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Epic local destinations in North Vietnam 🇻🇳

I have so much to write about my favorite country of Vietnam, but my brain just spins like crazy even thinking about this magical place. So I am going to break some things down in to sections because honestly their is millions of words I can write about this nation. First off I will say I have been traveling in and out of Vietnam for a year and a half. I traveled by motorbike for a year in this nation being also one month in Cambodia and one month in Laos. I will say traveling by bike or anything besides the bus is so different, so ironically opposite and you will cherish your freedom so much more especially in nations where they absolutely just love white people. Being in this nation where hospitality never gets old. It could be my blonde hair, or me being Thor but regardless I’ve talked to hundreds of people and 80% say they love Vietnam.

This picture is taken near Muong Lay in North west part of Vietnam!!

One thing that makes this country so unique besides it’s magnificent landscapes, gorgeous woman, respectful people, is it has very little religion. Maybe a total of 10% is religious and I would question that as well. Most use the churches as a place to rest or hang out. I have never seen a service nor have I ever heard of one talking about church what’s so ever. Many might think what’s this have to do with anything. Because people here live life to the fullest, and very few hold anything back. They don’t block their energy from a non existent form, they do however worship their dead. Besides this food, beer, rice wine, crazy traffic, chaos happening everywhere with very few incidents every happening at all. Incredible if you ask me and something that is a must see. Like I say I can talk about this country forever but let me talk about some of my favorite places in the north loop. The north loop in the northern part of the country has many different routes to take.

You can take a five day trip or a 30 day trip. I have done the loop twice and it is a remarkable site to see. While many go to Sapa, I will say please don’t go, go somewhere more beautiful such as Cao Bang in the north north east bordering China that has the BIGGEST WATERFALL IN S.E. Asia.

The waterfall might look small but we are far away taking the picture on the temple on other side of mountain. If want to see my epic drone footage click here on my YouTube channel link

Epic footage of the biggest waterfall in SE Asia

Every tour agency wants to sell you on Sapa and it is so commercialized. If you don’t mind that then go, however for me I like adventure, meeting the locals and not being bombarded by people wanting my money. If you have more time go to Cao bang, so much to do there with caves beautiful green water, reminds me of like a Ha Long Bay on land with all the farming next to all the mountain tops. Not touristy at all unlike Ha Long Bay. But even the bay many people go just for a day cruise and head back, boring. Take a love bus and get on ferry yourself and stay for couple days on Cat Be island. Amazing place and not to touristy. Can rent a bike and drive around all day long or rent a kayak and paddle all day long around all the islands. They will provide you with maps and tell you where to go or even set you up with a guide if need. If looking for a short trip out of Hanoi I recommend Tao Dao Nord. It’s about 70 kilometers north of Hanoi and go on weekend if looking to party or go on weekday if looking for no one. It’s strictly a local destination so be prepared for that, but I enjoy that the most. If I wanted to speak English and see my people I’d just have stayed in my country. Your traveling for a reason so be the reason. Here is some epic views of this mountain Tao Dao.

This place has a lot of history also but like almost all countries now no one cares about history nor do they desire to. Which is very sad and sickening because without history we would have no future. Regardless their is an old fort and has a lot of old distinctions of an old old town. Epic views and just amazing people.

Another great spot with locals is a place called Mai Chau west of Hanoi but it’s a little further out 133 km but still worth it. If have a bike their is some awesome epic views around this area also running through the valley of high mountains. It is being a hot spot but still very localized but I still think better than Sapa. Lol. Hahah. I know. Mai Chau offers a lot of rock climbing, kayaking, bicycle, trails and peace and quiet.

Many people go to Nihn Binh with many lakes, forests, caves and a lot to do. It is pretty localized also and many head here from Ha Long or passing through making a stop going either north or south. If you have some extra time I recommend you stopping at one of Vietnam main beaches for locals called Sam Son beach in the city of Thanh Hoa. This place was pretty amazing and lots of seafood for sale just ask for price before serving, many try to rip you off here. But this should always be the case before anything you eat, drink, ride always ask for the price. You can ask in Vietnam language by sayin, “bao nhiêu tiền” (how much money).

This is the best pamphlet I have found on the north loop of Vietnam plus more. Language and a guide to life in this country. Sorry not in best of shape but you can zoom in and it surely will help you out in this country.

The beach is ok in Sam Son but the life on the shores of the sea here is plain awesomeness. I hope this can help out many in their travels in the north of Vietnam. Like I said just so much to write and I want to write for days about Vietnam but I don’t want to get sidetracked. I love Vietnam and I hope you do as well. Remember to keep your phone close to you at all times and not be looking at it near the road. Also know the money, the dong of thousands can get confusing. One dollar 💵 is worth about 23,000 so I easily just calculate 100,000 dong is five dollars. The country is so cheap if you keep this in your head then you can figure things out a lot more smoothly. Remember it’s cheap so when reading the meter if it says 50, it is prolly means 5,000 dong. All taxis has a price written either on the side of the car on the windows or around the meter box. Read it! The dollar goes a long ways in this country not just because it’s worth more but you get more for your money in Vietnam. You can get hostels for around $6 a night with free breakfast, free beer, free WiFi, free games, free air conditioner and much more. Bus tickets are also super cheap and even the local buses have sweet sleepers, very nice. Plane tickets are pretty cheap also depending on the day and when you book. Can check out my blog on how to save money.


Also I have many other blogs so don’t be shy and let me know what you think or feel, please share also so others can know about these magical destinations in the epic country of Vietnam.

Always so many kids in this country

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