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A short idea for mankind

A generation that instantly eats when we are hungry, drinks when we are thirsty, and lazy every second we can be. Why, why would these points even matter? Well if you asked this question to thyself then you do not care about thyself. If perhaps you asked the question, ‘this is interesting’ then I would say you love thyself a little more than most. But if we had answered the question with a hope to say ‘yes, this makes sense, I have open eyes and have seen this personally’ this is a sense of few that carry the love for both others as well as thyself.

If we all started to diagnose the problems from within and have actually been drilled into our minds to do some research on particular subjects if not all and dig deep into the files to see what is correct and what is not. But sense the school system around the world follows a simple “the teacher reads, the student reads, this is the story and this is all their is to believe”. This is why generations don’t look up the ingredients of poison they are putting into their bodies on a daily basis to get the fuel and resources to provide to our bodies so we can get things done. But at the same time we don’t want to do anything. Society is becoming lazy, a disturbing effect in the world because many have been brainwashed to think they are something better, valuing themselves as something more than the next human and even being transitioned all for the sole purpose of money rather than for love.

If we as humans just would open our eyes and see what is happening before it is to late. We can all change for the better for our future if we actually cared just a little. Taking even ten minutes out of your busy day and reading a simple ingredient, and sense you will not be able to understand an ingredient taking your time to look it up. In order to get a valid answer I would say you would have to look at it in three different aspects, three different formats or even three different opinions. An example of this would be to look at a professionals outcome, then an amateur and then a nobody. The nobody can of course be someone with no background of schooling, no job in this field or even just someone with a decent argument. From this point you can make the judgment of truth for your self. Maybe you have to keep digging deeper or maybe you will find your answer right away. But this is proper research, this is life by talking to one another, by showing you care not only for yourself but others as well. This can give us hope as mankind. Question everything

Except a ruling on three

Never give up your desires

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