Life/ love/ peace

As new too as old


Does a shadow give up his light to enter into darkness. The moon fades to nothing when it is new

Water stands still between two magnets

The sun stir’s wind while the moon crashes waves

If one love ceased to exist , where do I find extinction

The seasons blend for our sexual appetite

From being born our fate is death

Will life surrender to your new cells

If we knew what life would bring

Why didn’t we get a three day warning

Hiding in the dark only to know it still is promised

Rate of a beat determined by the essence of air

Why breathe when survival is promised by dust

Back to back, one will break, not of force but from distrust

Eye to eye, we see betrayal, we feel dishonest, live despising, taste immortality, smell compromise only to walk vengeance

One hope, two dreams, three evil worlds

One heaven, one hell, one Illuminati platform

Four seasons, five fingers, sixth senses

Two ways, two systems, two ideologies

Seven lucky, eight forever, nine key to universe

Third eye, Three is everything, three x three

Ten loses by two, stay at number one

Written by D.D. Starkey

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