Kc Rick’el (author)

Its been 6 30 day sentences since ive seen your gorgeuos faces..my life was put on hold from all my favorite places. Time literally stood still in my mind which left a vision of my life in time. What started as the greatest day of my life..my baby girl was born in a gleam of light. I could have filled a pool that day as daddy was so proud..he made a promise right their to always make you proud. It wasn’t long before the demons started creepen..they know if I start feeling jolly tis the season. Your mother stayed strong and was fighting for us both..she wouldn’t give up on this family like she swore it under oath. I’m so proud if her she always had my back till demons started creepen in the knife slit down her back. If you think I meant to be that way you got us all upside down..we both know how we lost control and almost left the ground..well the time that stood still in the prison of my brain has unlocked magic to feel no pain. I’m a new person now that no ones ever met..not even my family that you all can bet. Its time to be the role model God intended us to be and let bullshit of of the past go and watch us all succeed…..I love you all

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