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Do you have a favorite spot in the world to travel, do you have a favorite city or mountain. How about you have a famous National Park, perhaps you like a certain kind of music or a favorite food to eat throughout the world. Well long and behold one of the biggest countries with vast entities such as all these can easily be found in the United States of America. One main reason for having such fantasies is well because of the size. If you took Europe or S.E. Asia for instance they would also have just as much if not more than America, being because of history. America is not an old nation at all let only history doesn’t go as far back so you won’t be finding any old pyramids or super thousand year old temples or even castles or forts. But what Mother Earth has created upon the earth you can find some of the best places in the world right in the USA.

One of the main reasons why many disregard America is because it is expensive and very hard to get visas. But once you have you are free to roam any of the 50 states and usually most countries get a visa for a long period of time. That is one plus about going to the usa but another downside is its quite expensive. I will tell you right now it is very expensive especially in the major cities, but if you want to see Mother Earth and its creations that is not in any city in the world. Cities are manmade and to me they all about the same, tall building, lots of concrete and different colors of light that light it up. If interested in seeing what earth really posses is always outside major cities or even far away. Cities are built mainly on flat lands to make more room easier to build and can accommodate more humans. One more thing about cities is they are not the real people of the country, nation, or state. Cities often hold many migrants from all over the world that bring in their traditions and cultures. So primarily this is not the real culture or traditions of that state, nation, province…. Keep that in mind!

Get out of the city and don’t travel to a country to go to a city. It’s truly sad to hear that as a traveler when people say I want to go to New York or Los Angeles. WHY WHY WHY…. You can go to any city in your country and it be almost the same. Venture off and go see what Mother Earth has built that no human will every accomplish. Many know of the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone national park, beaches in Florida, ski mountains in Colorado, famous caves along with some of the biggest trees we have here on earth and some of the clearest water in rivers, lakes and streams. USA has all this plus more. One thing about all this is most of these entitlements are far away from one another. 

My first step to include to you will be how to travel cheaper so you can venture off to more of these places for a fare price. The easiest way to get around is by plane or car but buses can also save you a lot of money and some time. For instance if you fly you most likely will have to get into a vehicle to drop you off to these famous places and a bus can save some of this hassle and be a lot cheaper. Grey Hound Bus Line is prolly your cheapest route to go but time could be an essence. There are many bus lines you can get and maybe some even cheaper than grey hound, another good reason about the bus lines is they can drop you off in many more areas than the plane can. Another good route to take is the train line. They now have a train line running from New York All the way to California where you can be dropped off and picked back up in a time frame around a month for a price around $800, if not much cheaper. That is extremely cheap and a much better ride than a bus where you can go through so many more places to see the real USA. You can even rent a car for pretty cheap when you rent one for a whole month. Can find super good deals for around $35 a day maybe even cheaper. Don’t forget to bring your license and make sure you also have an international driver license from your local driving vehicle system. Cars could be a real adventure stopping off when needed and can even  bring more people with you to contribute towards fuel. Another vehicle you can rent is called a RV (recreational vehicle), which is massive in size and can hold around 7 people. You can all split the gas money along with the rental fee and come out to be pretty reasonable. Try to get a diesel motor as it is so much cheaper on fuel and can save more money. I put in a quote for around a month and got a quote for the largest rv for $125 a day. Thats just a little more than an average hotel cost. These massive companies need drivers to drive back the vehicles or bring them to locations where they need their RV’s back and will give you incredible rates for around $40 a night. So call around and email and you would be surprised what kind of deal you could get to enjoy the real country and states of America. Here is one main rv contact so you can go from here and check it out. 


If looking for the train here is a good website to start from:


The start to your adventure for buses can start right here:


Also if interested in saving more money and learning how travels operate at a low cost budget visit my other Blog


National Parks are every where in this world, Thank a god, because the forest are being depleted daily at astonishing rates and its very sad. This is another reason to avoid cities if you have any care in your blood at all to make this world a better place. Stop contributing to palm oil and stop using plastic as much as you can. Plastic is nothing more than oil, that rights oil, fuel, petroleum, it’s all the same as plastics. Carry a water bottle and an extra light bag to pack your items in. Visit national parks and learn how to make your life better by making the world a better place. 

USA is full of national parks and actually have some of the best in the world. I have mentioned a lot up at the beginning of this blog. Yellowstone is probably one of the best in the world because it stills has amazing animals. When you are up close and personal with a massive Mouse, or Elk your hopes and dreams could be replenished instantly with other dreams and hopes. Massive eagles and high geysers springing out boiling water into the atmosphere to seeing some of the most glorified mountains and landscapes. You can go to Alaska and make a whole trip alone, seeing more in one month than you would prolly ever see your whole life, but be prepared its cold, very cold so bundle up. If looking to see some of the biggest trees here on earth go through Sequoia National Park, in California you will be amazed. While traveling this route you can also go to the Grand Canyon which is famously knowing. Many things to do around and if you want you can actually see a city that is one of the few in the world to actually be different. Las Vegas a city that has more gambling than any other place on earth, but please don’t go if you can not control your addiction. All these places plus more is more on the west side of America. The central part has a lot of Indian reservations that you can visit and see how history has played throughout America. Ozark, Missouri is famous for Indian lands and you can pass through here learning valuable information. Keep going east and head through blue ridge mountains that will unfold some of the most beautiful scenery in America. With vast amounts of forest lands you can also see some of the biggest caves in America in and around Kentucky. You can head south from here to Fl that has beach life, surfing and some of the clearest water throughout the rivers. Or you can head further east to the islands of North Carolina where some of the biggest waves are right at a place called the ‘Outer Banks’. From here you can head up to the icy mountains of Vermont and Maine and don’t forget to stop on the way to the biggest waterfall in New York at Niagara Falls which borders Canada. You might even be able to visit Canada so check you’re Embassy if that is possible. Once you reach the far tip of North East in Maine you would have basically seen all the beauty a country can hold. 

Mother Earth is amazing beauty, and I am just giving you a little glimpse of what America can truly hold as a country. Like anywhere in the world, towns, cities, provinces can all vary differently. In USA we have towns which hold little bit of people, then we have cities and the towns and cities are held what we call counties, which most countries call provinces. Next we have states that are as big as most countries in the world. And just like anywhere in this world they are vastly different, from foods, the tone of the voice, and how people react to things. America doesn’t really hold any traditions and its a fairly new country so not many cultures are presented accurately. But you will catch a big difference of how things are run, attitudes and characters of the humans throughout this massive country. English is spoken like everyone knows, but some places such as the south of North America you will find a loads of Spanish speaking people. Also on the west coast you can find many people that speak Vietnam, Japanese, Chinese, and much more. On the North East side you can find a French Dialect to even a German one as well. Many places have loads of immigrants from all over and can easily find towns, cities that are full of a certain type. Google can easily answer these if you are interested. 

Snow Boarding IN famous Colorado

The one thing I can promise United States has is some of the best kept National Parks in the world. If you do not mind to camp out then you can save a lot of money, and almost every park you can easily do this, either for free or a small fee. Some have super nice bathrooms and some do not. You can also rent out what we call log cabins but that can be pricey and most parks will let you bring your vehicle to sleep in as well for a small price. You can go to the local grocery store buy some food and cook it at your camp fire. Some parks do not want any type of fires and this can be solved by getting a small propane gas grill, easily can find at most stores close by, and you can cook for super cheap. USA does not have many hostels nor do they have guesthouses. It’s either hotels or camping is your primary source, but vehicles you can do a lot of sleeping at what we call ‘truck stops’, this you can find everywhere and all are free, where you have a bathroom and generally have snack machines around. Camping can be done in so many places besides just national parks, you can easily type in on google maps ‘campsites, campgrounds, camping’ and hundreds of places will pop up. Can easily buy a cheap phone or bring one with a sim and can buy a cheap plan for a whole month for around $35, because the internet for sure will help you travel in America. 

I know this is not a long blog nor is it that informative but you can easily find so much information from other blogs. I just am trying to inspire people to stay away from the cities and a better cheaper alternatives to travel the third biggest country in the world. Also remember this, every place you go to will be a big difference in prices. Anywhere near a major city is going to get expensive and in the country side can be fairly cheap. We have super centers for shopping and the prices can be quit cheap especially in places near major farm lands. If you rent an RV you can put a load of food in to store and can be very cheap in places that I just mentioned. Same goes for camping, hotels, restaurants, if you want to save money stay away from the major cities. I hope this has really helped you out and enjoy your trip if you are planning on going. One last tip is America has many laws and many police. Make sure to ask questions and follow the guidelines because you don’t want to end up with a ticket or even in jail.

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