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The fast track of life is keeping us from the acceptance of truth. Technology is involving at such a rapid rate we sometimes see things from a distant past blindsiding us from the real truth. As for me, I try and keep things simple, while life is supposed to just be simple. We eat, bath, sleep and talk amongst each other and that is basically life. We choose to make life harder by more challenges brought upon us through a capitalist world, hunger for the greed of money and other materialistic items. By keeping life simple we can easily see how things have progressed over the centuries in this world. Some it may be hard to grasp the simple truths about things as life sometimes feels it is harder to get what we need. In all reality life is pretty simple and I am going to break down the simple reality of history talking about main key components of what is still now and what was still in the past living still for today.

I love history and I have been studying it a very long time. When one says you do not have a degree, or a piece of paper stating what was taught to you through practices of what they want to teach you. You see we can all learn, but by learning information we can easily be taught it a different way, twisting words to confuse the real outcome of truth. Their is only one truth in this world and even most will still argue with that. Through religions, practices, governments one can believe what ever they wish to believe. But in all reality their is just one truth to anything and everything. Acknowledging this truth you have to have an open mind. One cannot gain truth by only listening to one person preach, one cannot gain access to truth by reading only one platform, one cannot gain knowledge by never digging deeper into history, nor can one have any respect if not willing to study the simple platforms in life. I will break all this down to the best of my abilities to show you what the real truth is.

I can talk about truth for hours but here I want to talk primarily about one thing. This one item has never been talked about much at all, nor have I even found much information on what I will discuss. I will state though, my statements will make perfect sense, my truth will make perfect notice adding up to all the simple facts in life.

Seven years ago I reached outside of America to travel to Asia. While Asia has so much history it unfolded me to expand my knowledge about life. From temples too ancient ruins so much can be learned in Asia let alone in this whole world. I set foot in the country of Cambodia going to the ancient ruins of one of the biggest cities in the world at one time named Ankor Wat. Ankor Wat is full of history and what makes it so much more compelling to many others is the historic landmarks that you can be up close, touching the ancient drawings, and really getting the feel for it. Nothing like a museum where everything in glass cages, or have to be back so many feet. You touch, you scan with your eyes and you feel the real history. Times are changing quickly though and now it is harder to get this feel because it is becoming more of a museum exhibit and harder to be in the glimpse of the true nature. I have been 4 times to Ankor Wat and each time I have felt more in love because each time I can study the history, ask questions and be more awakened by the simple truth. Ankor Wat will be another topic for another time as for this I just would like to talk about one item and this item is this ‘picture’

Have you ever seen this item, it is not just at the famous temple of Ankor Wat. I have seen this item all over Asia from India, Vietnam, Indonesia and many more places. They call this platform the penis god, and most worship it. You can google Lingam and read more about it. The first time I heard this called the penis god I knew something wasn’t right as it looks hardly nothing like a penis unless humans are comparing it to other animals such as a dog lol. And then you start to hear about Lord Shiva and how it was his penis. Well I am not going to go into details about any of this because to me it’s all false, it is by far from the truth. At first I didn’t know what it was and I tried looking into it and the only thing I could find was things about Hindu, religions, gods and other worshipping statues. None of which I believed. I started my Asian journey and year after year I seen more of these pop up around Asia. The more I kept hearing them called the penis gods and the more I started to question myself. When I landed in India at Ajanta caves I seen many of these, same shape, but different designs same as around Cambodia. The more I studied about these the more I came to the conclusions of, why do they all have a drain,

So I started to think and ask myself in the most simple forms why these were built. Why were so many in close proximities of others? Why would they build these? Why are their other statues of people dancing, singing and being happy? Thinking that this items were built for a purpose. You see in today’s world we think all this was just worshiping sites or places to meditate but I always felt why would these people thousands of years ago waste their time on such nonsense. Thousands of years ago their was no religion, so therefore no one idolized stone statues. Proof of that lies in this world where no white man has been and therefore no religion is within. Most of these tribes worship living moving things such as crocodiles, snakes or the stars. Only in today’s world we worship statues that had very little meaning thousands of years ago. So why would the people build these great architectures? So I asked myself what we have in this world today that has been going on for thousands of years. Was it prisons, well could have been but I seen prisons where they would keep people locked into caves and they had no Lingams there. Was it cooking rooms? Could have been but no place for a fire and I have seen other cooking rooms and they look nothing like this. What about making something such as weapons? I couldn’t really see any resemblance in that. What about killing people, well I guess this could be an answer but there had to be something else. And then it dawned on me, hospitals! Hospitals to give birth! Once I had answered this everything started to click together. The statues praising a new born, the dancing of bringing new life, and the whole platform made more sense.

It is a rectangle shape with a drain. It has a perfect arch for the lower back and to place the feet on platform. So many questions and answers where coming to my mind. Simple answers so I knew I was getting close to the truth. Most might not know but we humans are in the mammal category. And weather you want to believe it or not we are mammals. When mammals give birth they have a sac around the baby called the placenta. And when all mammals, wild give birth they eat the placenta. Even in today’s modern world many tribes still do it to this day and now people are making dried pills to ingest because it gives the woman more hormones to produce better quality milk. Gives the energy back to the woman that just went through hard labor. This is what the drain is for on the platform.

It is a perfect platform to put pressure on the lower back where the spinal cord and ribs protect the baby sac. The large pillar puts pressure on to help push the baby out easier. Not only was these so called primitive people in my book referred to as geniuses but they had these so called temples in the highest places around the area to help ease the child birth because of gravity. That is a no brainer and while these places also seemed far walks to get to from maybe the nearby village. Walks help deliver the baby with ease also. You might sit and be ignorant to what I am saying but anyone to build these massive complexes out of stone against stone in a perfect synchronization, then why wouldn’t they have used them. And what better way to build simple hospitals and worship the new life.

The more I studied these the more came to my mind. They have multitudes of these around because you have to understand a village. This is probably where we got the statement it takes a village to raise a child from. But when woman get together they all share their menstrual cycle together. Scientists still today do not know the reason why but regardless this is what happens amongst mammals of the world. And since humans are on the same rate of giving birth around 9 months and if hundreds of woman are in the same village together that would mean that hundreds of woman will give birth at around the same time. This is why so many of these hospital birth platforms where around. This is why you would see big pools of water also around these platforms. Maybe because they would bare a child in the water same as we do today called Water-Birth. Or perhaps they were there to cleanse the new born. And these are facts of life weather you want to believe it or not. Some of these structures are bigger than others and maybe that might have to do with the ranks in the village. And I also believe that if anything was worshipped it was the woman. Why because they gave new life, new meaning, and a new future. This I also believe was so many statues resembled joy. Music is one of the greatest fulfillment’s in the animals heart because it vibrates a different frequency and everything in this world is on a frequency. From dust, to water and even air, everything can change from a single decimal of a frequency. This might also have to do with meditation and which would explain all the statues of the people meditating. After intensive studying this is what I came up with to be the truth. And I hope my words of wisdom can be passed down generations to come.

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