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Real truth about Ruins with Temples

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I love history and feel I know a lot about what most seek to find which is Truth. To know truth we must search the past. One main reason is as without the past we would never have a future. Another is we must never forget that everything is in a drastic line to full fill a destine. We ride this line in so many different ways from education, through culture and the ways of traditions. But history is changing faster than ever and much of what is taught is a lie. It’s hard to find the truth and I have searched thoroughly in books and internet to find this path that basically comes down to one item. If you have enough sufficient information you shall easily find almost all answers by having what we like to call common sense.

I bring to you one truth that I know for a fact under all laws of man, earth and our suns. Bringing you to history that they say is around 4-8,000 years old, I find it very much older. Do research and find out how they take this tests to measure how old something is. Stone last for thousands and thousands of years just keep that in mind. So this blog is about temples of what most would refer to as some type of religion. I tell you right now that thousands and thousands of years ago there was no religion. Still today in many countries especially the island nations do not have any religion at all and the people to perfectly fine, I actually find them more sane then a person coming from a developed nation. But not only this proves that religion doesn’t exist because religions are generally over wars, right. Anywho these so called temples all have some type of resemblance and many have one thing in common. Now I can’t verify the whole world but coming from Asia I can.

Have you ever seen one of these

Let me explain what most would call this. Most think that this came from lord shiva and I have read that it is two different meaning. One is it is worshipped as a ‘Penis God’ & other is the platform in the body is the female genital and the top of the base/ top mold is the male genital and of course is from lord shiva. This is correct in some ways but it is far from the truth. The real truth to these temples is they were old hospitals, old birthing places that gave new life. Most drawings around these ruins clearly show happy, dancing, music because thousands of years ago same as villages that don’t have religion celebrate new life. If anything the woman were worshipped and in some parts of the world it is still like this.

So you ask the questions and I will answer. Almost all these ruins are in the highest ground around most in mountains because when giving birth gravity is always a benefit. “Why are there so many in these designated areas?” Well because did you know that scientifically when woman get together they all share their monthly cycles of periods. Why? No one has a valid answer and maybe our scientist should be studying this. But we have lost this touch in present times when everyone clearly is living a selfish life and not being part of the community.

So about the platform where women would get up and arch their backs of the top base mold or so called “penis”, and once the baby came out all the fluids would drain from the platform and they then would drink and eat the placenta just like all mammals in this world do as though even some tribes still practice this unimaginable unique act. But common sense would tell anyone, ‘wait a second, we are mammals’!!!

PleSe share this vital information so the world can know the truth. And please look up this information on your own, as everything in life is a simple answer. (Keep life simple) 🌝

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