About My Profile

Hello Y’all. :))

I am a new blogger as well as a new designer on WordPress. I will be updating more and more from blogs, posts, my travels as well as me, trying my best to give you an enjoyable blog for everyone’s benefit. You can comment, share and like my page while also giving me some insights on how to help build my WordPress and help me to write a better platform for future books I intend to write. 

I am open for all opinions, so please do not be shy

I added google translate so I can express my words across the globe. Not only on how to travel on a budget while getting the best local traditions possible. But also to express truth to people from what I have learned from traveling over half my life and still continuing to do so for a long while. You can get more information about myself off the menu bar under “Epic Verax.” The translation button is generally all the way at the bottom of my page. I will try to continually improve my blog as time goes on…

Verax is a BOLD truthful speaker.

I also added instagram for those of who wish to follow me and see my newest pictures taken from around the world. IG: @brolooney

If interested in more of a political social media, you can ask (email) me for my Facebook account. I also have a working progress YouTube account under ( Epic! Forest Destine ) as well.  If anyone is on Snapchat you can find me under my author name – forestdestine- ID/ fdestine2018

Cheers and enjoy the show.