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How to get a job. some tips also

Gaining life experiences in one blog, take notes.

All humans at a young age learn how to talk, make noise even before we can walk! Talking has a gift within us humans that can, make a single second make your day fabulous or make it devastating. Any one that can relate to this would be called a human, we have all been effected by someone’s voice that has changed our lives. Even when we read most stories, they come out from a feeling from within. Because we do not know the writers nor can we comprehend of how they use their words and phrases, and it would take us a long period of time to get to know that person. I myself would like to advance others, experience more, gain more knowledge, and become of masters of their own being. The same as I think to myself, I have lived many different lives in this world so I hope my words encourage you to be also a better person daily. But one things that can hurt us the most is greed, that could come in a lot of forms. In reality it is money and this can get us ahead as well as behind, be careful with it. Reality kicks in and we now have to have a job to get paid, it is what we do with this money that can change our lives, use it wisely. In order to get a job, is to sell ourselves, the same that everything in this world is done.

How many have walked into a store and said I will only buy this, come out with so much extra, walk into a store. to just look at cell phones, walking out buying one. We can use this phrase for anything, homes, cars, furniture, jewelry, toys. Advertising is all around us and that just leads us to the selling person. If the sell person doesn’t know how to sell properly, most likely the advertisement will still catch us in the act buying the product. Advertisements are just another form of a sell person and it works. Not only does billboards, commercials, etc, sell us on these products but how the product is designed, how it is proposed to us in the store, how it’s labeled and of course the price tag. Everything plays a part for one item and the same goes for us humans!

Clothes, style, character all play a part in how we sell ourselves. Tip #1. It is not how expensive your clothes you have on, it is how you wear them, how you own them, how you play in them. Remember that, also take a note on this as well, we sell ourselves daily, and 90% is through our voices! You ever make a deal or get a product for more expensive than actually what you could have got it, or perhaps a guy wasn’t pressuring you into a product and you didn’t grab it knowing the price you went to another shop got the same product from an aggressive sales man and bought it through him. This is just an example I am sure I can sit here and write about thousands but I just want to get to the point that selling yourself is always going to happen. India the country, is probably the best known for this and they are very good at it also. They can put any clothes on, not shower for days, and still sell you a hole out of a donut! We as humans go around, day in day out selling ourselves. If you are good at selling you can do anything in this world! We have panhandlers that do nothing more than just sell themselves and some make a really good living. Many people are professional con-artists, that steal so much from a person, while that person actually is believable and telling the truth. But truth always prevails! Some people in this world give money and get ten fold back, while some lose it all. Thieves are everywhere also, we should be teaching our kids these points in life. However I am going to write about how to gain riches in life without stealing, being heartless and still keeping your faith, spirit, soul and believing in karma. 

If you want to live life to the fullest, then money does not buy this! You can easily find a farm, live in the jungle and absorb what real life has given to us by Mother Nature… but you still need knowledge, how to build, how to feed, how to grow, and these materials would all, be selling information to oneself(thyself). Most realities today to not cover these aspects of life and are full of greed that always bases itself out on, a worthless piece of paper that most call money. If you like money and want to contribute to a good life, then you came to the write blog, as I will explain how to get money in proper forms. It is easy to steal and easy to get away with a lot! But you might get caught and your karma might catch up, that just depends on what kind of soul you wish to have… that is your decision and yours only! 

Have you ever wondered why you can not get that raise, get that promotion, and the next person comes in line, a newly employee gets that raise, gets that promotion all before the employee that has been there for a long period of time. I can tell you write now there is only most likely two reasons why this has happened, one is they know someone, two is they sold themselves properly, at the right time, most likely. Tip #2 is “it’s not what you know! It is, who you know”! This can be applied to so many aspects in life. When your car breaks will you be forking out a lot of money to a dealership or do you know a mechanic that will give you half the price for the same work. How about you know a jewelry maker and get that wedding ring for $1,000 instead of going into a store and buying the same for $4,000. The more you know the more deals you can get in life, including getting a job. One step is, learning how to sell themselves to get that job. When most need a job they need it right away, and that is fine, this is not your primary goal. Any fast food chain can hire you and you can make hardly nothing. Few are looking for GM (general managers ) or district managers which pay a lot. If this is your goal then so be it, but don’t stick around waiting for that position to open, keep applying, learning and contributing what ever you can to get that position. Tip #3 Life is about knowing information, the more you know the easier life becomes. When applying for a job find out who the Boses are, do they hang out, where, with whom, time, and eventually you will meet up. That is where you put your foot into their door way, that is just an expression, meaning step up to it, go in and sell yourself. Maybe you have to go out with them and party, maybe you have to find them girls, maybe you have to find them boys, maybe you have to defend them, or just plain kick it and hangou, but this is your first step. By knowing top leaders in the workforce you are able to figure out a lot more, how much they get paid, how they got their job, who is next in line, etc. Bringing some expensive wine or liquor can go a long way in life. 

I wanted to keep this a short blog but I guess that won’t be happening, seems all my blogs are just a little too long, I just have so much information to tell the public, to advance more in this world. So most people don’t believe a lot of things in life, which is fine, everyone has their own opinion and everyone can think how they wish too. I myself have had over 200 job titles, yes well over this I have done everything in a restaurant, which is like 20 titles alone, from washing dishes, cooking, serving, bartending, manager and so on. I have done everything to build a home, which is over 20 job titles as well, from concrete, too framing, too roofs, to putting up doors, windows, laying tile down and so many more. I can go on and on about lawn crews, factory work, mechanic, farming and so much more. If interested in some of my work you can read about my 5 most dangerous jobs I have done. This blog is about life tips and how to advance in life getting money from that special job.

Most would ask, how is this possible? Let me just brief you on that I never went to college either. Most universities or colleges do not get you jobs anyways, you have to find the job after you complete and sell yourself for the job. And once you get that job you probably will find someone that never went to school, working for the company making more money than yourself. I really don’t have a clue why people get so brainwashed with going to school and still can not get a decent job. Maybe one reason is because schools do not teach you how to sell your self, they don’t teach you how to propose yourself correctly for a job interview. So back to what I was saying earlier about its fine to get a job right away but if wanting to expand and become a person with more money you will have to do research. Find friends, go to the hangout spots, and start talking to the groups you wish to get into. When you do this research, you will also have to learn many things. How much is this pay, how much higher can I go, how much does the company make, how much can they afford you, all this will set you up with a valid presentation to give to them when you are selling yourself to them. Life is all about selling, isn’t great! 

This is what I learned at a young age, listen to your elders, now I didn’t always do as they told me but I did listen to them and most tell you a lot if you choose to listen carefully. Most tell you things like, “you can be anything you want to be, don’t give up, keep your head up, keep the good fight up, cheer up” and some even tell you things like, do as much as you can in high school, you only get one chance, do the most you can when you are young, you only have one young life, work as much as possible when young because the older you get you will not be able too do that. All these contributes to my life as I did most of these, I was working 3 jobs in high school continually sometimes even more, I got out and was working 3 full time jobs. I was working so much I bought my first home when I was 17 in high school!

Tip #4 on how to get a job

I think the easiest way for me to get a job was tell a little white lie. It never hurt anyone to get a job by telling a lie saying you have worked this position before. Just include how much your childhood would have been changed, if Santa was not real, or easter bunny or any figure like this. Now most don’t have the confidence to tell a little white lie and this is why they sell themselves short. Remember attitude is everything and it’s all about how you wear yourself. Put them clothes on and own the day, make progress, you are a soul and a light of energy, so express that. Again this would all be part of the research and learning what will be said, maybe you need a friend to help, go over with each other and have a debate, help each other advance more by selling yourselves better. If you fail at this job you still have hundreds more waiting for you. Practice eventually makes perfect, as long as you progress and not give up! Most jobs see who is qualified by seeing who has more time involved in that position. Most simple positions are trained how they want you to do it anyways, every job has their own way. Watch YouTube, it helps more than you phantom! Before me getting old, this wasn’t going on when I was growing up and I’m just in my mid 30’s.LOL. You can watch tv shows, or even read about things to learn, once you get to that job you will know many ways. They will teach you their ways, do not be alarmed, you have the knowledge of many different styles performing the same task so their way would come easy for you to learn. . So you ask. ‘ how to lie’? Let’s say you wish to work at a local restaurant and you want to be a bartender which you have never done bartending or maybe never serving alcohol before. I would first tell you to be a server, bartending can get pretty crazy at times but let alone let’s just jump to this step. You wish to become a Bartender! First, you can watch youtube videos, next you can become ones friend at a small bar and learn about things, ask questions, you can also go to a school which is not expensive at all. Did you know, most certifications you can go to a school, take a test, pass, and get a degree with out going through all that hassle of school(university, colleges) itself. Most of these schools I mention are private but can easily be found on google or asking your local library. Can type in google ‘take test nurse degree’, or ‘get a certification’. To get a degree you can take a test, you must study and can buy books at library or even online. One can become a lawyer, you just take a test, a construction boss takes a test, even becoming a nurse you can take a test, pass these things and go get a job. Do schools teach you this, absolutely not! They want your money and control. Since most have been controlled for an average of fours years, I was working, doing many traits, making lots of money. Anyways, finding yourself being a bartender, maybe you need too throw a party. Buy about 300 dollars in liquor and start pouring for people and ask, how is it, how does it taste. Now when the time is right you get hired! This is why all this knowledge is a must, people spend hours of their day in so called school learning nonsense that will never be used in your whole life. When you get your application you lie and how you lie is on you, remember what you put down and keep the same story, and sell yourself. When the application ask, “where have you worked”, you get some addresses of maybe where you lived before, or far away you put down a business that was a really good one, a known one that had loads of customers and one that is not running anymore. If you put down 5 years experience they have no idea, no record, no nothing and this will be your fall back of how you can approach this job and most likely get it. If you wanted to go even further with this kind of plan you can get fake degrees online, you can even get fake addresses, fake anything if you do your research. This will take some time but in a year or so you will be on your way to accomplish so much maybe even more than me but I highly doubt that. Buwahahwah!

Last tip #5 Attitude 

Ps. Don’t become a liar just because you get away with lying. Don’t make a habit of it, there is already to many liars in this world already. Once you learn how to coupe with this, once you grasp the real world, watch out for people lying, there’re everywhere. Judging a person comes from within and learning how to decide the character of people. I guess this mostly comes from experience and most parents never teach us this or we are just to hard headed to learn ourselves, so mistakes are made and that is how we learn. 

Attitude is everything in this world and it plays a big part of how to sell ourselves. Smile, be happy, learn that the day belongs to you. Most millionaire people do not have a degree but they know how to sell. The biggest stars in this world know what the people want and give it to them at that specific time. Confidence is a big role while some have it and some lose it, it is up to you to be confident everyday and make progress. Playing video games is not making progress but your attitude behind a screen is not played in real life. You have to want something and train yourself in the real world by talking to real people, real life matters, and being smart about things. Being nice and being polite only gets you so far in life, sometimes you have to reach out and demand things but of course with a smile. Humans have this urge of being bigger, better, faster, stronger, smarter and these all play into your attitude especially when you sell yourself. When a person loses hopes, dreams, their future is far from not over! This is a big world, and if someone wanted a new life, they could easily get this by moving far away. Most decline this motion from not having a good attitude, by not having that confidence they surely need. Anyone that brings you down or does not up lift your dreams is not your friend. Most humans also have this battle of who is better and most rely on this through the form of money. Money does not give you knowledge nor does it give you hope and it especially doesn’t get you experience. Life is all about these three things that you need to survive, it’s all part of selling yourself. Once you have hope, knowledge and experience you can rule the world, you can get what you want, and you can have a life better than most would dream. I use to hate reading and now I read about 4 hours every day, I gain that knowledge, and I hope for better days, and I experience different formats to live a better life. Money is easy to get in this world but like my PAPA (grandfather) always told me, “it is not how much you make, it is how much you save”! There is more in this world than just having a fast car, the best cell phone or the biggest tv. I have to tell you the best life to live involves traveling, it is by far the best to gain all three of these expressions so you can easily live life worry free. The more you worry the more you care, so I say ‘care less so you can live a life that will unfold into dreams’. You have to figure out who you are, and go with that, don’t let anyone tell you different, you keep striving for your goals, keep your head high and know you are getting somewhere in life. People will bring you down so you can not surpass them, they want you under them or along side. Any one that plays this, will never advance to the top. You will learn more of this as with experience and last but not least by asking questions. The more questions you ask the more you will learn, but don’t stop there, investigate and learn more, learn what the real truth is and keep going. Because life surely will never stop. 

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