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Central Vietnam

Can you imagine one little country being so versatile to having all types of different epic scenery! From massive boulders too reaching heights, lakes, rivers of all colors, green lushly foundations of thriving plant life, to farmers wearing their signified hats of bamboo, curve roads, long beach lines, history at every turn and so much more. Welcome to the great nation of Vietnam 🇻🇳!!!

Today I will bring you to central Vietnam. Over the past 3 years traveling I have been in Vietnam for a year and a half so I know lots about this country. In this part of the nation we have 3 main places people visit, Da Nang, Hoi An, and Hue. Da Nang was the first where a French settler came and had many ties with the trading and the kings of the day. You can read about that more here…


(Please always do research for your self to make sure it is true.)

Ok now that you know about some history of this area I will guide you through what I have done here in a ten day time frame. I think ten days is enough in this area and you can always find flights pretty cheap to Da Nang from anywhere in Vietnam. I flew from Hanoi and bought tickets about three days before hand and flew with Jet Air for $80 round trip. When arriving at the airport they say only taxi are available but this is not true. You can get on the Coco bus (open tourist bus) take you around anywhere in the city and it is pretty cheap. Or can walk outside of airport and get into a taxi much cheaper because almost all airports charge fees for the taxis entering in. Many hostels to choose from as you can always read about how to save money and use your time better to get a better itinerary. Please click here to read


Da Nang does have a pretty nice beach and a lot of stuff to do if you are into beach and city life. I however am into jungles, mountains and not city life at all. So I stayed couple nights and rented a bike at D&T motor bike rental and got a Honda airwave for a week for 600,000 dong. Really nice bike and really cheap.

Next I went to Hoi An, not to much to do if you like partying you can always stay here. But one thing for sure that you must do while near Da Nang or Hoi An is visit the old ruins at My Son sanctuary. This place was awesome but I love history. You can learn more about the truth of temples here… on my free YouTube channel, sign up so you don’t miss my epic travels.

I went to Cham island and I was trying to go by local ferry which is only once a day but I got there at 8:30 and ferry leaves at 8am. One lady at my hostel said I can get on local ferry at the dock in the middle of town. I searched and searched and no ferry. I did however see a boat sunk

(I was strapped for time and trying to make it for the locals ferry so I didn’t get off and take a picture as I should have, be careful on these old boats)

So when I got to the main harbor of

Bến tàu Cửa Đại, Cửa Đại, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

I was late but the guy told me the ferry is no longer 50,000 as it is now 170,000. So I don’t know for sure and I didn’t want to wait another day so I did the tour. I paid 500k for the fast boat to go there and back have a guide which spoken ok English. My original plan was to stay the night out on Cham island. The island to me felt boring and wasn’t the best and I read a lot it can get expensive so I just came back. It however this company which they basically all are ran under the government and offer very little in price and what shall come with the package. Many many locals go here for the day and go back.

After Cham I went back to Hoi An and didn’t do to much. You can party a lot here and the streets filled with the lanterns and very nice old looking town so the following day I left after meeting someone in hostel we rode to Hue through Da nang, takes about six hours taking your time with lunch and so forth. We ate on the pass but I highly advise you not to eat on there as it is ridiculous expensive and get very little product. Save your money for a small town and help out the real local people. Also check the weather before going on pass. The pass is definitely breathtaking

You can take a road once you reach the pass that will take you to see an epic view of the train tracks, I got lucky and seen two trains. Check maps.me and you will see where I highlighted “epic view train

After the pass their is another mountain resort park that you should go to and even sleep around the area before hitting up Hue. I didn’t do this but I wish I did. The resort area has a natural hot spring but can be quite expensive. Bach Ma National Park. Also don’t forget to go to one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam which is right after the pass called Lăng Co. If looking for a cheaper hot spring I found this one but only open early or in evening time and best to go on weekends full of locals. My An Hot Springs just outside of Hue going to the beach of Thuan An. This beach is not that clean but I did find a spot near the end and suppose to be s light house but I guess they took it down, any how, if looking to get away with no one in site then head to the north side and you will be completely alone. I got a great tan naked being here.

I will say I stayed three nights in Hue and their is a lot to do from being at hundreds of temples to abandoned water parks which was pretty cool, to the beach, going to gym for $1, or eating cheap foods.

When I left Hue I went west bear the Laos border and no you can not take your bike or yourself through here at the border. But the drive was epic and I would say you should have some experience or drive super slow. Some roads are great and others not good at all. Will take two days going this way and make sure you fill up on fuel before 3 pm as some stations are closed at dusk. I loved this way many waterfalls and epic views.

Got to visit a honey bee farm

drink with locals at waterfall

stayed at super cheap hotel and got drunk some more.

Was a really good time this way and the views were astonishing.

Many things to do around the Ba Na Hills. Have resorts, hot springs, rafting, zip lining and things such as Walt Disney world or Epcot are here for you to enjoy. The golden hands on a bridge is here. I didn’t go I’d rather save my money for another epic dive under water. But if you are into these things you can spend all day long. One pass is 700 k dong. Cheers and hope you enjoy. Some credit I will give is to this blog, they have Hue & Hoi An I looked into. They also have many other places around the world so you can also check blogs out like this just by typing in google search

Best things to do in …..

10 best things to do in ……


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