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Poisoned minds

A little something I am working on or maybe is finished. What do you think? Please comment!

Into the reality of today’s generation we think poison as something that must kill you when in actuality poison can be so small that it eventually leads to death. In many eyes that’s ok because we all die right. But when one dies of a horrible death quickly we are so assertive to find out why. As too when one dies slowly this is just part of life.

As generally speaking for most of the humans here we feel it is ok to swim in chorine but not in a murkier river.

All races pretend it is ok to in-jest a man made products of chemicals into ones body but not trust Mother Nature

It’s sad to say rwhere one is quick to point to a building rather than our heaven right in front of us that is the biggest most pixelated projecting screen shining day and night.

Our twisted minds say chop the trees and plant concrete and then spread rumors it is to hot out side

We subject to smoking a natural plant of a gods drug of marijuana then protesting the bad pollution

People indorse the gas companies but complain about the plastic

They perhaps can conquest diseases but can now clone people and people still are blinded by truth

Society is becoming less of a human and losing faith, love, trust, companionships, and even family over greed, money, and no lingering being taught to love thy selves,

Robots are becoming more human while humans are transitioning into robotic forms

Fools believe the cows milk is better than human milk

The rampage of the pace is turning to dust

Teachings in schools is singularly pointing people out

Children are becoming better parents

Humans are primarily on faith and even that is being white-washed

News overpowering time

Corporations controlling your feet

Money twisting your hands

Religion pounding your brain

Love stabbing your spine

Lust sneezing our eyes out

Chemicals frying livers

Sugar growing on cells

Inspired by buying a large value worth of an item then traveling to another country and seeing a lifetime of smiles

Males and females are now ‘it’s’

Giving up is becoming a religious act daily

Abortions are ok now but revenge is a terrible thing

The sun makes everything grow while some condemns it

Astronomy is being overtaken by kings words

Research being over taken by games

Some places dogs get more love than kids

Hero’s and ideals playing toxicity into souls

What is happening to us, earth and the spirits?

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