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Hampi, India/ Hampi festival 

This blog will be about Hampi and the festival that goes on November 2-5. Booking in advance is probably a desire if you want to save money but it’s not a necessity. We first heard about this festival from young kids that were partying with us and they told us it was a must go too. We talked with others as well and they also said it was a must and we would have loads of fun. When we arrived back in Bangalore from Kidaikanal mountain at electric cats guest house (hostel) which by the way is a really chill spot and very helpful on all your travels throughout India. As they will literally go out of their way to help you in every which way and they know a lot of knowledge about India. So while I was there they also, told us how awesome it will be with loads of people. So when looking online for a room we found that 95% of the rooms were sold out. We were on the phone for 3 hours calling everyone and only the expensive ones had rooms available but since we our backpackers our duty is to be on a budget. So looking looking and nothing and finally Gopi homestay popped up on and it was 3,000 rupees a night which is out of this world expensive but we really had no choice because of my luggage situation. And by thinking that thousands of people would be at this event we prolly wouldn’t get another room. I have experienced before on my travels were I say that “ o I’ll find a room when I get there, and then searching for hours end up asking people just to stay” so I didn’t want to take that chance. 

We arrived off the bus at 5 am. A tuk tuk asked us if we wanted to go too the monkey temple to see the sunrise. Asked how much he said 1,000 rupees. That’s a lot of money considering that India people work all day around ten hours a day for about 400 rupees. So we declined. I also don’t like being pushed over the edge of double pricing, I can understand up charging westerners a little more but not no double amount. When you travel these are always the things that you should be aware of at all times. As backpackers you get use to it. The best method is walk away, they will then follow and then counter with how much and you immediately cut the price in half if not less than half. This is all part of backpacking in Asia continent. So the guy tried 600 and we said no 500 so he finally accepted. We stopped and got some coffee and I pulled out my “tok Lao” bamboo bong from Vietnam and it’s just tobacco in a bamboo water bong pipe. I love to do this because it intensely draws attention and people automatically think I’m busting out drugs or marijuana. I also have a big bowl that I carry the tobacco in but to me it’s  funny,  I love to have attention and I love to twist people’s minds. That’s just the way I roll. So of course everyone is freaking out even the tuk tuk driver is like “ um what are you doing man” lol, it’s just tobacco everyone smells it and calms down. Funny shit. 
So on the way to the temple and wow, just wow amazing how beautiful this place is. Reminded me of Arizona and Nevada and Utah with all the boulders of huge rocks surrounding the area. What a sight. When we got out a monkey man with an awesome costume came out behind a car and startled me. I mean an amazing costume. Check the pic. 

He took us up to the top with monkeys everywhere and as soon as I started to look at the design and drawings at this monument I knew intensely this was part of Anchor Wat. Here is an old myth I heard from a man in Cambodia and I believe it is pretty on point. First off he stated that the organization of civilization arised in the Middle East close to the pryamids. And Egypt is not the only one with these gigantic triangle shape energy formed designs. They are all throughout the Middle East being in Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and many more. Now, here is another myth I found to be true also. These pryamids were for launch pads or recharging devices to go back into space using some type of high technology to fly in space such as ufo. Scientists even know these great triangle monuments have some type of energy field throughout them. Also why are they pointed directly at some of our star systems where we were stated by the Aninoki and Sumarians of where we as humans came from. This information which you can find more details about reading about all this throughout google or buy books. Anyways, we started in the Middle East and the tale goes, we went from their and traveled to India throughout India headed to Cambodia and the surrounding areas and then they finished in China and built the Great Wall. You have to think about this civilization that was all about peace and harmony and not war. But over time greed comes into play and so does war. Hence why they built the Great Wall to keep these crooks out. I can go on and on about this history but I’ll stick to the blog. I will state one thing that magnets is the most powerful thing we have here on earth and this is how they moved these great stones. You can read about the one man that built the coral house in Florida so google and read all about it. 
So what an amazing temple full of history and a beautiful spot, if your a photographer like me to catch great views nice beautiful sunsets and sunrises this is a perfect place.  So the tuk driver was stating that by 8 am they don’t let no cars drive in because of the festival. Well I was snapping lots of pictures and running late as usual we hoped in and not before leaving seen a dozen small parrots on the road. Beautiful. 
The ride is only about 15 minutes from temple to hampi and from bus to temple is same. We get to gate and guard tried to stop us but tuk just drove through. When we arrived we gave him 600 as a tip and he asked for a lock off my bag because i carry just about everything with me when I travel so I gave him a lock also. It’s 5 km from gate to center of town. Going through early morning and thousands of chairs at each concert we drive by and a good 5 concerts were set up if not more. We get to this little town and on usual no more than 1,500 people live in this little town. As to this festival was supposed to have over 20,000 people. But no body around and when we got off the tuk we were intensely offered a decent room for 800 a night. That’s 400 each. Way cheaper than 1500 per person or 3000 a night. Just our luck. Couldn’t cancel because of so just sucked it up. But I’ll tell you this, don’t bother to book a room if on a budget. First off hardly any Indians stay in the homestay as it’s mainly westerners. And walking the five minute town we were offered rooms at five different spots. So save your money and just show up and work out a deal with locals. Some hotels were full and I asked how much and they said 1500 per person. But I think this is all internet scammers pulling westerners in for outrageous prices. Maybe in three more years the rooms will definitely be full but for now nothing. Take your chance if you want to save money. Or you can be like the locals and sleep on all the surrounding rocks and some of the hotels offer luggage spaces so these are just some insights. Now one awesome thing about all this is the whole temple is free which is great because ankor wat is $75 now for three days. So that is good while staying directly in the center of the fort. Also their is hostels here as well which we were told there was none. So just come and you get a place somewhere around here. There is also a couple surrounding cities that you can find a place. 
Pics and more info to come. Going on a helicopter ride which we were told is 2,300 rupees. I shall see. 

So yes helicopter was 2300 rupees and about a ten minute ride. Since was my birthday I got to sit up front. November 5 Scorpio babe. Wow what an amazing ride and beautiful view. Amazing for so cheap. I believe they do rides all the time but I am not sure about that. Asked a couple people and they said just for the festival. At 4 pm they fuel up and they stop around 5 pm. They start riding by around 9 am but not exactly sure on the time. This is India and things change quit quickly and none of the itinerary is in English so this is one reason why I’m glad to write this article and hope it helps you out as well. The prices for food is about the same everywhere you go and it’s pretty amazing food just about everywhere at all the restaurants. Ravi’s rose you can get some green for about 1500 and get a beer for 250, which is extreme but it’s highly illegal to serve alcohol in hampi. Old chill out has really good food and serves rum for 250 as well. Good luck on getting much else. Mango restaurant was a great place to eat as well. All pretty much serve the same food and quality is about same as well. Food prices are in range of 200-300 rupees. If plan on sneaking in alcohol just be cautious. 
After walking around for two days there is defiantly well over twenty thousand people here. Lots of street food for cheap and it’s basically like a huge fair ground with concerts, shows, exhibitions, and selling everything. The concerts are awesome and India people love to dance and have a great time. Everyone wants to take a selfie or shake a hand and very friendly some people don’t like but I don’t mind the attention. You can easily stay here for a week with the festival or at least 4 days without the festival going on. Their is lakes, waterfalls and old ancient temples everywhere. Beautiful bolder rocks and lovely weather. Definitely an amazing time and a must go to if traveling India. If you love history and old ancient civilization, then you can easily spend a week here. 

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