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Disgrace to our one earth, read about the destruction caused from oil aka plastic!


Do you know what plastic is, where it comes from, and why is there so much of it? The biggest cartels in the world control all your answers! Mafia oil companies are all part of plastic. They have never cared much making oil spills in our oceans killing thousands of Earths species only to clean things up with even more toxic chemicals such as DuPont chemical factories spreading cancers, gassing people and creating death among all living atoms. Plastic comes from oil, is a by product of crude same as synthetic products along with oils, dorsal, gas and much more. This is the reason why there is so much oil I mean plastic on the earth.

I try to mention this stuff as much as I can throughout my blogs but I figured I would just go ahead and jot down what I really think and what I might know.

Plastic has engulfed our systems to almost a point of no return. Oil mafia has devastated our air along with earth suffocating and people wondering why they coal the so called global warming because most of these people that say this don’t live in a country side of coolness nor do most even visit a farm to understand that a city is so much hotter than the outskirts. The reason for this is asphalt, which is also made out of oil along with concrete creates a barrier of three things. One being high rise building stops most of the wind of not al of it. Two is these products hold in heat for serval hours making everything hotter. 3 this is not rocket science. The more trees we cut down the hotter it will get building roads and buildings. When no more cool air can meet the hot air then no more rain. This is my a rain forest is called a rain forest because it rains everyday. Notice that their is no forest in any City in the world!

But all this news is not the saddest part. The most extreme I can say is just how bad the governments really are by making us think that it’s a different format working. Such as for the past couple years many countries are banning plastic especially plastic that is to thin such as plastic bags and straws. So like all trash in the world plastic just gets burned and the fossils of the trash that burns underneath the ground usually covered with dirt just burns and burns because of all the oil being burnt and thus giving a gateway to a natural gas plant to contain the molecules and sell it back to your electric on your home. Not only is this big business but you pay for your trash to be sent here to these facilities. Wow. It’s just one big circle ⭕️ mafia working with the cartel dumbing the public down. America is a big country and many places do this but some ship their trash off as too a lot of first world countries do this. Where do they ship it. Yep correct to a third world country and since it is just such big business and third world countries don’t have all the people fighting for the atmosphere because most are starving and just fighting to survive and only think about food. See how this circle just connects more dots. These massive loads of ships bringing the trash of mainly plastics burning up more oil with these massive engines bringing the shit product and instead of having better technology most of the countries just burn it, wide open hence all the pollution in this countries. But just recently in the past couple years countries such as India, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, so many more following suit that they have declared we don’t want your shit anymore. Find a new place to ruin the skies and the grounds where we have to gather our foods, air and most of all water. I can write about this stuff for a long time. I wish I could get some more followers people indulging in on comments to get me some energy, nerve to write more. The world is changing rapidly and it would change so much more if more people stood together and actually cared about this world a little more. Like carry a bag in your back pocket or in a backpack. So many are so small and foldable anymore there is no excuse. Also don’t grab a bag if you gonna drink the drink right away. Don’t grab many bags if carrying something that isn’t gonna break. Use some muscles and your brain instead of being so quick to ruin the planet. We only have one planet people FYI. You can go to school everyday or go to church once a week or even pray once a day but can’t pick up one plastic trash a day. It’s sad to look at a beach full of trash but go to a beach with no trash you are quick to call it beautiful. Let me tell you a secret “nothing is beautiful in this world unless some work has been attended to the matter”. Please share so others know in the world. If you know how to translate into another language please do.

Here is some insights to gather more information about what I am trying to express to you. Please look at the dates to see how things have coincided and by all means do more research and don’t be afraid to post and let’s others know the facts in life.

Just click on the links

India stopping plastic bags

Thailand bans imports on trash

There is so much more but I will leave the rest up you to do some beautiful research to expand your mind for a beautiful future

The recycled number ♻️ on products described here ;

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  1. Keep up the writing and blogging! I’m from citrus and we have never met but I have been sitting here over an hour reading your blogs and watching YouTube videos. Such awesome adventures.Everything you write is so interesting. Keep it up I’ll be following along your journeys.

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