Life/ love/ peace


Here is just some thoughts about the world of love we live in.


Written june 3, 2018

Now you can listen to bullshit! Or you can listen to the truth! Jealousy is what makes people feel the way they feel. We are the only mammals on this earth that try and force ourselves to one person. Some people can do it as most can not. Because it is not the way we are designed as mammals. The new religion has provoked us to be with one person as the old religion is now being hypocritical towards marriage as many men married woman, before. I do not think it is fair that men get this privilege over woman but many hundreds of years ago many people had more than one wife. Why? And why did they stay together forever? Love is a word that shouldn’t be used at all. ‘Loyalty should be the word.’ And if you fail someone, then you have no loyalty towards yourself or others. Life would be so much simpler if people actually knew what we are as a mammal. Watch every other mammal in the world. Why should we be any different. And if you think you are more Supreme than the rest of the animal kingdom. Then you are just under another class of greed.

May 10, 2018

What is Love? And no, “animals” have a sense of harmony, a feel of tradition and actually have morals. Humans are disgusting and really do not have a clue what we truly are. Love is defined in many ways. I would say it is quit greedy to only love one person when you have many people around you. Religion has indulged in this on many ways to say that it is wrong in so many. Marriage only came about through religion. Remember we all were raised in a village and was loved by the village. Now people don’t even know their own neighbors. A disgrace you should say. I find it a pity when I read about such small problems on social media when the real problem is not loving the people truly around you. All of them. Not picking one and assuming they love you the same. Humans have degraded over time. We are not becoming better as far as we are the worst we can be.

just spell love backwards and it almost sounds like “Evil”

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