indonesia/ journey of island hoping

Day 5&6 epic island hoping

Day 5/6 island hoping

What a long crazy bus ride. Was supposed to be an 8 hour drive going 250 kilometers and turned into a 13 hour bus ride. So much traffic from Ramadan vacation time. Me and this Netherlands guy meet up on bus and he actually stayed in the same hostel previous to the one I just left from. Jakarta capsule hostel which was pretty nice place. Basically a hotel with many beds and dorms with having a theme of an old hotel also.

So we had some great conversations and I tried to sleep on the bus. Very hard to sleep sitting up. I had asked him if he wanted to share a room and he said sure, he already booked a place and told me name. “Blue KU” Well when we got off the bus he said he was tired and just got on a bike and drove off. So I guess he didn’t want to get a room together after all. So I walked to the beach and was going to go check out some rooms. We arrived at 6 am and I get to the beach around 7. The beach was completely packed. I could not believe my eyes. Like how is everyone awake this early. Madness. Crazy.

So I walked around and then got some food and headed to some hotels. They were charging 3-4 times more than normal. Crazy. So I had two choices. Camp out or go and try and talk with Dennis from Holland. So I walked 4 km to meet him. He sure in the hell was asleep and waited for him to wake up. It’s noon now and I ask him if he wants to get room. He said sure. So we upgraded to a bigger room and then we head out to grab some food. We walk through the fields to get to the beach and we walk all the way from where I went in morning another 4 km.

this is a coconut drink with jello in it.

Many people riding dirt bikes on beach and was even more packed then in morning. Music jamming and people wanting pictures. Dennis says man you sure do get a lot of attention. O yes for sure. So many love me in Asia. After beach we get some food and head back.

The land owner of the bungalow that costs us 250,000 a night so half and half. He invites us to a pen-gin bird practice. He had a lot of them out front and raises them too race. So in order for them to race they use males to run and they hold up the females to fly to them. Pretty interesting. Also was a lot of rooster fighting. Walked around the little village with the place we stayed at which was called blue Ku and wow so many people loved us. Like they have never seen a foreigner. Many waking out to the street yelling and clapping hands. Kids are so awesome. We have some beers, talked a lot to the locals that came up their and meet some other tourists and then went to bed.

The sixth day;

I didn’t do nothing all day but write for 8 hours straight. This blog writing is not easy and is taking me forever to get caught up. But hey. I do so much damn incredible stuff it is hard for me to remember it all. Last night a major earthquake happened in Osaka japan killing 3. Today a ferry in Indonesia capsized and killed over two hundred. Trump talks about a space force being the fifth military force. So much crazy stuff happening in the world. Should look into a system called niberu heading for earth. And all of this madness is being caused by pressure and disturbing our system now.

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