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Jeffery Epstein

Other countries getting richer

Dollar failing

China overtaking

Protests yellow vests

And countless other things.

I know everyone is running rampant right now in this whole entire world. Or at least 70% of it. And no I haven’t been to each country because 70% of the countries is closed down. But I can tell you I have been traveling since day one of the corona, I will explain each place and what is happening in the world but changing rapidly. But first I just want to explain what I know was happening before the corona that lead to this disaster, and no one even talks about it.

Going back to 2018 before the plandemic happened; ask yourself what was going on in the world at the time? Can you recollect anything? Let me engage your memory losss! Do you remember planes going down? Do you remember riots and protests? Do you remember Jeffery Epstein?

You might not or perhaps you are asking what any of this is. This is huge news, breaking news, and the news swept it right under the carpet. Let’s take the yellow vest movement that started in Europe and was spreading like wild fire. Did you even know that movement was over the teachers union? Probably not. Regardless it was spreading and people was becoming more awake and more aware of what was going on in the world. The world was in uproar if you REMEMBER.

BOEING is another!

So many flights were going down!

So many lives were at stake!

Boeing was getting sued and planes were being parked and never driven again…

Do you remember!

Did you remember the man that was locked up in supposedly one of the toughest prisons in the world. He was actually locked up in a room called a suicide pod. A suicide pod only contains one person and no way it is possible to kill yourself. Hint why it’s called a suicide pod. But he killed him self in the suicide pod and even the examiner had said he had marks around his neck. His name was Jeffery Epstein. He was a Billionaire and never owned a business and worked at a pizza place before he became super rich. Do you remember?

You probably do not remember any of these events as the news stays on top of local news enough to scare the living hell out of you. 99% of the time embedding fear into you! Did you ever ask yourself this question or even asking yourself now, WHY. ( Why does the news mainly talk about violence and scaring us, but yet we can walk to work, take a bus, taxi and things are just fine. What is the reason news embeds fear? )

These 3 results might seem pointless to you but let me drill it in your mind that they indeed are some of the biggest possibilities of why the pandemic occurred.

Even looking at Bill gates, a computer genius mentioned years prior that a disease was coming. And why is a computer genesis into giving out vaccines in the world. You think it’s to help you. You are fooled more than ever. How many times do you hear a vaccine company getting sued. I bet never. How many doctors or even hospitals have you heard being sued. Probably very few. Do you not realize that laws actually protect this evil criminal enterprise from this. The medical field has more rights than any citizen has. The medical field never gets sued because a law stands that (as long as a medical profession actually tries to help a citizen out they are protected under certain laws). I agree to this to a certain degree but I no longer agree to it at all because they are never getting in trouble for much of anything. Same as a doctor can prescribe you hundreds of pills that can easily kill you, while the pharmacy gives it to you from the doctors note and yet if you eat to many and die no one is responsible. But yet if a drug dealer gives drugs to someone and they die they can go to jail for murder. Have you ever asked yourself this? Nope sure haven’t because the systems, such as school embed into your minds that drug dealers are bad and doctors are good. The medial industry is one of the biggest mafias of all time and you are all fooled by it.

Let’s refer to Boeing. Do you know that Boeing is a military industry company. Same as Space X. And so many are fooled by sponsoring Elon fraud Musk. Please do some research if you don’t know any of this. Don’t bigot the facts about the things you research. The research is there, always has been but sometimes you just have to read between the lines. Musk just recently bought over a billion into Bitcoin. Like anything in this world. If something becomes monopolized than it can become controlled.

Boeing has always been part of the government military of America and always will be. With all the planes going down, killing thousands of people and having a potential of harming or killing thousands more, the planes of Boeing had a new device that was defaulting and making the planes flaps default and make the plane head straight down course with no control. Many don’t know this because of the simple facts in life, news is also controlled. Once this started to happen many disguised circumstances started to happen such as the missing flight from Malaysia and they were blaming it on the pilot wanted to take down the plane. But I have other thoughts. Then many more circumstances followed one after another and then the planes were parked. Thousands of planes filled the land called the grave yard of planes. Google it! This is huge news. Massive defaults and massive amounts of court orders where happening. Do you recall the courts being shut down and having an even slower process because of the virus. Think about that for a couple minutes.

You might ask yourself what does this still mean. What I am writing is, we are talking about billions in money. Not only that we are talking about the pride and the trust, the world has in America that has been on a decline. And if the industries can’t pay the money back to the banks. Well who do the banks owe the money to since everything is borrowed. If you don’t know how money works it’s about time you study and learn. Here is a good approach and after this video keep studying.

YouTube –



Do you know about the failure America is having. After the video that you should have watched you would clearly know who controls the money in the world. The federal reserve of America. And who controls them since all money in the world is borrowed. That is what gives USA the power to control the whole entire world. Because the federal reserve is backed by oil named the petroleum dollar. Every country that has a world bank trades the money through “Petro dollar”. Why do you think 9/11 happened. Well it happened for many reasons but the number one reason was to control the countries that didn’t have a world banking system to be controlled. Hence their were 7 countries and most of them in the Middle East.

N. Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba


(Steemit is a great way to earn money, read into it)

And I just bring up the fact about 9/11 because it just so happens that the plan is falling into place. If you haven’t heard about a one world government maybe it’s time you start reading about it and doing some research because it’s unfolding right in front of your very own eyes. China has already made a good behavior system and other countries are soon going to follow. The social program they call it. Ha. It’s more like the prison program. And everyday your freedoms are suppressing because you are scared. First it was over terriosts and now it’s over a virus. You will never stop either one and as you keep praising your very own governments, they in fact are the ones broadcasting all of this into your minds, building the weapons, supplying the drugs and you are to blind to see the truth.

9/11 was the beginning to a new world order through the money system. America was in debt and war brings in money. And with the USA saying all the gold that was stored under the towers just vanished. GOLD CANT VANISH PEOPLE. Chemically Impossible!!

But the brainwashing runs deep. Therefore America got away with blaming the Saudis and attacking another country. And the war still continues. The federal reserve controls the money in the world but what had happened over the past decade was a system called the Panama trail or better known as the Panama papers was a system where you could basically borrow money and never pay it back and the banks would have no one to turn to in returning the money back. We are talking about billions of dollars. Look into it. Regarding debt! USA is in debt trillions. To who? How can you be in debt when you control the money! How is that fair for the other countries in this world? Are you putting the pieces together yet?

But one country that is unfolding and that has surpassed USA is China. China by far is the leading nation in the world. And it’s not just China. China and Russia both have their own national banking system called BRICS. STANDING for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Not only does China lead the world in the banking system now. But China also has another program called the ‘Shanghai Organization’.

Literally half the continent of Asia is connected through this organization. And China has literally taken over Asia. China has lended billions across to each country in Asia and most can not pay it back. Now with the epidemic almost all these countries can’t pay back China. What does that mean? China not only owns these countries now but will have their Silk Road project more easily established. So just think 🤔

China leads billions to countries such as Sir Lanka, Cambodia, Philippines, Maldives, and even along the coast of African countries. Dozens of countries and almost all of them are tourists based countries or some type of mining or natural resource development projects such as hydro dams. What did the virus do? Shut down the whole entire economy especially tourism. So could China have had a reason to create a virus. If they did or didn’t they still got their wish. They now control the countries even more since they can no longer pay back.

Every since Obama took office all the big businesses left USA. Why. Let me break it down for you just on one example. Which there really is dozens but I’ll concentrate for you on one.

Obama care is horrible. The medical industry in USA is the highest most ripped off business in the world. One ibuprofen tablet cost an average of $14 a pill. You can generally buy 100 at wholesale for that price. Surgery is the highest in the world. It’s absolutely disgusting how the prices are. What Obama care did was made it even worse.

Before Obama you had private insurance companies that on average would charge around $700 a month for insurance for a family. If you worked full time which is over 28 hours a week, your job would by law, have to pay to compensate on this insurance. Most jobs you would work 40 hours because after 40 is time and a half. And most jobs would pay 50% of your insurance policy. So when you idiots only thought you was making 10 dollars an hour. Your company was really paying about $15 an hour for you with taxes added to be even higher. You people have really no idea because your to lazy to ask questions or even desire to know because you don’t get paid enough, that’s your philosophy. Either way.

When Obama care came in, those private insurance companies had to pay more to the government and the government even cancelled a lot of them out. So that $700 nearly doubled in price. Now a company has to pay twice as much for insurance. Let alone all the deductibles as nearly doubled also. And with Obama care it was a law to pay or you didn’t get your money back at the end of the year on taxes you paid in. So doing the math. You would have to pay 1400 or 700 if your job kept you. The average person in America makes 40,000 a year. You would pay 8,500 for insurance. And to meet your deductible would also be around another 7,000. That’s 15,000. But you don’t bring home 40,000. After taxes you bring home around 32,000 minus 15,000 (insurance) That leaves you with 17,000 a year. If your rent was $700 a month. You would have 8,600 left. Your car payment and insurance is another 250 a month. That is 3,000. You now have 5,600 left over for money to cover food, fuel, electric, heat and much more. 5,600 / 12 (months) = 466 / 30 (days) = $15.5.

You tell me who can survive on $16 a day. No one can. The homeless make more money then this per day.

Now fill in the blanks for a company. If a company had 100 people work for them do you think they will pay double their prices. At 100 people with their private insurance the company was paying 350 a person. That’s 35,000. Double that on Obama care that 70,000 a month with 100 people.

35,000 x 12 = 420,000 (private insurance)

70,000 x 12 = 840,000 (Obama care)

So now you might figure out why so many companies crashed down or left.

But there was a loop hole in the law. If you work part time which is 28 hours or less, you didn’t need to provide insurance. So the companies got away with all together paying anything to you and you still had to pay the government Obama care regardless. So who got screwed. For sure the working class. As most of the idiots that was already on government assistance was the one who voted for Obama in the first place. So regardless your life never changed at all. But those who worked, everything was ruined.

Did you ever think about this?

Did this ever come across your mind?

And now all these part time jobs are now and will be taken over by robots. Who is the leading electronic country in the world?


That’s right.

Are you adding up things now.

While America keeps failing China has already taken the lead. The only reason why America is still ahead is because of their warfare. But really China is ahead. There isn’t enough ammo, nukes, nor people in USA to kill all the people of China off. And plus China has nukes. In fact China has 5 g. And while everyone is complaining about the cancer causing 5G. Be prepared for the bullet holes in you that will be caused from robots. Robotic armies! This is the real reason for 5G. Our internet is already fast. Why do we need faster. We don’t! But the robotic armies need it to control their combatants metal terminators. And it’s coming, in fact it’s already here. Google it and start looking this information up. You don’t need 5G for this.

Have you heard of Sofia the robot. Saudi Arabia actually made a damn robot a legal citizen. Another thing you can google up.

*** YouTube


So now China is the leading country in the world. They been leading for a long time and you people have zero idea because most of you are guilty of supporting it. Do you eat pork? Have you heard of Smithfield Pork industry

Pork industry. China owns it. Are you using 5G. China owns it. In fact China owns most of the networks around the world, installing the fastest networks. China just bought a third of the power in USA and owns a third of the electric grid in the world. And I’d say every home in the world has at least one piece, just one thing made in China.

Let alone the dollar of America is failing. It’s really backed by nothing but honor and what honor does America even have. Cowards to say the least. They are the first too poison in wars, first to drop Nukes, first to sabotage a nation, first to kill.



This Turkey man you probably never heard of and neither did I until I went to turkey to find put the truth. The cia is so embedded into other nations it makes me sick. If you look this man Gulen up enough you’ll find out he is now being protected in the USA because he is most wanted in 🇹🇷 because of his actions that cost the nation almost everything.

Don’t think for a second USA doesn’t have someone like this in every nation, corrupting, sabotaging, disrupting, and destroying each nation within its own power.

And yet almost every American backs these so called proud boys. When will the people wake up to this. Probably never. Because people are glued to their phones playing video games that are made in China, using Apps that are made from Chinese. China is by far the leader in this world. And everyone or a lot wants to always criticize this country. In my humble opinion, you should criticize your own ass first before the Chinese. Because with out them you’d still be having your big ass box tv 📺, a flip phone, and playing monopoly. China has surpassed the world and have done so without killing people, have done so without sabotaging nations. They have only let you sabotage yourself because you let them. That’s your very own fault. It’s like putting a gun to your head ( China style ) or putting it to another head ( western style, aka USA, Europe and many others ). Who is the ones you hear on the news killing others and majority just turn a blind eye because it’s easier to agree and say nothing then disagree. When you disagree you have to have things to back you up. And that is just to much brain power to use these days.

So now you can see why this virus is so valid in the corrupt world we live in. It has nothing to do with health. Has nothing to do with survival. If it did. It would be so easy to tell everyone to get groceries for two weeks, stay inside and the virus would be dead. Or at least according to the WHO, it only takes two weeks. We are being brainwashed right in front of our very eyes. We have to be two meters apart but a plane can be full of people. Is this really about our health. And how many are getting sick and actually dying. It’s less than 1% exactly same as the flu. More people die over mosquitoes every year or heart disease eating all the poisons of foods. But yet no one sees that. Because it’s not brainwashing ten times a day through evil media. I can go on and on about this also but I am trying to let you see the bigger picture of what is going on. And do you really think the rich care about people. They can give two shits. In fact most of the rich hate people. They want the whole city to themselves, they want the whole beach, the whole island all to themselves. They only use us to produce food for them and sex. Other then that they don’t care. If all the robots built their yachts, cars, homes and even grew food. What would they need people for then? Did you ever think about this?

What better way to kill off the vast majority of the population, install robots, soon a war will break off killing billions more, and the rich just keep living rich.

Wake the f up. If you don’t. Your kids won’t have a future just like you don’t now.

O to add one more thing in.

Your fake cash will be replenished by a fake barcode. The barcode will either be your 16 digit number, a crypto number, or a scanner as a chip inside of you. Or, all three will be played out and cash will be gone. Cash is the most dirtiest item we have on our planet. The virus will kill it off as well. Just think about a world without cash. Will it be better? Will it be more safe? Will you pay more on taxes? Will you have more freedom or less?

Start asking questions.

Because you have no more freedoms.

⁃ To be continued

Want to read something else. Read this.

Patent on corona virus

Why the hell would they have a patent on a virus?



The most disturbing you will read is this. You might have



Or you can type in google search box.


You will soon find out they have been working on these viruses for many decades prior. I always say, if something is out in the public, the deep state has already mastered the service, device, or anything that appears in the world in front of you. Don’t be a fool to think different. If you do happen to come up with an invention before you either play by their games or you die. Example

Stanley Myers created a water power car. They killed him. You really think they are after our safety and well being on this planet? Or do you think it’s all about profit and greed of money and power?


Listen to this song that came out way before corona even hit.


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