Life/ love/ peace

Full deck

So I just want to ramble on about some things. A quick little summary of people. It’s amazing how much we inherit to keep living with the same ideas. Where has our mind gone too from  going doing extordinary things to simple things while most things are done for us. Such as we have the tv but we all choose to learn who is the up coming musician that is placed on top for what reasons. We no longer think about the endangerment’s of our actions as to the satisfaction our one self comes to enlightenment. Instead of choosing our path of both history from mistakes to long as our  jeapardy of the satisfaction for our future is what’s in minds. Our design, culture, tradition is being wiped out by a piece of paper with no value. We are not only separating ourselves from the divine of which we come. We’re dividing ourselves to the plot of what only is right, is to be ahead. This affect, is long due to change and it is changing we just need to understand. And if we can’t even understand, someone who’s in despair then who is full of greed. The value of life is vanishing faster than we can give life. As humans we rule, but we shouldn’t rule each other. How does one man change a path for thousands. When will we start thinking and looking at every aspectable way to help endure our fellow brothers and sisters. Trees need soil, plants need seeds, fish need water everything needs help by something. We can change our ways by not thinking towards one self but by indulging the help the whole universe needs. You see, we all work together. And that’s the way it should be. Bottom line, live life and enjoy the people around you look after your self but have your awareness on others more. 

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