South India trekking

Kadaikanal, India 

Dates were October 26-November 1

Well this will be a quick blog about a spectacular spot in South India. Your weight will just burn off your body by the intense energy you will need to go up and down the mountain. With the clouds in your face and mist cooling you down these slopes are a grade of about 70 degrees, almost straight up. While looking over cliffs straight down you will be over top of trees and can hike through one of the last rain forest in India. Many wild life around with incredible weather if you like the high rise of being in a cloud or sitting next to a camp fire while relaxing with some of the most relaxed outgoing locals around all of India to come to this place for one exciting experience every time you set your foot on this mountain range. You can hike out here for days but you have to let the forest rangers know ahead of time. You can stay at Morghan Place which is right below the blue dolphin and can stay for 400 rupees per night per room. The family also serves food and lovely chai and fresh coffee. We went trekking and just arrived at the gate of the forest and waited for a lady named SuperMa and she has a hut and ended up paying her 1200 rupees for five of us to stay. Which was a delight because it started raining at night as it already drops rapidly in temperature. She definitely needed the money and I also helped her out by putting natural medicine on her foot. Now this lady is around 80 and she hikes this trail of around 8 km all the time. So get your butts up and have some fun. Knowing these details can get you pretty far for cheap in one of the best places in South India. We also had Morgan cook us up a whole chicken and he charged us 500 but it was a really big chicken and we used that on our hike the following day. Although the village at the top does offer food it is limited. I always like to be more prepared than not have anything. Bring extra water and you can rent tents at village but it is really expensive. Hope these words find delight for you to enjoy mount Kodaikanal. Vattakanal is the closest town which a taxi will charge you 300 rupees to the top. Happy days. You can easily spend five nights here if you like walking and getting in shape. Every where you go is a Trek!!!

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  1. Absolutely love your perspective on this place that sounds a bit charmy and I felt an eerie vibe, in a really nice way while I was reading it. That’s something that we all travellers can relate to when we’re comparing the uniqueness of our worlds that we explore to the core. Thank you So much for sharing! You’re a wonderful man, a Champion! May the stupendous god bless you immensely, as always!

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