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Egyptians Roman Rulers

My Philosophy on the Romans which rule still to this day

The rulers for over 2,000 years

In this article you will find great depth of how our world has been transformed ever since the great year of around 1,000 b.c. Many scholars do not even know the precise dates, but I will try and fill in the gaps of what has happened and what has transformed ever since.

I will first get into a summary of what I have heard from a great man in Cambodia. This I still believe to this day!

Human civilization surely did not just start near the pyramids, I have seen art of drawing related to 18,000 years old in a cave in Timor Leste on the island north of Dili. As more research and findings are done everyday, more and more is to be found just how much our history is one big lie and how much we truly do not really even know of it. I also believe that history is much older than most think and things took a lot more time than what we are made to believe. So from the story told to me was about our ancient history of more or less the modernization of how our world is still held together today. This story was past down to this Cambodia man to me and now to you. Egypt was the start of what I would say more of a free thinking society. From Egypt something must have happened, war, world disaster just as a meteor or something massive like the great flood. From this the people got separated. And the kingdom went in all directions. Posing great society’s in the Middle East, to Rome, India, to Cambodia of Ankor Wat all the way to Machu Picchu in Peru, To even the Great Wall of China. So many masterpieces are here on this earth and to me would have taken a thousand years to build. But to most, the greatest discoveries lie in the hands of religion. Religion was nothing more than to get gathers of men to fight wars amongst each other. This is clearly written in the Bible, Quran, catholic books and just about all of the great books holds stories of war time. I will say the reason is because all this so called prophets were nothing more than leaders of kingdoms, ready to fight for their beliefs. But the beliefs were primarily only what the masses believed because in contrary all the books are hypocrites from war to peace to love. Which all three can not happen because all three are totally different from each other. You might not like the way I write but if you wish to listen to the real truth than you shall look these things up and keep reading to learn the real facts of this world.

One fact is when the great flood happened, surely the whole world never flooded out, this for one is impossible. You can say I’m wrong but to prove the fact is we have major flooding all the time, and we know from history that deserts were at one time rivers. We can even see things changing today because deserts are turning into rivers and oceans are disappearing and no one knows where the water went. Some believe the equator works like a stomach, stretching getting fat and losing its belt. Either or I know for a fact that whole oceans have disappeared just recently from Florida USA, to Brazil South America even the country of Thailand and so many more. This phenomenon has been taken place ever since around 2015. Who knows it could have been happening more but the governments always fail the public by lying. And one of the main governments have still stood its time of control ever since the great book of religion was formed.

If we take the dates and how things were explained to us in history most of it has a pretty good pattern. If Egypt was the created of the free thinker man either being white or light brown skin, then we relate the first of mosses. Which was born in Egypt, adopted by a kings daughter only to be served into the royal family. You see none of the great prophets was a nobody, they all had help from the great King’s to make their names more exclusive so the world can eventually see.

If we follow history and follow maps we can see that from the great pyramids of the year 2,500 bc to all the surrounding history of the Mediterranean Sea to Ajanta caves in India around 200 bc to Ankor Wat of Cambodia to around 1200 ad (after death of Christ) to Machu Picchu around 1400 ad. So I would say the Cambodia man was pretty accurate. And the thing he also mentioned was the people were trying to follow the sun which rises in the East.

So we can honestly say in our history the Egyptians were the leaders in all classes of government, politics and even religions which almost everything that even exist today has come from there. And if the dates are correct which I do not believe they are, I believe the pyramids are around 8,000 years old or much older. I have been to Ajanta caves and Ankor Wat and I would say these places are twice if not three times older than what they claim they are to be. You must understand when these places of discovery are headlined they must follow the pattern to the rest of what has been written. If they change something to drastically that means everything else is a lie and everything else must be rewritten. I say everything needs to be rewritten because almost everything is a lie. Everything we know is written from kingdoms transferred into languages and past down to generations to come. How could we have drawings from 18,000 years old on the island of Atauro, Timor Leste to finding the oldest ship yard in Britain that is around 8,000 years old.

I can go on and on but let me break this down for you. A ship that is made today with the most advanced technology, advanced patrons working on the vessel could have it done in about 3 years. How in Hell did the great pyramid be built in 20 years. How do they claim that the great city of Ankor Wat was completed in 30 years. 30 years ago it took a little home to be built in over a year time frame. How can they claim it took only 400 years to complete Ajanta cave where an average of 15 rooms per 30 caves they have carved out with stones against stones making precise measurements of off of maybe 1 centimeter. This places are massive and it takes one man to sand down a stone piece of art work maybe months of his time.

Whole mountains where taking down put into place!

Whole mountains where carved out and made into caves and structures!

Whole mountains were even made!

Let alone we know for sure that the people never loved as long, we know for sure tools where just of stones. We know for sure that time is part of skill while war, plague, famine and other things hit these kingdoms. I do not believe for one second any of these dates. I truly believe it took hundreds of years to complete. Please look these sites up and judge for yourself, I have massive reports on these sites in this blog and on my YouTube. Please check them out. Just type in the names on the search engine and it will come up.

One major question I have is why did this society die off? Where is the history in between? Why are stones made from dirt and clay over 1,000 years old still standing strong today? But yet we use trees that are hundreds of years old, to make into a building that will fall down in a forth (quarter) of the time of the life of the tree. So pathetic and so sad! Why are we not making building still from dirt and clay. Was it war that killed our history? Was it for profit of Fake money that is killing our Earth? What will be next? In order to better understand this we must move to how all this got involved. That will move me to my next step.

Kingdoms are governments!

All these governments knew they had to make the people believe in something and that something was prophets. The prophets lead to slavery. Slavery lead us to the banking system. All three are still being used today from tv stars, to political figures, to jobs, money, and debt. So where did money start. They claim it started in Turkey. Where did the religions start? Around the Mediterranean Sea. Precisely where Egypt, Rome and many other great kingdoms started. Many today say the Roman’s still are alive and well, and the romans are still ruling the world. I can believe this but I’d rather call them the Egyptians because after all, that is where the modernization of society started. With big architecture comes with big plans, big plans come with big groups of people. In order for al these things to be built came thousands of people working together. What better way then enslavement. Even a hundred years ago America was using Chinese as slaves to build the railroads.

500 years ago Europeans were using Europeans to enslave the people to build forts and castles. 60 years ago Hitler enslaved people to support his regime. I can go on and on but even today the people are lied to about mass destruction and war is occurred to rebuild empires, slaves are made every second of the day to pay in taxes. Banks are drawing $5 on average to withdraw your hard earned money to feed into their pockets. Have you ever asked yourself where all them ATM fees go to? Let’s do some figures. Their is over 3.5 million ATM machines throughout the world. An average of 8 people a day use each machine. 3,500,000 x 8 = 28,000,000

Let’s just say for fairness the savage person spares 2$ a day per transaction. That would mean the banks are given 56 million dollars a day in profits. Where is all this money going to, o that’s right building more banks to put more people into debt. Debt is slavery! Sports is a way to keep us occupied! Politics is a way to keep us looking the other way! Religion is to keep us brainwashed! And the people just keep falling for it, year after year. And looking at history the romans kept conquering. The conquered the whole region of the Mediterranean Sea. They conquered England, which owns more land than any other country. America was a divorce of England and America controls the world now. How all this was done, simply by confusing each group of people, manipulating each system to keep people occupied from government to wars to sports to rivals, to now courts to separations. Religion beginning the biggest of all world human disasters. Is religion not because of war, is religion not because of the taxation of the people, is religion not because of power, is religion not because of brainwashing. ‘Imagine this’; what if everyone stopped voting, would there still be a government? What if, no one worked for the government, would there be peace on earth? What if, we all claimed to be our own god and had our own free thinking, would the world not be a better place!!! Many would say we need rules and we need laws and we need government or chaos would be amongst us all. I say “fools”! I’ve been in the most remote places on earth and I have seen nothing go wrong among the people. It’s money, greed and power that takes the people to a whole new level and that is precisely what governments are. If a tribe has never seen a camera before why would they want to steal it, when they have no clue how to use it. It’s the money that makes people want to steal. Village people love off the land and that’s all they need to survive. If they never knew about medicines then they would never know how to heal better. But even today people know medicines are just a big scam with radiation killing people from Chemotherapy but yet the brainwashed people keep doing it. Just as most everything in this world is coming from the greed of money and people are willing to do anything for it.

So how did the Egyptians get so powerful. Well for one they kept the people occupied and two they built up there armies by manipulating the public to see which group would win the war. After they gave cookies and treats to empower the winner more to continue winning, selling off gems, land and resources so the winner could keep fighting the fight and winning the battles. With war a thousand years ago is not much different than today’s war. Only difference is the machines used and weapons used. The tactics have been the same. Soldiers raping, having power to kill and get away with it, drugs, living this good lifestyle only to be haunted for the rest of their lives. Every hear selling your soul to the devil. Precisely this. And maybe you only wanted to do good, maybe you wanted to fight the evil, maybe you wanted the world a better place. But in the end as you see it today it continues to just keep getting worse and worse. And it just not the soldiers, it’s the news, paid sport athletes, government workers and so much more to keep this system going. And as we can see, all these devil selling soul people are just keep making the society of earth worse and worse. You might not like the truth and the truth hurts by this is the way it’s been going on for over 2,000 years. The Roman Egyptians are in control, the highest of the highest humans in earth and not much is known about them. The darkest of secret societies, the darkest truths, the most evilest people, from 7 headed snakes, to reptilian looking people, from mythological weird looking creatures. It’s all over their walls from painting to statues and even words written in great books. Let alone the people look passed it worshipping others that have clearly said not to worship, idolizing objects and others that should not be idolized. Yet the people do it, claiming no foul no harm. Hypocrisy at its finest and the leaders of these groups such as pastors, managers, presidents let it all overcome itself all because of the profit of money. I think I will end this here, maybe I’ll put more down maybe I won’t, but I surely would hope that you could look these things up for yourself. From YouTube to books to show much more will show you the way of finding out the truth, but first you must have an open mind.

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