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Words are never enough!

Words are not enough
All the war plans are the same, with all the technology why can we clearly not see the problem and not stand up together.

Democracy and capitalism has spread so rapidly and quickly the strong men do not exist no more, the true warriors do not exist to stand for what is right. Our last true hero was hitler that stood for the common grounds of a true man and now the whole world sees him as evil because they are to weak to read his works, are to surprised for the truth, are to pathetic to have an open mind. Did you know Hitler wrote more than six books and all of his work was banned for 50 years around the world. Has anyone thought of this or even acknowledged it?

I shall rise and one day maybe I will end what was begun. I feel it is to late now and to many see left and not see the right way. To many care about their bubble to not get popped and to many care about themselves instead of future generations. While most lose freedom daily, you drive around in fancy cars, live in big houses, have no heart, no passion, no self God given-right control over themselves as a person. People have lost their own agenda control over being what we are given straight from god. And now churches rape and grant whom ever in because of the lack of being self right strong in a real belief. Everyone’s feelings come into play and the feelings is just an emotion, which man itself has lost the true way of living freely. The gods and heavens have always fought, clearly written in the same books you praise but everyone is afraid to die, afraid to love for true freedom, afraid to express truth and reason behind a true individual that we are, when we are born.

Every one chases money and chases the next high but really only lives on the most lowest platform of disloyalty, dismoral and distrustfulness. People are robbed by night and day from the banks and tax dollars going to every created evil empire such as the UN, churches, prison systems and so forth. Has anyone asked the question where every atm charges an estimated $5 each use, of millions of people an hour using? Where does this money go to? Do you know where your tax money goes to when it clearly shows miscellaneous costs on your sheets? How is the government in debt 20 trillion dollars but yet can still borrow money? The society is so dumbed down,  so down right brainwashed, no one does any research, no one does anything remorse of actions to find out any specific details. Now do you?  The weakness is so embedded of feelings and who has a higher certification through evil empires and government schoolings that people waste years of there so called education only to never use one single item outside of this so called school, nor to even remember what was taught to them and brag about their piece of paper. How pathetic has society became to acknowledge this achievement as a goal in life but yet pay large amounts of money or even waste large amounts of time, for what!….a little bit of extra money to spend on perhaps more alcohol, more taxes, more schooling, a financed item, but yet claim you are hungry, claim you can not go places. Did your school train you how to save money and actually live in your means? I doubt it, but they did teach you how interests rates work and how you need to pay off your debts!

People go to school for 20+ years and don’t know how to simply use a can opener, or even cook their own food when it is clearly written on the box. No one can think for them-selves or be an artistic man or woman but yet think that gas is and always will be the only option for cars when people like Stanley Myers was robbed from his family upon death from poison of cia agents stealing his water powered car in 1989. Did you know this, will you actually look up the information?   ( Maybe you might need some help on how to do a little bit of research… Very easy, on your google tab bar just iqnore all your games that will drop down, that is and will never be important, type “Stanley Myers water powered car, Ohio USA”… Hundreds of things will come up. We have people that so impressed with Tesla but yet don’t know who invented wireless network, alternating current (A/C) that we use today and even direct current (D/C) current that was given away and Edison trying to mass sell it while killing live elephants during demonstrations to show that using ac current is deadly. If you would believe that, Edison knew he could sell anything off fake advertisements! While not being present nor having any clue on how electric really works, how would you know how the elephant really died?  This day and  time we use the electric chair which  is performed by dc current. So with extreme power anything can kill something, but what we use today should tell you what is more deadly. Nikola Tesla, do you know this name, if not please look it up… The real Tesla was trying to actually make every human have free  power in the world, but his work kept getting destroyed by governments, his warehouse lit on fire and many death threats. He also created roller bearings that is used in almost every mechanical item on earth. He created the light bulb and better communication, while most other so called scientists are praised, it was the true Tesla that had the answers, the research and he should have the respect. He was working towards a better agenda for all humans, he didn’t want to make profit like Edison and many others did off of him.

The rest of the imbeciles and thieves along side Thomas Edison, that clearly wrote books about how to be a mastermind sells man and fool the public. Yet while Elon Musk praises this same evil of Edison, you same pathetic, worthless, left wing, wanna be gay, unmoral, disloyal, fools wont even bother to research anything I have just said. In fact most wont repost this truth because of your gay feelings. Gay can mean many words also so get a dictionary out or use google to actually learn something. The losers of this world, who don’t know or wont bother to get actually smarter just by looking up information that is right at your fingered tips, then these precise words would be directed to you. You will either keep reading so your immature brainwashed self can have a laugh because you only have one nerve to care about, that would be yourself. As for the rest, you should automatically look past these words, because if you are not these, then the words shouldn’t even bring to your mind any attention. If you have an actual backbone with many nerves than “words are just words, stick and stones may break my bones but words have never hurt me”… Kiddy baby whiner fucks! Grow up and start standing for what is right…

It’s very sad how people actually propose any kind of truth but yet, know absolutely nothing of its history. But I’m sure your calculus studying will help break down what actually really happens in this world. Would you actually acknowledge that 90% of the richest people never even went to college and barely graduated high school? Some of the top scientist never went to uni nor did most of the greatest artistic people from music or arts go to finish school. But yet 90% of all evil from politicians to mastermind evil people in governments and high corporate businesses that steal from people have went to school. What are the odds!!! Supposedly some of the best universities… CEO’s of companies get millions a year, and the people of the company still work and do nothing about it barely making enough to make ends meet. Shit some ceo’s make as much as all the workers salaries combined. Can you imagine that? Google it, research it! Easy type, salary  of CEO and the business and then type how much the employees net Salary is for the company.

While politicians claim they make a couple hundred thousand a year but have million dollar homes along with many vacations, that cost 50,000 a night or more, have jets and high priced automobiles, the people stand still and work their minimum wage jobs. Shit, people are so pathetic these days they will continue to go to church with pastors making millions a year. Like hello. Is really everyone that sick over money, is everyone really this adapted to force themselves into a slave movement to make money only to grant less than half they make after they pay taxes, bank fees, insurance and the rest of the scam that happens only to breed people in believing this is life and this is freedom. Democracy and capitalism at its finest! When you claim you have no money to go anywhere then you clearly have no freedom in your mind, let your only your Sprite fail in the process. You are no longer considered an individualist to be garnished by your time, body, mind and soul to practice all the same things the world relates to at the same time through democracy, capitalism and communism. It is truly sad how people can copy the mass and know absolutely no history over why they do such things because people are so afraid of being one self or so brainwashed they can not have that freedom within oneself. Why do the people follow everyone’s path? The sheeps follow the Shepard  and everyone wonders why they are stuck in their dilemma. The masses wonder and only dream of traveling or living outside their box and open their mind, open up their dreams, open up their eyes and walk. We have blind people that actually are traveling this world, we have barbers with no hands, we have people with no legs give speeches to millions of people. Their is people on this great planet playing music instruments with no legs or arms. What is your excuse? When people sing and have no clue what the words are to songs, then you must realize just how lazy you are…😄😄😐😌🎶🤗😉

People sag their pants and have no clue the meaning, let me enlighten you. It is for you wanting same sex love in prison, where this has been adopted in modern society, where people wear and sponsor clothes made in third world countries where the mass population of the world is only paid $1.25 cents per day of working, but yet people get made fun of by the masses not to have on what is being advertised on tv for $100,000 and much more for ten second short clips of nothing but pure chemicals or pure enslavement of labor camps of everyone chasing that money. I’ve been telling people for years about Monsanto and what is being put into our foods but yet no one has looked it up, since Monsanto got sued over $200 million dollars everyone is in a hurry to either eat more and hope to sue or now is so afraid of their life because this man televised that he had cancer and still YET will not research it or further things you put into your temple, your one and only bodies, but yet praise something you can not see I feel it is sometimes useless to write what I write but I am a true warrior. A true legend, hero and maybe even more. Most will try and defeat my words, most will talk shit and most will not repost or share to the world of what the world needs to know. Maybe not in my life time nor in yours but in future generations to come, people will rise again and people will praise what I have wrote because it’s the truth. The earth changes and time changes, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. The age of civilization is by far the worst right now with us only having 20% of our rain forest left and wonder why we get no more rain and wonder why the earth dumps floods everywhere. We have destroyed our oceans and yet no one knows how we breathe. “It’s trees right” wrong, all that school training and you have no idea. Mmmm so sad. 😞😔Good thing I am here to rescue you! It’s through the ocean, by the ocean’s plant life, giving us 90% of our oxygen on this planet. The trees take are carbon dioxide and that would explain why we have so much pollution, well because we have no more trees. Woohoo you might of actually learned something. It’s probably your lack of research because of all the oil you drink from. Huh. Yeah oil, it’s made from plastic along with nylon and all synthetic products, it’s all oil. Did you know that? And yet while the third world countries dump the plastic into the oceans and have no resources to place the plastic in, the First Nations talk negative but yet you dumbasses are actually the ones given the plastic to these countries. Like wow, open your eyes, open your mind just a little and actually research something. You spend hours a day on your favorite tv show or video game but can’t spend 30 minutes actually researching  some kind of truth. Weather it’s chemicals in our foods, or how much ceo salary are, too how much a taxpayer pays for a prisoner. The society is so dumbfounded on going to school but yet a prisoner that is kept in the same clothes and eats hardly anything for food has a maintained gross dollar per head in the prison of around $80,000 dollars a year. But yet the average western makes $40,000 a year. So a criminal is making twice as much as you. How does that make you feel? If I went to school for years and came out making less than a prison makes off one prisoner, I’d consider myself a dumbass. But hey that’s me. And hey masses, let’s praise all those who have that piece of paper framed!

I got out of school making $80,000 a year without paying any college off. And yet many jobs in the world pay high dollars everyone will still work a minimum wage paying job because they afraid to step out of their box. And again back to the basic of us losing our self over some feeling. I hope you all can research some things and I hope things will get better for humans and the world to come. I doubt it will happen and feel a war is necessary to actually wipe out these pathetic people and all this evil. And yet all it would take would be for all the ants to stand to defeat the king and queen but again, people just to brainwashed to chase a dollar, to brainwashed to do any research, to brainwashed to stand tall and actually live a life of true freedom. To work together as one whole and actual know your neighbors name. To study together what truly matters in this planet such as natural resources, to live amongst each others so we our not distant, nor divided, so we can actually have space for our animals and vegetation. To live freely as a nation of earth and have peace together. It’s the people that make up everything. And if it’s the people in the governments army or the people in the offices to control others, what freedom and peace will we ever have. Just imagine if nothing was voted in, no one was in armies to be controlled and brainwashed to go to war over nothing, expect to make the governments more money and have more control. Imagine a planet living without fear and helping your neighbors actually out! Or simply just known your neighbors name! 🙄 Where everyone is one and everything is together for the same, love, free, and peace. The only way to accomplish any of this would be to take a stand against the same people that think they are doing right by working for the evil empires. About 30% of the world is brainwashed working for the governments over making a simple dollar. 30% is brainwashed that nothing could get done because they feel that is just the way life is. 30% have absolutely no resources in life to do anything. So that leaves 10% that could be a warrior but I’d say only half of that is true also. I believe it’s a losing battle but I will keep pressing because I know the truth and I know what is exactly right as an individual of having true happiness and true love. You ever watch the movie braveheart? I highly suggest it and you can get a better view of exactly how I am trying to paint this picture. Life works in strange ways and the gods will wake up and if they do not, the world will soon be a corpse.

My rant is over and I still have so much to write, so much to share with the world. I am only one person, I can only do so much by myself. I need you to share, comment and do some research to help and make others acknowledge truth. If you have any soul you will help, you will lead people to a better future, if we don’t act soon our world, our  animals, our clouds, our clean waters will be gone, of what we actually have that is left. Remember all we have to do is stand up together. Happy days and glad you read my post. Cheers. Hope you learned something .

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