came, like an angel savior for them. They thought I was being sent here from someone else, like another country to bring them weapons 😂 no but I should have kept this interesting story going, but I am not a liar. But how incredible I can help and give them a much better strategy to follow and go along with things. One example, making a secret agency and going deep into their own problems within the most corrupt government in the world would be a great first step. Second step would be getting all your traitors out. Hopefully they will solve their matters and then they can move forward. Who knows what will happen, they tell me something is going to be happening in December. Well if you are going up against Indonesia, good luck people, very powerful country.

My agenda is to go to Wewak spend some time on the Sepik river, which is a river like the Amazon river in S. America. This is where Steve invited me while he is digging for gold. Next I will go to Lae by October 27-28 which a festival will be held called the Morobe agricultural show which is on the full moon of around October. Then on November another festival will be held in Alotau on November 2-4 which is called the canoe festival. I hope I can reach there. When I go there that will most likely be my last village and then I will head back through. So stay up, stay with me, read my blogs and enjoy. My travels are so different maybe you can be inspired to follow suit or even travel at all. It truly is a different life to travel around the world, so if you get a chance, do it. Do not let anything hold you back. Cheers. Like , comment share please.

While staying in Vanimo I meet an old man I called Papa that was a refugee from Indonesia side. You will experience a lot of people that has moved from the Indonesia side to the Papua and the main goal of all these people is to free Papua from Indonesia. Almost all the people do not like Indonesia just to give you a heads up. So while staying with Papa in his bungalow many people know this man and come to meet him almost daily. He had a cold and passed it onto me and I got super sick so I was kinda stuck for days until I got better. Also I had gotten a bad staff infection in Timor-Leste and it has still been with me which I am sure didn’t help the cold flu out. So I was down and didn’t leave Vanimo for ten days. Needless to say I meet lots of people from the fighters to the opium rebels. They even wanted me to join but I shot that deal right down. Vanimo reminds me of an old western town that is modern with many Chinese running the stores. In fact I’d say most of Png is being overran by the Chinese people which can be good and bad. Though I’d say if it wasn’t for them they would have pretty much nothing because Png people are pretty lazy. The woman do everything and the men do absolutely nothing. In the villages you will see the woman doing everything from raising 8 kids to carry 50 kilos around their forehead with a bag on their bag, too farming, cooking and much more. All the men do is build houses. After my 7 weeks in Png this is what I concluded. So if you western woman think you have it hard, I suggest you go visit here and you will think twice.

When leaving Vanimo their is only two ways to get to your next major destination such as Aitape or Wewak is either by boat or airplane. The road has been destroyed like most of the roads have with many logging companies that maybe give a large portion of money to the government for land royalties but you barely see in being put into the public. When they do make a road it is well destroyed within a year because of how thin they make it as well as how they make bridges or where the water run off goes. It is quite amazing how the people still manage to carry on making their own paths to go from point A to point B.

The plane tickets are prolly the highest in the world, so be prepared to pay a lot. A short one hour flight cost an average of 500 kina. The little missionary planes that are ran under MAF missionaries aviation flights are even more expensive. By taking a boat you will save more than half. The big difference between the two is not only time of course but the weight of your bags. The planes can charge you up to one kina per kilo and most planes do not have any free luggage at all. So read the fine print if booking a flight. As for me on a budget I took the boat route. Prices can change within one day in this country but I paid both ways from Aitape to Wewak 150 kina each with my luggage. The boat I got on in Vanimo to Aitape was a luck of a draw. I arrived later than I should have at 10 am so most of the boats had already left. I meet a guy that was going but we had to wait a couple hours before we headed out. I could have went on another boat but this boat had very few people and most of the time all the boats are loaded down. I mean 10-15 ppl on a boat around 20 foot long. Going in the ocean, no thanks, so I waited. Be prepared for this as well because this is how they do things in png. I’d rather wait this lose my luggage. A lot of boats capsize here and very few have safety gear. The good news is they ride super close to the shores like literally riding the waves so if you where to turn over you could easily swim to the shore. Lmao.

The boats are rough, weather can change instantly and it can get super hot. Be prepared it’s around a 5 hour boat ride. When I get to Aitape a truck is waiting there ready to go so I hop on in the cramped truck after doing my dealings with money and it cost 50 kina. Everyone was telling me how dangerous Wewak is and they asked me where my hotel was. I said I sleep in a hammock so the owner of the truck said you can stay with me. Awesome.

Trence Yambin

+675 7285 3001


Trence is opening up a cheaper guesthouse and should be completed in the next couple months.

When taking this ride, I must say it is one of the worst. Not only did it take us five more hours cramped in the back of a small truck, the ride was super rough and it could have taken a lot longer. You have I believe 13 river crossing and four have no bridges. So if the water is flowing down from rain then the trucks might just have to wait 6-12 hours before they can cross again. Lucky for us we got stuck at a river and he had his boys walk across to see the depth and we went for it. On the other side was 7 trucks waiting. So I guess it just depends on your driver also. Also on the way we got a flat and they say it happens every drive. So you can just imagine how rough it can become. I get to his home and I was beyond tired and went right to bed. Next day I get dropped off where Steven is the guy I meet from the consultant. I didn’t get much information off Steven and he was away in the mountain digging for gold but I remember our conversation so I tell Trence what I am looking for. A company called national gold that loves by the old prime minister. He said o the tour guide. I said sure. What the heck do I have to lose. So he takes me and bam. Yeppers this is the place. A guy named John answers the gate along with some dogs and I asked if Steven was here. John said he still in mountain but should be back soon. So we talk and he invites me in. John works for national Gold that is owned by Uball which is the biggest collector of wood carvings in the world, has the lightest and supposedly one of the best portable dredging machine in the world along with being one of the biggest gold miners in Png and I’m in his home with John confirming I can stay until Steven gets back and I get the ok. Wow. Amazing.

I stay here for days waiting for Steven but he is kinda trapped on the mountain after some people have came back building a homemade raft to float back down the Sepik river to tell us the situation. Uball then invites me to go on this tour and John is coming along. John is a treasure hunter also but is a artifact hunter and a very good one at it. So this shall be a very interesting trip. So my mind is to make up that I go to the festival in Lae the morby show or I go on this adventure. Well I say to myself the show will be there every year and this is an adventure that is only once in a lifetime. I’ll take the adventure. Three days later I am off again for a tour of a lifetime.

Uball’s crocodile in his backyard pool

After being at Uball home where I was sitting around in over 5 million dollars of assets, it become known to me just how cheap this man is. A multi millionaire that lives worse than most poor people and eats the most disgusting cheapest food in this planet. I thought I was cheap and this man beats all. Not only does the man eat rotten food, wears the oldest clothes, lives in disgust but is beyond broken inside towards others. Yelling screaming over absolutely nothing but I can understand how the people has treated him over the years but he has also became a millionaire over their land. As I thought this tour was going to be a little bit of a help from him, I will give him zero credit for anything to do with the tour. The only credit I give the man was for letting me sleep in his couch for free. I give all this credit to John and some to Steven. I just wanted to make my words clear on this because I thought before I started Uball was going to have somewhat of a tour set up. It turned up I was traveling with John on an epic local journey that I shall never forget.

The ride from Wewak to Angoram was another rough long 5 hour ride in a big truck. These big Toyota trucks cost 200,000 kina and another 25,000 for taxes. They have to pay the loan back in just a matter of two years. That is insanity but it seems the people are making it and paying them off in that time frame. About 12 of these trucks run everyday with full loads including lots of drums of fuel. It costs around 800 kina to fill up and 60 kina to transport while they sell for three times more to the boats man. Wow talk about a monopoly and for this reason is why it costs so much to do anything down the Sepik river. If wanting to have an adventure for a week or so you can buy one of these drums yourself in Wewak transport it and try and find a boatman to carry you on your adventure. You should be able to find a boat for around 150 kina a day if you have the fuel along with food even though all the villages has plenty of food. But be careful if traveling alone and be smart no matter what. These people can leave you stranded at any time. Make sure you have it all on paper and even bring a lock and chain so you can chain the motor up so they can not leave. You have to be 100% in control of that boat when you rent one to use. Ask around and see what villages they are from also, the further and deeper into the Sepik the boats man know the better for you. One good thing about traveling in Png is they really treat the tourist like a king as much as they can. They will generally always put you in the front of the trucks or back of boats so you are the most comfortable you can get. The people’s love in this country is astonishing.

We arrive in Angoram late so we stayed across the river on the small island where we found a host. After waving to just about everyone in this inlet lot, many where even chasing the boat until we parked as it seemed no white man has came here and that was true when I asked getting on the lot. So many kids were so happy to see me and hang out while touching me and following me. This soon becomes an everyday trait which I had felt so honored to having been looking up to these people. I tried saga cake which was ok and tried coconut cookie which was pretty good and the grilled fish was exceptional fantastic. We camped out, made a fire, smoked marijuana all night long and went to bed. These homes here have two stories and you’ll never hardly find a home on the ground as they are always in the air. I always wondered why until about a week into my trip it dawned on me. No flies come up to the second story and this is where they sleep and eat. So the second story was above the second floor near the peak of the roof they would have a small floor because during the 5 months of rain season, the river is flooded out and this is where they stay. Amazing huh.

I wake up early as usual like everyone else with the kids running around waiting for a boat. So I went fishing and caught some fish gave it to the locals but they insisted on cooking it for me. But soon a boat came and we leave. We get on a boat that normally hauls beetle but which they call Penog in Indonesia. Here in their local languages they call it B B Y or Yape. Or something close to these words. But the boat was heading back to the village so it was just carrying goods. Four of us jump in and shortly after the boat turns around because to much weight in the boat. So they let me and John go ahead and we head to a village another 5 hrs up river going pretty slow because of the weight and the strong current. We get to a village call Gring which has about 500 people and was greeted by about 50 kids and some adults. The first thing I notice here is how nice and big the homes are. Second is how many kids are around and third is how everyone looks alike. So I will tell you the things I had learned. The homes are all natural and all the resources are taken free from the land which has an abundant about. Everyone looks alike because here and maybe most of Png really use the terminology “keep it in the family”. No interbreeding here is done but what is done is that when a man marries a girl. There brothers and sisters also marry each other. Does that make sense. If one family is the Ed’s and another family is the Frank’s. If the Ed’s have two brother and two sisters and the Frank’s have 5 brothers and 5 sisters. The Ed’s will marry two girls and two boys of the Frank’s and then the Frank’s shall find another family to marry the rest. So it’s called keeping it in the family. Depending on the situation the parents could even follow to live with the kids or be bought out by giving pigs, chickens, weapons or even money which is not generally on the list. These people could care less about money as they have everything they need off the land. When they marry here it’s generally young and they will have an average of six kids per family. So hence why so many kids and why they look all alike. The only home in the village was the missionaries which they left in 1996 and the people still expecting them to come. So many of the people have never seen a white man and I felt so honored of this. After I learned how the missionaries had come here and what they had done I basically am giving up totally on religion. All the missionaries do is two things. Learn their language so they can rewrite the Bible and steal from them. That is it! By stealing, they not only steal their money by telling them to Tive they also steal their culture and traditions telling them to wear clothes, and not put piercing in, not to do certain rituals but they can’t bring them simple new fruits or vegetables, they can’t bring them simple medicines such as aloe Vera or garlic, nor can they bring them a book about how to build a better home or how to hunt or fish better. They make these people that are so nice that would do almost anything for a white man tear down all their trees and burn all the wood so they can fly in on their $300,000 USd airplanes. Disgusting and not only was it this village it was all the same in every village I went to that had a large amount of people so they could earn more money. I wish o could spit in one faves I feel so disgusting of how they do things and take away from their history. I asked them what they do with their Tive money and they said they mail it to the missionaries. I as a white man gave them permission to stop giving money to them and use the money to better their village. Told them to buy a boat to have transportation. Give money to some kids and go to the city and begin to write and learn how they can live a better life. Build a better garden or home or even how to fix injuries and so forth. I also gave them permission to use the missionaries home and not to let them back on their land. They are nothing more than a thief and even in the Bible it says do not steal. I had some garlic as I gave it to them, told them how much they could use it for as medicine. Hopefully it will grow and they will have. You maybe wondering how I could be talking to them in a country that hold over 800 languages. Well few knew a little English but John knew English well and he also knew ‘talk pigeon’ so it was easy to find someone that knew talk pigeon. They were amazed at my answers and so happy to have meet me. I stayed here for two nights and by the second night they were already offering me a home, a wife, and me to stay. WOW!!! These words shall never leave me. The village was amazing and they even had their own pet red parrot named Marty. Many of the people in the villages and in Png have nicknames from the Bible. So it was quite weird hearing people’s names at first and then it dawned on me. Another thing to make me think 🤔 is Png has over 800 spoken native languages holds nearly 10% of the worlds languages and this does not include Papua which before WW2 Papua was one country as it is still just one massive islands with others surrounding it. “Could this possible me where the Babylon tree of languages had fallen where the Bible states it had broken up all the people and divided the languages.” ‘Fuel for thought!’

Next place to go is where we will meet Steven and heather where they have no clue I am coming.

We load up a boat with people that was willing to go work and pan for gold ‘about time some of the men actually do something productively’, and we headed to the Yuat river and connection of the Maramuni River to find some testing grounds for digging gold and boy Steven was surprised and just two days ago Heather had said she had a feeling I would come out there. ‘Just some people in life have a touch.’ We all shake hands with Steven only saying he was waiting for the boat to pick him up. So I didn’t get to see how the machines work but I did however begin my true journey of a life time I’d never forget. John was in search of Eaglewood which is this super expensive incense and I was in search of history like always. We planned on a week journey that turned into two weeks of me going through small little villages where they had never seen a white man. Many of the kids were scared but as for the adults I was like a God. Some thought it was the end of time, some called me names like ‘Papa God, even Jesus’ as well as other names in their native tongues. I not only got hand shakes, hugs but I got eye contact that I have never experienced in my lifetime. I not only felt super honored I had a blessing or a gift poured over me that I just have never felt with a super charge of straight lightening energy through me every time I meet new people. The people in Png at least in the villages are the most hospitality people I have ever meet in my time of travels and throughout life. Everyone came with open arms, food and they wouldn’t even let me carry my bags at all. Not only was a person in front of me for protection one was behind me in case I fell. Believe me they gave me my space but one little sudden moment they were there to catch me walking through some of the most dense forests on this earth these people are the best hunters I have ever seen in my life. They would spot birds instantly in trees so thick with feathers the same color as the leaves they would surely see it before I could block my eyes. They were true hunters for sure with me eating everything from tree kangaroo to huge 1 meter lizards to birds and potatoes and watermelons with cucumbers coming out my ears. I have never in my lifetime experience people that can eat so much. I mean they would eat all day long no matter if walking or sitting there meals prolly consisted of about minimum 10 kilos a day. Not even exaggerating one bit. They would have two main meals a day and let’s just say for one meal I would be full on two huge big sweet potatoes and they would eat between 4-6 and eat a massive plate not even a plate a deep dish as big as a medium size pizza about a finger thick heaping over with sago at the bottom or rice with vegetables and some kind of protein on top. I could barley eat a third and these people would finish it. Not hardly a single ounce of fat with these people having super man legs and muscles bulging out from everywhere but a natural look and not very tall people. I was quite impressed so much on my journey.

Many of the culture here has been vanishing very quickly mainly because of religions from people wearing clothes and the white people bringing modern goods such as plastic cups and metal pans. The people don’t even know how to make simple clay pottery anymore which is sad. Almost everyone around wears clothes that are ten plus years old and people even have cell phones and lots of solar equipment. They barely perform any dances or rituals and if they do it’s mainly for money. Almost everyone walks around with a machete or axe and a sling shot on top of their head with some even carrying homemade guns but many don’t even have bullets, not only are they to lazy to find out how to make this stuff it is illegal in Png so many go to Indonesia and pay a shit load of money to the Indonesian Police. But since it is hard to get money in the village they trade mainly with gold. And they literally pay about $20 per bullet. If someone had connections to these items you could retire in one pass through that is for sure O.

So on my journey what I did was run into the most impressive hospitality a traveler could possibly meet on his journey.  We ran though many of the villages seeing the most astonishing birds and insects that had colors so brilliant.  It was truly amazing to see man with nature because just about every village had their own wild pet/s. Like literally birds would come and say hello with their open wings and the people would feed them fruits while some had other animals. Truly passionate to see all this with your own eyes. Amazing how animals can get along with humans.

Babe billhorn that fell from the tree and the village took it in. Amazing time
Babe billhorn that fell from the tree and the village took it in. Amazing time
A two year old wild billhorn bird.  So beautiful
A two year old wild billhorn bird.  So beautiful 
Shit you would even see Dogs and cats getting along.
Shit you would even see Dogs and cats getting along.
A dog chilling on a pig, lol.
A dog chilling on a pig, lol. 

The people here in PNG are defiantly very creative and they really do not care about the so called feelings. Many dress how they see things and what comes to them. The men will wear womans clothes and woman wear mans clothes. So these village people would wear just about anything they find in the woods, using leaves to bath in, flowers to smell good with, and feathers of what they had for dinner the night before. 

It was quite the experience to see all this but since I am into history id say this was one reason I had a dream to come to PNG. Without history we are nothing, we know nothing, and we can never become anything. Png is full of history being one of if, not the only lost world left on this planet and while I got to only experience the north west of this jungle land. I also got to experience the most out of all my two years of traveling. While seeing tools made out of hard stones and other weapons I also got to see  engravings into huge boulders where these stones where designed. You can experience just about anything you can possible think of in this beautiful country but it is one of if not the most expensive country in the world. Food costs is not so bad but hotels and transportations are absolutely ridiculous prices especially for what you get. Lucky for me I didn’t stay in one hotel and I just did all the local touring around, which I feel you can get some much more of the true feelings of a country and when doing it in this land, its an experience you will never forget.

Where hundreds of weapons and tools where carved deep into this boulders in this river made sharp to kill and protect.
Where hundreds of weapons and tools where carved deep into this boulders in this river made sharp to kill and protect. 
Old ancient axes made from hard stones three of which I had bought off the locals tribes.
Old ancient axes made from hard stones three of which I had bought off the locals tribes. 
This is an old ancient telephone. Well maybe not that ancient but its a century old at least where they would beat against the hollowed out tree trunk to warn others of an impending attack on the tribes or even during war times. 

I finished the trip the same way I came in and as far as safety goes, I didn’t feel threatened at all in any way, even though the people always carry tools I seen absolutely no harm or any actions they would want to take. The villages do have conflict and this is mainly over people killing animals or stealing trees and has nothing to do with the tourists. In fact I felt super safe around the villages because they highly protect you and are so much appreciated you have came to their country. If you are willing to go on a low budget such as me I think if you talk with people you could easily get into a stay at their house most likely for free with hardly any worries. Most of the people on this side knows English. If I had more money or won a lottery I wouldn’t hesitate one second without thinking about coming back out here especially on the island of the east and north where it is suppose to be absolute paradise. I also would love to go back into even more time in the highlands where spiritual rituals are still held as well as many ancient techniques. I was overly pleased with my stay and it is not an easy country to go through as far as traveling on a budget but the people surely have won my attention to be one of the best countries I have yet to visit. Here is some more pictures as I finish this blog for the second time after I had lost all my work. Highly recommend you save your work as I counted on this WordPress and it failed me. Please like share and throw some comments my way so I can continue to enjoy traveling as much as you can learn and hope to follow suit in your own adventure of traveling the world and examining the world through your own eyes as we all have a different opinion.

This is the meals, so massive, mine is just the small one and I could only finish half, as PNG can finish the big one. This meal is sago and vegetable with some fish.
This is the meals, so massive, mine is just the small one and I could only finish half, as PNG can finish the big one. This meal is sago and vegetable with some fish.

Bathing with leaves of nature
Bathing with leaves of nature
Kina dollar
chopping up sago
chopping up sago
This is the sago processing system where the chopped up plant life goes into this system and drains for about half a day and then becomes the final product to eat.
This is the sago processing system where the chopped up plant life goes into this system and drains for about half a day and then becomes the final product to eat. 
Famous wood carving masks, the ones with long nose is called a mosquito mask.
Famous wood carving masks, the ones with long nose is called a mosquito mask.
More famous masks at Uball home.
More famous masks at Uball home.
A traditional small purse made out of all natural plant life from the Sepik river. I was giving this with a fresh dropped mango first of the day which they say is a lucky mango.
A traditional small purse made out of all natural plant life from the Sepik river. I was giving this with a fresh dropped mango first of the day which they say is a lucky mango.
And last the famous faces you see day in and day out.
And last the famous faces you see day in and day out.

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