Book details “The last lost legends”

Most do not know the knowledge that is driven in minds until you walk in them steps. I have sacrificed so much in my life especially time to generate what I have spelled out in my first book I have written. Most to my knowledge was excited to read what has been experienced over the years in my life. Some love me, some hate me. Some want to read a digital book and some want to read on paper. I spent hours to justify me putting my book on a main site such as Amazon only to realize the manner that dr Seuss book has been banned and black listed along with thousands of others. 

For guidance regarding life in general, for the sake of future generations, I can’t express how much this book needs to be read. My greatest travel experience is written along with how this world operates that most do not know about. Even for those that think they know usually do not. I have traveled through vast scores of UNESCO sites, museums, and ancient history to learn the truth. Decades later my book will narrow down a story line of the greatest plot to have never even fathomed the possibilities that had occurred wrapping the words of expression through facts vs truth. Justifying life can be an easy task for some and for others it is hell. I  mysteriously break down what true life is really about, narrating what we must do in this world to save our future generations mixing the words of my greatest travel experience I have had going through scores of countries in six continents. If one really cared so much about another then I promise this book is a must read. Because I surely care about everyone and most of all I care about true freedom. If one was to think about what freedom is one must look up the definition. 

Freedom : the power to do what you want to do : the ability to move or act freely

I justify the actions that must take course. Most would dare to say that it is not possibly. But it is. And by opening up this book completely reading the entirety. Then you will soon grasp real knowledge along with real truth. 
My book is for sale on pdf form or ePub on my website or simply just type in your search bar “The last lost legends” 

Fear not. If you like paper back this is the 21 century and a pdf can easily be printed.,,

And hundreds more can print a book. Order “The last lost legends” pdf and I will send you a copy along with the front and back covers to fulfill your wish of words written on paper. Just highlight you would like it printed. I have written dozens of other blogs and if just interested in the book, scroll all the way to the bottom. You can pay through PayPal or as a guest with credit card. 

You can contact me for any further questions. It is for sale for 25,55. The triple 5 is an icon in South East Asia representing happiness. The book contains 17 chapters. 

The book description goes as: 
Hello Earthlings. I am a world traveler questing life through my journey of captivating experiences that are unheard of. I have fulfilled this book ‘the triple L’ “The last lost legends” to gain the attention that must be reserved for the future. I have traveled in six continents and through fifty countries. Traveling half my life, reaching goals of a million lifetimes, finally reaching a point to turn my most exotic travels into a book. This thrill has been positioned in places you have probably never heard of. Taking one step further reaching the most fascinating, most remote place as you too can find, just by simply opening up this book.
The narrator of this book is Aka ‘Thor’ (Viking God). 
All of this is explained in the book plus much more. Whether it is to find answers, laughter, thoughts, acknowledgments, justifications, all this is found in this amazing book. The Last Lost Legends 
/the back of the book reads/
The floating information has been capsized by the almighty right hand of Thor and has come a bay.
The manifestation has begun, it is up to the rest  to conquer without fear.
As the waves crash only soon the biggest rocks will break.
The barrier must be broken.
The seal must be popped.
The Dead Sea scrolls must be ‘kept as truth’, just as much of this story I tell.
‘Without truth’ nothing exists. ‘Without knowledge’ nothing is advanced.
‘With fear’ life doesn’t begin.
Are you ready to read something that will blow your mind?
Please share. Word of mouth is the best way for people to gain knowledge. And again! Without knowledge nothing is advanced.