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The desert country of one of the most famous rivers in the world and second to the oldest ancient sites in the world. Welcome to Egypt. The oldest ancient sites are in Turkey but many know Egypt for the ancient pyramids along with one of the only rivers that flow north in the world named the Nile. I am about to discuss the ups and downs of this country while being in a budget.

I traveled here during corona time and the country is constantly changing rapidly. I will write down as much information as you need to know to travel here but I would also recommend you read the newest blog to get the most updates.

From the year of 2020 I came here during the cooler month of October. From October to May is probably the best time to travel but even our seasons in the world are changing rapidly from the switch of the North and South Pole. Most probably heard Egypt at one time being cheap and I can say this is no more. It’s still very cheap compared to the western countries but prices are soaring higher than ever here. Not just for foreigners but also for the local. The past year electric has doubled, water has doubled, taxes are on the rise and along with COVID be prepared to spend an extra $300 for travels per each country. This cost of course is different for each place because some countries want you to have a test prior and some don’t. While most of the tests costs about $60, Egypt is charging double that. While coming here I read that you must present a test before coming if arriving in Cairo but if arriving in some other airports such as Sharm El Sheikh you can do a test on arrival that will cost $35 usd. Again all this can change so be sure to look up the newest reports and don’t always believe exactly what is on the embassy reports. One website I’ve been paying attention to is


Another way is to sign up in groups on Facebook or Couchsurfing and talk to people beforehand. And again don’t believe everything because anything can change at any given time. This is perhaps one main reason why many people are not traveling during this fake pandemic.

It’s one big business! Oil, medical and insurance is the biggest businesses in the world. And most is reliable from the people based on fear.

If you don’t mind the sun and desert then you will most likely like Egypt or perhaps love it. I am in between. The people are amazing in Egypt but the government has really rendered the tourism here o not be so likable especially those on a budget. Lucky for me when I went to south Egypt the government was letting every tourist go in to the sites or museums at student prices during October. That saved me a lot of money. With so many sites to see and with prices so high for foreigners nowadays be prepared to spend around $50 a day. I highly recommend you get a student card before you come traveling anywhere. Many countries are raising the prices on tourism and it’s not even fair. The locals can get into a site that will cost 20 Egyptian pounds. Right now $1 usd cost about 15.7 pounds. This is also fluctuating remarkable! A student card can get you into the same site for about 90 pounds and just a normal foreigner tourist will have to pay an astonishing 180 pounds. Talk about unfair! And be sure to note that once you get into most of the sites you will have to pay extra to see something that they have that is special. Like going into the pyramids cost 200 pounds and if you want to go under it will cost an extra hundred per site. 300 pounds is roughly $20. You head to the museum you’ll be spending another $20. So like I say the prices can get expensive so chose wisely which sites you want to visit. I will explain more of this later.

Egypt over the years has had its problems but rest assure so has every country. I found Egypt to be one of the most safest countries and once you come and see how many checkpoints they have you can also feel the safety along with the time consuming. But I don’t see anymore so called fake terriosts attacks anytime soon. I say this because it’s simple to figure out. An ordinary person cannot go to the supermarket and buy a bomb. And even to get materials like this in a country like Egypt is nearly impossible. But if you was working with the real terriosts such as cia or fbi then you could easily get your hands on this material. And as far as the real Muslim religion goes it clearly says do not kill and as far as I can see no one truly wants to hurt you at all. They do however want to be your friend and they do even sometimes ask why the other governments attack or want to control us. And in their eyes all you see is love.

Couchsurfers Alexandria

The Egyptian people are pretty amazing and a lot of them speak English. So getting around Egypt is pretty simple. But if you are trying to get any kind of acknowledgement from the government such as embassies, hospitals, police stations you can ignore it. It’s nearly impossible to get any kind of information. And if you try and call 9/10 times no one will answer. That’s right! Even hospitals don’t answer phone calls. Even if you take yourself there you probably most likely won’t get the right information. The system here is more than backwards. Everything is channeled through other ways of making money here. Such as tourism. You can do it on your own but it’s a struggle sometimes. As to if you go directly through a tour agency they will handle everything for you. Be sure never to accept the first one either because money here goes a long ways and most see you as an atm machine. So be sure to check around and never accept the first price. I highly recommend getting on Couchsurfing.com because Egypt has a huge community of people here on it and they pretty much make it a game here. “Who can have the highest references”. Either way the people in general are amazing and on Couchsurfing you’ll find the best. You can start with mine


And you can see all my references and talk to people from there. Most of the people also know Egypt very well and can guide you in low cost budgets pretty much anywhere you want.

Meeting couchsurfer to pyramids

One thing Egypt neglects is bathrooms especially in the big cities. Most foreigners is easier to use a bathroom such as in a hotel or restaurant but many locals are turned away. Egypt use to have loads of public bathrooms but most of the explosions happened here so the military pretty much closed al them off. Most of the military actually controls the country. They build the road systems and are on almost every block in each city. And you won’t just find a couple you’ll see minimum 5 and most will be holding big guns. I was never alarmed but I could see some getting a little scared so I am just preparing you beforehand. Like I said I don’t see any more attacks happening anytime soon. And this is also probably one reason why the prices in the country are soaring up. Also another thing that is really annoying is that when you walk with a local they most likely will get asked for their guided cards. Like you can’t even have a friend here without them being hassled by the police where they want everyone to worship them. They will instantly ask for their guide cards and if the local don’t present it they will expect you to pay them something. Do not pay! Do not feed them anymore glory. And if so be sure just to give your friend a couple 5 pound notes to give to the police. Please to not give any as a foreigner because then they will accept and think that they can get money off each tourist. Also phones are being charged in most of the sites as a camera. Or they expect you to leave it at the front near the security. I personally wouldn’t leave it and if everyone didn’t accept this bullshit then we as tourists can still get in free with our mobile phones.

I know it might seem like I am complaining a lot but I am just trying to be real as possible. I really hate al these other blogs and so called backpackers that sugar coat everything and no one is prepared at all for any real problems that might occur. And it really boils me when I see these people claim they are backpackers or budget travelers sleeping in hotels with pools. Lol. They are nothing more than a scammers trying to get your like and view. So now that I got most of the network of life here in this country I’ll explain my choices and what must be seen and not missed.

Traveling Egypt 🇪🇬

No matter where you travel be prepared to take long journeys in the bus or train. If you are coming and plan months ahead you can get amazing deals from the airports. But if you plan anything within three weeks the airports are very expensive. Can do your homework on Skyscanner.com.

If you are thinking the train is a more smooth ride you will be in for another treat. The trains are horrible. They keep the lights on full blast the whole time and it’s shakes and rocks the whole ride. I didn’t sleep in the sleeper as it’s expensive but it might be a little better. None of the buses have sleepers either and the seats are pretty small and don’t fold back much. And sleep is almost impossible because of al the check points. I would highly recommend flying and plane your whole trip out a month before you come and I will help you with the plan now.

Mosses mountain in St. Catherine

Planning Egypt 🇪🇬

Many places have international airports so this will depend on where you arrive and leave from. Egypt is huge and so much is to see. From all four cardinal points of the compass you can see something very unique and exciting. I expect you to look all this up on your own, as I am not getting paid for this nor do I even hardly get any feedback. On the west side you have the famous oasis. Google Egypt oasis. Actually Egypt has many but the most famous one is Siwa. At end of blog I will include prices and how to save money on each place. For now I will pinpoint what you are looking for and how you would like to travel. And I’m order for this to happen you must do so research on your own.

Alexandria is in the north and has loads of history including the biggest man made ocean port in the world. On the east side you have most of your most amazing dive sites in the world along the Red Sea. In the south you will have most of your ancient sites mainly in Luxor and Aswan including the famous five star boat cruises along the Nile river. And of course in the center is Cairo with the pyramids.

Sites of Egypt 🇪🇬

Most of the people told me I can’t travel Egypt in 3 months and I did it under one month. Was it tiresome, you bet. Extremely tired and extremely overwhelming with all I seen and did. I landed in Sharm El Sheikh went to Cairo to Alexandria to Cairo to south back to Cairo to oasis and back to Cairo again. I don’t recommend you do this but this wasn’t entirely my plan I just went along with the flow of things. I would recommend you start at one of the cardinal points and have a trip planned out before. Like I said. Egypt is big and I didn’t expect the airlines to cost so much. But if I looked one month ahead the flights were half the cost. But I will try and help you plan a trip a little better with some prices and choice of words. So let’s start west, north, east, south and save Cairo for last which is in the center.


We have Siwa oasis. You can go here on your own but I found a good deal for $100 for 2 nights 3 days. That included transportation, hotel, food, and the tours. I don’t think you will get cheaper even if you go on your own. The safari ride was extra. 750 pounds for foreigners and only 450 for locals. If going by bus I would recommend going yourself and just trying to set up your when you got there. That way you can stop at the amazing Marsa Matruh beaches. So the tour should only cost around $75. Buses run everyday to Alexandria but only like three times a week to Cairo.

Can look at other agencies or start with this one.

WhatsApp ( Bondok ) +20 109 441 6923



Alexandria is pretty small and has incredible food and prices. They do have a youth hostel for 50 pounds. I recommend you get on Couchsurfing here and you will have loads of fun. Make sure to see the Stanley bridge. And I would avoid the library unless you have a student card. Buses and trains all day long to Cairo. If you are looking for the best blog or website for trains. Then google


Your welcome. It’s the best for any where in the world traveling by train.

You also have the biggest income in Egypt from the famous channel and city Port Said and Suez.



The east side has the most to see. With dozens of beaches and some of the best diving in the world. Google these sites and see which one you want to go to. I picked Dahab as it has the famous blue hole. You can also look up Marsa Alam, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, all top destinations for diving. And the very east south corner of Egypt you have amazing mountains, trekking and wildlife at Jabal llbah near Halayeb.


You have the famous Nile cruises along with the ancient sites of Luxor and Aswan. I went way over my budget and bought myself a birthday gift early to take up the 5 star cruise which cost me $500. Was it worth it. Absolutely. And this included transfer, pickups, five star food and amazing time on the Nile. It didn’t include museum passes which cost an extra $50 and that’s because of the government giving the deal in October. If not would have been $100. And also didn’t include hot air ballon which cost another $120. I do believe if you ask the boat itself or a tour agency from the area you can get a much better deal. This was also a 3 night cruise. Make sure you visit Abu Simbel temple. One of the best sites to see. That also was part of my price. Which was $50 extra. So technically the cruise cost $400 and my agency charged me 10% and the Abu Simbel temple. So roughly $500 in total. Which was very good. The tour agency was Cairo hostel hub near the square.


Actually this hostel is extremely nice and super clean and brand new. What I like about most of it, is their honesty and well being towards travelers. I would highly recommend this place and it has the most unique hostel bed I’ve ever been in. Also has an amazing view of the square along with a working elevator that most of them don’t have. I got the room for 100 and if you mentioned me I’m sure you can get the same price. Any questions or anything that needs answers these guys will provide you with the best.


So as I just mentioned about Cairo hub hostel. You also have famous things and easy to find most. One item that isn’t mentioned a lot that is an absolute must is the Sufi Dance. Price for foreigners is 85. Dates might change so I recommend asking on Couchsurfing.

Here is the address on maps

Wekalet el Ghouri Arts Center

3 Mohamed Abdo Street, Off Al Azhar street, Al Dar Al Ahmar, Cairo Governorate 12411, Egypt


All around this area is old Cairo. So much to see and visit.

Make sure to also visit garbage city and cave church. Hanging church must be a must also.

Outside of Cairo:

You have the walking whales which I went to. Extremely far so plan on staying the night or doing a tour if you can but not cheap. Cheaper to rent a car or pay a Couchsurfer. They will tell you must go out there by 4×4 but this is a lie. Stay on the road and don’t drive in the soft sand and you will be ok. I went in a super old car with an unforgettable experience and we made it just fine. If you like ancient history of animals then this is a must. You’ll be in Wadi El Rayan national park and it has a lot to offer. I went and I recommend you go. I did it in one day your meeting someone and taking their car. I recommend you stay two nights out there. Can also visit the white and black desert which is a drive but can be done.

The unforgettable ride to valley of the whales

The End:

So I guess this wraps up this blog. Ok hope I can get some feedback. Be sure to look me up on YouTube at

Epic! Forest Destine

IG: @brolooney

I also would recommend you sticking to the same prices on food and drinks. As some places will rip you off in large amounts. Also be sure to ask for price every time before. If they don’t give you a price walk away instantly and never look back.

Cheers have fun 🤩

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